131st Maine Legislature

Bill Directory, LD 2001 to 2200

1.LD 2001, HP 1279, 131st LegislatureAn Act to Establish the African American Studies Advisory Council and Require Funding for African American Studies
2.LD 2002, HP 1280, 131st LegislatureAn Act to Provide Incentives to Schools That Contract for Certain Social Work and Family Therapy Services
3.LD 2003, SP 825, 131st LegislatureAn Act to Protect Access to Maine's Intertidal Zone
4.LD 2004, HP 1284, 131st LegislatureAn Act to Restore Access to Federal Laws Beneficial to the Wabanaki Nations
5.LD 2005, HP 1285, 131st LegislatureAn Act to Eliminate the Aircraft Excise Tax
6.LD 2006, SP 828, 131st LegislatureAn Act to Amend the Laws Regarding Adjustments for Sudden and Severe Disruption of Municipal Valuation
7.LD 2007, HP 1287, 131st LegislatureAn Act to Advance Self-determination for Wabanaki Nations
8.LD 2008, SP 829, 131st LegislatureResolve, to Remove the Prohibition Against Live Plants in State-owned Buildings
9.LD 2009, SP 830, 131st LegislatureAn Act to Prevent Abandonment of Children and Adults with Disabilities in Hospitals
10.LD 2010, HP 1289, 131st LegislatureAn Act to Correct Inconsistencies, Conflicts and Errors in the Laws of Maine
11.LD 2011, SP 834, 131st LegislatureAn Act Regarding the State Auditor's Reporting Requirements on State Agencies' Financial Activities
12.LD 2012, HP 1298, 131st LegislatureAn Act to Prohibit Early Termination Fees for Residential Electric Generation Service Contracts
13.LD 2013, SP 835, 131st LegislatureAn Act to Address Abandoned Capital Credits Held by Rural Electrification Cooperatives
14.LD 2014, SP 836, 131st LegislatureAn Act Regarding Spirits Price Regulation
15.LD 2015, SP 837, 131st LegislatureResolve, Approving the 2023 Draft and Arrangement of the Constitution of Maine Made by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court and Providing for Its Publication and Distribution
16.LD 2016, SP 838, 131st LegislatureAn Act to Implement Recommendations of the Distributed Generation Stakeholder Group
17.LD 2017, HP 1299, 131st LegislatureAn Act to Fund Collective Bargaining Agreements with Executive Branch Employees
18.LD 2018, HP 1300, 131st LegislatureResolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 301: Fee Schedule and Administrative Procedures for Payment of Court or Commission Assigned Counsel, a Late-filed Major Substantive Rule of the Maine Commission on Indigent Legal Services
19.LD 2019, SP 843, 131st LegislatureAn Act to Authorize Funding for Collective Bargaining Agreements with Certain Judicial Department Employees