130th Maine Legislature

Bill Directory, LD 2001 to 2200

1.LD 2001, SP 719, 130th LegislatureAn Act To Clarify State Policy and Legislative Intent Regarding the Maine Veterans' Homes, To Require Notification of Closure of the Maine Veterans' Homes to the Legislature and To Fund Public Homes in Caribou and Machias in Order To Keep Them Open
2.LD 2002, HP 1488, 130th LegislatureAn Act To Eliminate Inactive Boards and Commissions
3.LD 2003, HP 1489, 130th LegislatureAn Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Commission To Increase Housing Opportunities in Maine by Studying Zoning and Land Use Restrictions
4.LD 2004, HP 1490, 130th LegislatureAn Act To Ensure Fairness of Representation in Insurance Disputes
5.LD 2005, HP 1491, 130th LegislatureAn Act Regarding the Reapportionment of the Knox County Budget Committee Districts
6.LD 2006, HP 1492, 130th LegislatureAn Act To Improve the Low-income Home Energy Assistance Program
7.LD 2007, SP 724, 130th LegislatureAn Act To Create the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Incidence Registry
8.LD 2008, HP 1496, 130th LegislatureResolve, To Establish the Committee To Study Court-ordered Treatment for Substance Use Disorder
9.LD 2009, SP 721, 130th LegislatureAn Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Working Group To Review the Process for Ongoing Review of Tax Expenditures by the Legislature
10.LD 2010, SP 723, 130th LegislatureResolve, To Help Certain Businesses with Electricity Costs
11.LD 2011, SP 725, 130th LegislatureAn Act To Allow the Annexation of Certain Lands by Columbia Falls
12.LD 2012, SP 728, 130th LegislatureAn Act Regarding the Authority of Municipalities To Regulate Timber Harvesting
13.LD 2013, SP 729, 130th LegislatureAn Act Relating to Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances Contamination in the State
14.LD 2014, SP 730, 130th LegislatureAn Act Related to Sunday Hunting
15.LD 2015, HP 1497, 130th LegislatureAn Act To Update the Comprehensive State Energy Plan To Achieve the State Energy Vision
16.LD 2016, HP 1498, 130th LegislatureResolve, To Implement the Crisis Response Services Recommendations Identified Pursuant to Resolve 2021, Chapter 29
17.LD 2017, HP 1499, 130th LegislatureResolve, Regarding Monitoring of and Reporting on Energy Use Data Standards and Online Energy Data Platforms
18.LD 2018, HP 1500, 130th LegislatureAn Act To Implement Recommendations Regarding the Incorporation of Equity Considerations in Regulatory Decision Making
19.LD 2019, HP 1501, 130th LegislatureAn Act To Require the Registration of Adjuvants in the State and To Regulate the Distribution of Pesticides with Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances
20.LD 2020, HP 1502, 130th LegislatureAn Act To Implement Recommendations Regarding the Regulation of Firefighting or Fire-suppressing Foams to Which Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances Have Been Intentionally Added
21.LD 2021, SP 731, 130th LegislatureAn Act To Collect Pesticide Sales and Use Records for the Purpose of Providing Information to the Public
22.LD 2022, SP 733, 130th LegislatureAn Act To Amend the Judicial Districts and Divisions for York County
23.LD 2023, HP 1503, 130th LegislatureAn Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Secretary of State Regarding Notarial Acts
24.LD 2024, HP 1504, 130th LegislatureAn Act To Allow County and Regional Communications Centers To Request Polygraph Examinations for Employees and Applicants for Employment
25.LD 2025, SP 735, 130th LegislatureResolve, To Authorize the Bureau of Parks and Lands To Enter into a Lease with Aroostook Technologies, Inc. for a Parcel of Land in Township 11, Range 4 WELS
26.LD 2026, HP 1507, 130th LegislatureResolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Chapter 180: Appliance Efficiency Standards, a Late-filed Major Substantive Rule of the Department of Environmental Protection's Bureau of Air Quality
27.LD 2027, HP 1509, 130th LegislatureResolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 101: MaineCare Benefits Manual, Chapter III, Section 97: Private Non-Medical Institution Services, a Late-filed Major Substantive Rule of the Department of Health and Human Services
28.LD 2028, SP 739, 130th LegislatureResolve, Directing the Family Law Advisory Commission To Develop Options To Improve Preliminary Injunctions in Judicial Separation and Divorce Actions
29.LD 2029, HP 1511, 130th LegislatureAn Act To Enhance the Prevention of and Response to Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment in the Maine National Guard
30.LD 2030, HP 1512, 130th LegislatureAn Act To Provide for Reimbursement of the Sales Tax Paid on Certain Battery Energy Storage Systems
31.LD 2031, HP 1513, 130th LegislatureAn Act To Allow Outdoor Stadiums and Pool Halls To Sell Spirits
32.LD 2032, SP 742, 130th LegislatureAn Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Motor Vehicle Inspection Working Group
33.LD 2033, HP 1514, 130th LegislatureAn Act To Raise the Debt Limit of the Eagle Lake Water and Sewer District
34.LD 2034, HP 1516, 130th LegislatureAn Act To Correct Inconsistencies, Conflicts and Errors in the Laws of Maine
35.LD 2035, HP 1517, 130th LegislatureAn Act To Make Changes to the Laws Regarding Licensure of Certain Individuals from Other Jurisdictions
36.LD 2036, HP 1518, 130th LegislatureResolve, Clarifying the Conveyance of Land to the Passamaquoddy Tribe in the Town of Meddybemps
37.LD 2037, SP 747, 130th LegislatureAn Act To Allow the Assessor of the Cyr Plantation Board of Assessors To Facilitate the Election of Vacant Assessor Seats
38.LD 2038, HP 1526, 130th LegislatureAn Act To Incorporate Respectful Language into the Maine Revised Statutes, Titles 22, 25 and 34-A
39.LD 2039, HP 1531, 130th LegislatureAn Act To Reorganize the Provision of Services for Infants, Toddlers and Children with Disabilities from Birth to 6 Years of Age and Extend the Age of Eligibility under the Federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act to 22 Years of Age
40.LD 2040, HP 1532, 130th LegislatureAn Act To Maintain a Comprehensive Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program for Maine's Incarcerated Population
41.LD 2041, HP 1544, 130th LegislatureAn Act To Correct Errors in Recently Enacted Legislation