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Financial Orders January 3, 2022
Financial Orders December 16, 2021
AFA Draft Agenda 12-7-21
AFA 10/27/2021 OFPR Meeting Materials
LMF Handout to AFA-10/27/2021
DAFS Update on Federal COVID-19 Disaster Relief and ARPA Funding
AFA Draft Agenda 10-27-21
Bond History 110th through 130th
Bond Summary 130th 1st Special Session
130th Bill on the Special Appropriations Table Report
AFA Schedule June 9th-Revised 6/10/2021
LD 221 Work Sessions - General Information
LD 221 Unvoted Initiatives and DHHS Consolidation Legal Size for Posting
Testimony of K Figueroa re LD 1733 An Act To Provide Allocations for the Distribution of State Fiscal Recovery Funds 06 04 2021
CP CJPS Report Back
CP JUD Report Back
CP HHS Report Back
CP TRA Report Back
CP EUT Report Back
CP TAX Report Back
CP ACF Report Back Baxter State Park Initiatives
CP EDU Report Back
CP ENR Report Back
CP HCIFS Report Back
CP IDEA Report Back
CP LBHS Report Back
CP SLG Report Back
CP VLA Report Back
CP ACF Report Back
CP IFW Report Back
CP MAR Report Back
DAFS Presentation on the Governor's Change Package FY 21-22-23
COVID 19 allocations by program as of 5-11-21
Financial Orders May 6, 2021
State and Local Report Back FY22-23
From DAFS LD 1507 Additional Information and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds Estimates 04 21 2021.doc
HHS Report-back Initiatives (Green)-Minus LD 715 Items
LD 715 Maj - Preliminary Language List 3-25-21 AM
Taxation Report Back FY22-23
Marine Resources Report Back FY22-23
Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Report Back FY22-23
Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Report Back FY22-23
Environment and Natural Resources Report Back FY22-23
Criminal Justice & Public Safety Report Back FY22-23
Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee FY22-23
Labor and Housing Committee Report Back FY22-23
IDEA Report Back Biennial FY22-23
HHS Report-back Letter & Amendments
HHS Report-back FMAP Initiatives
HHS Report-back Language (Purple)
Summary of Dec 2020 RFC-Related Allocation Changes
HHS Report-back Initiatives (Green)
HHS Report-back Baseline (Pink)
HHS Report-back Program Consolidation Initiatives
Education Committee Report Back FY22-23
Judiciary Committee Report Back FY22-23
Health Coverage, Insurance and Financial Services Report Back FY22-23
Energy, Utilities and Technology Committee Report Back FY22-23
Transportation Committee Report Back FY22-23
3/16/21 WS Info from Rep. Carlow
3/9/2021 Bill Chart (PH)
Unvoted Part A Initiatives (except HHS and TAX) as of 2-12-21
Week 3 Biennial Budget PH Schedule revised 1/25/2021
Covid Relief Fund allotments and planned uses by program as of 2-23-2021
MRS-Annual Report on Major Business Headquarters Credit
LUPC-Annual Funding Report
DOE Testimony Appendix A 2-22
Week 2 Biennial Budget PH Schedule EDU IDEA LBHS TRA
Week 1 Biennial Budget PH Schedule HHS TAX REVISED 2/16/2021
TAX Report Back Supplement Budget FY21
ACF Report Back Supplement Budget FY21
CJPS Report Back Supplement Budget FY21
EUT Report Back Supplement Budget FY21
TAX Report Back Supplemental Budget FY21
TRA Report Back Supplemental Budget FY21
ENR Report Back Supplemental Budget FY21
IFW Report Back Supplemental Budget FY21
EDU Report Back Supplemental Budget FY21
IDEA Report Back Supplemental Budget FY21
SLG Report Back Supplemental Budget FY21
HHS Report Back Supplemental Budget FY21
JUD Report Back Supplemental Budget FY21
VLA Report Back Supplemental Budget FY21
LBHS Report Back Supplemental Budget FY21
HCIFS Report Back Supplemental Budget FY21
MAR Report Back Supplemental Budget FY21
2-9-2021 Conformity_Jan21_detail
2-9-2021 Attachment B - Tax Conformity Change Package Language [2-4 Update] Telework
1-28 Attch 1 to DAFS Testimony.docx
1-28 AFA-MAR DAFS Testimony
1-28 AFA-ENR DAFS Testimony
1-28 AFA-IFW DAFS Testimony
1-28 AFA-ACF DAFS Testimony
1-28 AFA-VLA SoS Testimony
1-28 AFA-TRA DAFS Testimony
1-28 AFA-JUD DAFS Testimony
1-28 AFA-VLA DAFS Testimony
1-28 AFA-CJPS DAFS Testimony
FAME ENR Testimony 1/28/2021
HCIFS DAFS 1-27-21
IDEA DAFS 1-27-21
EUT DAFS 1-27-21
LBHS DAFS 1-27-21
DAFS Attach A-1
FAME DAFS 1-27-21
EDU DAFS 1/27/21
EDU MMA 1/27/21
EDU MCCS 1/27/21
SLG DAFS 1/27/21
SLG DAFS Part L 1/27/21
SLG SOS 1/27/21
EDU UMS 1/27/21
1-26 DAFS Attch A-1 for AFA-HHS
1-26 DHHS Testimony for AFA-HHS
1-26 DAFS Testimony for AFA-HHS
1-25-21 DAFS Testimony Commissioner Figueroa
1-25-21 DAFS Testimony Attachment A-1
1-25-21 DAFS Testimony Attachment B
1-25-21 DAFS Testimony Attachment C
1-25-21 DAFS Testimony Attachment D
AFA 1-21-21 Overview of Tax Expenditures and Review
DECD Presentation top AFA 01-01-21
MTI-AFA Committee Presentation FINAL 01212021
Pew-Maine_Incentive_Evaluation_Process AFA 01-21-21
Tax Review Links - Jan 2021
Slides for AFA Tax Review Process Presentation - January 2021
FAME Business Programs (handout) 1-21-21
MCIC - Final Report
FY21 Supplemental Budget Detailed Hearing Schedule
MaineHouseing COVID-19 Response
FHM Statute and Status Update to AFA - 01-05-21
Medicaid Expenditures and Caseload Update to AFA - 01-05-21
11-25-2020 Governor Mills Letter. to Delegation
DAFS Pie Chart_CRF_as of 12102020
Maine Revenue Forecasting Presentation 12/17/2020
The Maine Economy Fundamentals-Policy Leaders Academy
Overview of CEFC for AFA_121720
Economic Recovery Committee Presentation 12/17/2020