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124th Maine Legislature, First Regular Session

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HP 1007
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An Act To Establish the Maine Fuel Board

Documents and DispositionLD 1455, HP 1007Text
LD 1455
HP 1007
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Adopted Amendments C-A (H-345)
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Sponsored By: Senator Schneider of Penobscot S-A (S-261)
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Sponsored By: Representative Smith of Monmouth H-A to S-A (H-525)
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Final DispositionEnacted, Jun 10, 2009
Governor's Action: Signed, Jun 10, 2009

Chaptered LawACTPUB
, Chapter 344
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These are unofficial documents that may contain errors. See the Session Laws Of Maine (when available) for a final version. 

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Amendments to LD 1455Adopted by House & SenateC-A (H-345)
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Sponsored By Senator Schneider of Penobscot, Adopted by House & SenateS-A (S-261)
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Sponsored By Representative Smith of Monmouth, Adopted by House & SenateH-A to S-A (H-525)
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Status In Committee

Referred to Committee on Business, Research and Economic Development on Apr 9, 2009.
Latest Committee Action: Reported Out, May 21, 2009, OTP-AM
Latest Committee Report: May 21, 2009


Committee Docket
May 7, 2009Work Session Held 
May 7, 2009VotedOTP-AM
May 21, 2009Reported OutOTP-AM

View upcoming public hearings and work sessions for Business, Research and Economic Development.

Divided Reports

No Divided Reports.

Affected Statute Titles and Sections
TitleSectionSubsectionParagraphEffectLaw TypeChapter
512004-A27 AFFPublic Law344
512004-A27 RPPublic Law344
512004-A33-A AFFPublic Law344
512004-A33-A RPPublic Law344
512004-A49 AFFPublic Law344
512004-A49 NEWPublic Law344
10800138II AFFPublic Law344
10800138II RPPublic Law344
10800138LL AFFPublic Law344
10800138LL AMDPublic Law344
10800138MM AFFPublic Law344
10800138MM AMDPublic Law344
10800138NN AFFPublic Law344
10800138NN NEWPublic Law344
10800138U AFFPublic Law344
10800138U RPPublic Law344
1097034 AFFPublic Law344
1097034 AMDPublic Law344
1097035 AFFPublic Law344
1097035 AMDPublic Law344
1097254 AFFPublic Law344
1097254 AMDPublic Law344
1097255 AFFPublic Law344
1097255 AMDPublic Law344
252354  AFFPublic Law344
252354  AMDPublic Law344
2524652 AFFPublic Law344
2524652 AMDPublic Law344
2524653 AFFPublic Law344
2524653 AMDPublic Law344
2524655 AFFPublic Law344
2524655 AMDPublic Law344
2524656A AFFPublic Law344
2524656A AMDPublic Law344
30-A42214B AFFPublic Law344
30-A42214B AMDPublic Law344
321102-A7 AFFPublic Law344
321102-A7 AMDPublic Law344
321102-A8 AFFPublic Law344
321102-A8 AMDPublic Law344
321102-B5G AFFPublic Law344
321102-B5G AMDPublic Law344
321102-B5H AFFPublic Law344
321102-B5H AMDPublic Law344
322311  AFFPublic Law344
322311  RPPublic Law344
322312-B  AFFPublic Law344
322312-B  RPPublic Law344
322313  AFFPublic Law344
322313  RPPublic Law344
322313-A  AFFPublic Law344
322313-A  RPPublic Law344
322314  AFFPublic Law344
322314  RPPublic Law344
322315  AFFPublic Law344
322315  RPPublic Law344
322316  AFFPublic Law344
322316  RPPublic Law344
322317  AFFPublic Law344
322317  RPPublic Law344
322351  AFFPublic Law344
322351  RPPublic Law344
322353  AFFPublic Law344
322353  RPPublic Law344
322355  AFFPublic Law344
322355  RPPublic Law344
322355-A  AFFPublic Law344
322355-A  RPPublic Law344
322401  AFFPublic Law344
322401  RPPublic Law344
322401-A  AFFPublic Law344
322401-A  RPPublic Law344
322401-B  AFFPublic Law344
322401-B  RPPublic Law344
322402-A  AFFPublic Law344
322402-A  RPPublic Law344
322402-B  AFFPublic Law344
322402-B  RPPublic Law344
322403  AFFPublic Law344
322403  RPPublic Law344
322404  AFFPublic Law344
322404  RPPublic Law344
322406  AFFPublic Law344
322406  RPPublic Law344
3233015-A AFFPublic Law344
3233015-A AMDPublic Law344
3233021B AFFPublic Law344
3233021B AMDPublic Law344
3214801  AFFPublic Law344
3214801  RPPublic Law344
3214802  AFFPublic Law344
3214802  RPPublic Law344
3214803  AFFPublic Law344
3214803  RPPublic Law344
3214804  AFFPublic Law344
3214804  RPPublic Law344
3214805  AFFPublic Law344
3214805  RPPublic Law344
3214806  AFFPublic Law344
3214806  RPPublic Law344
3214806-A  AFFPublic Law344
3214806-A  RPPublic Law344
3214807  AFFPublic Law344
3214807  RPPublic Law344
3214808  AFFPublic Law344
3214808  RPPublic Law344
3214811  AFFPublic Law344
3214811  RPPublic Law344
3214813  AFFPublic Law344
3214813  RPPublic Law344
3214814  AFFPublic Law344
3214814  RPPublic Law344
3214815  AFFPublic Law344
3214815  RPPublic Law344
3214816  AFFPublic Law344
3214816  RPPublic Law344
3218101  AFFPublic Law344
3218101  NEWPublic Law344
3218102  AFFPublic Law344
3218102  NEWPublic Law344
3218103  AFFPublic Law344
3218103  NEWPublic Law344
3218104  AFFPublic Law344
3218104  NEWPublic Law344
3218105  AFFPublic Law344
3218105  NEWPublic Law344
3218106  AFFPublic Law344
3218106  NEWPublic Law344
3218107  AFFPublic Law344
3218107  NEWPublic Law344
3218108  AFFPublic Law344
3218108  NEWPublic Law344
3218109  AFFPublic Law344
3218109  NEWPublic Law344
3218110  AFFPublic Law344
3218110  NEWPublic Law344
3218111  AFFPublic Law344
3218111  NEWPublic Law344
3218121  AFFPublic Law344
3218121  NEWPublic Law344
3218122  AFFPublic Law344
3218122  NEWPublic Law344
3218123  AFFPublic Law344
3218123  NEWPublic Law344
3218131  AFFPublic Law344
3218131  NEWPublic Law344
3218132  AFFPublic Law344
3218132  NEWPublic Law344
3218133  AFFPublic Law344
3218133  NEWPublic Law344
3218134  AFFPublic Law344
3218134  NEWPublic Law344
3218135  AFFPublic Law344
3218135  NEWPublic Law344
3218136  AFFPublic Law344
3218136  NEWPublic Law344
3218137  AFFPublic Law344
3218137  NEWPublic Law344
3218138  AFFPublic Law344
3218138  NEWPublic Law344
3218139  AFFPublic Law344
3218139  NEWPublic Law344
3218140  AFFPublic Law344
3218140  NEWPublic Law344
3218141  AFFPublic Law344
3218141  NEWPublic Law344
3218142  AFFPublic Law344
3218142  NEWPublic Law344
3218143  AFFPublic Law344
3218143  NEWPublic Law344
3218144  AFFPublic Law344
3218144  NEWPublic Law344
381281  AFFPublic Law344
381281  AMDPublic Law344
3813953 AFFPublic Law344
3813953 AMDPublic Law344