From Millicent M. MacFarland, Clerk of the House
State House, Augusta, Maine

Volume XXXIX, No. 21

Friday, June 7, 2013




Public Laws

Signed by the Governor
Friday, May 31, 2013

Ch. 177 - An Act To Amend the State General Permit Process for Tidal Power To Remove a Conflict with a Federal Permit Requirement. (S.P. 169, L.D. 437)

Ch. 178 - An Act To Allow Certain Military Personnel To Administer Oaths and Perform the Duties of a Notary Public. (H.P. 1089, L.D. 1516)

Ch. 179 - An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Certain Human Services Licensing and Certification Requirements. (S.P. 511, L.D. 1417)

Ch. 180 - An Act To Recodify the Land Surveyor Licensing Laws. (H.P. 906, L.D. 1267)

Ch. 181 - An Act To Update and Revise the Laws Governing the Maine Arts Commission. (S.P. 382, L.D. 1100)

Ch. 182 - An Act To Ensure Access to Information in the Property Tax Abatement Process. (H.P. 491, L.D. 719)

Ch. 183 - An Act To Amend the Site Location of Development Laws. (S.P. 244, L.D. 695)

Ch. 184 - An Act To Clarify Tax Increment Financing. (H.P. 382, L.D. 563)

Ch. 185 - An Act To Exempt Members of the Penobscot Nation, the Passamaquoddy Tribe, the Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians and the Aroostook Band of Micmacs from Special Training Requirements for Archery and Trapping. (EMERGENCY) (H.P. 215, L.D. 306)

Ch. 186 - An Act To Streamline the Approval of Accessibility Structures. (EMERGENCY) (H.P. 130, L.D. 155)

Ch. 187 - An Act To Amend the Motor Vehicle Ignition Interlock Device Requirements in the Laws Regarding Operating Under the Influence. (S.P. 36, L.D. 85)

Received in the Office of the Secretary of State
Monday, June 3, 2013
Became law without the Governor's Signature

Ch. 188 - An Act To Strengthen the Law Regarding Texting and Driving. (H.P. 408, L.D. 589)

Ch. 189 - An Act To Strengthen Maine's Assent Language for Participation in the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act. (H.P. 904, L.D. 1265)

Ch. 190 - An Act To Allow Nonprofit Organizations To Operate Snowmobiles as Trail-grooming Equipment. (H.P. 239, L.D. 334)

Signed by the Governor
Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ch. 191 - An Act Criminalizing Trafficking in Contraband in State Hospitals Serving Adults. (S.P. 87, L.D. 251)

Ch. 192 - An Act To Protect Newborns Exposed to Drugs or Alcohol. (H.P. 194, L.D. 257)

Ch. 193 - An Act To Clarify the Permitted Use of Aquatic Pesticides. (S.P. 516, L.D. 1430)

Ch. 194 - An Act To Repeal Certain Maine Criminal Code Provisions Addressing So-called Bath Salts Containing Synthetic Hallucinogenic Drugs and Instead To Define Them as Schedule W Drugs. (H.P. 1033, L.D. 1439)

Ch. 195 - An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Weight Tolerance for Certain Vehicles. (EMERGENCY) (H.P. 1065, L.D. 1484)

Received in the Office of the Secretary of State
Wednesday, June 5, 2013
Became law without the Governor's Signature

Ch. 196 - An Act To Clarify the Laws Governing the Rule-making Authority of the Maine Forest Service. (H.P. 486, L.D. 714)

Ch. 197 - An Act To Allow Municipalities To Place Liens for Failure To Pay Storm Water Assessments. (H.P. 584, L.D. 833)

Ch. 198 - An Act To Improve the Statutes Governing Road Associations. (S.P. 475, L.D. 1356)

Signed by the Governor
Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ch. 199 - An Act To Examine Fees Charged by Municipalities Concerning Outdoor-related Activities. (H.P. 608, L.D. 857)

Ch. 200 - An Act Concerning the Collection of Sales Tax by Any Businesses Making Sales to Persons in Maine. (H.P. 251, L.D. 346)

Ch. 201 - An Act Regarding the Disclosure of Certain Records in Criminal Matters. (H.P. 623, L.D. 900)

Ch. 202 - An Act To Grant the Commissioner of Health and Human Services and the Commissioner's Designees the Independent Authority To Issue Adjudicatory Subpoenas. (S.P. 223, L.D. 633)

Ch. 203 - An Act To Stabilize Education Funding by Reducing the Impact of Changes in Property Valuation. (S.P. 51, L.D. 130)

Ch. 204 - An Act Concerning Fertilizer and Lime Products. (EMERGENCY) (H.P. 707, L.D. 1009)

Ch. 205 - An Act To Protect the State's Property Rights in Maine State Museum Research. (EMERGENCY) (H.P. 717, L.D. 1019)

Ch. 206 - An Act To Enable Municipalities To Establish Business Development Loan Programs Using Municipally Raised or Appropriated Money. (H.P. 405, L.D. 586)

Ch. 207 - An Act To Clarify the Law Regarding Advertising Signs outside Premises Licensed To Sell Alcohol. (S.P. 457, L.D. 1318)

Ch. 208 - An Act To Provide Transparency in Public-private Partnerships for Transportation Projects. (H.P. 493, L.D. 721)

Ch. 209 - An Act To Provide That Innkeepers and Certain Campground Operators Are Not Considered Landlords. (EMERGENCY) (H.P. 909, L.D. 1270)

Ch. 210 - An Act To Amend the Laws Relating to Secession by a Municipality from a County. (EMERGENCY) (H.P. 1004, L.D. 1408)

Ch. 211 - An Act To Allow a Setoff of a Third-party Bailor's Property under Certain Conditions. (H.P. 1007, L.D. 1419)


Received in the Office of the Secretary of State
Monday, June 3, 2013
Became law without the Governor's Signature

Ch. 34 - Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 61: State Board of Education Rules for Major Capital School Construction Projects, a Major Substantive Rule of the State Board of Education. (EMERGENCY) (H.P. 231, L.D. 322)

Ch. 35 - Resolve, Extending the Time That the Commissioner of Administrative and Financial Services Has To Sell or Lease Property in Augusta. (EMERGENCY) (H.P. 667, L.D. 954)

Ch. 36 - Resolve, Directing the Board of Dental Examiners To Amend Its Rules To Improve Access to Oral Health Care in Maine. (S.P. 85, L.D. 249)

Ch. 37 - Resolve, Directing the Secretary of State To Study the Need for a State Regulatory Process for Scrap Metal Dealers. (H.P. 560, L.D. 809)

Ch. 38 - Resolve, To Provide Consistency in Rules of the Department of Education Regarding Visual and Performing Arts Requirements for High School Graduation. (H.P. 138, L.D. 178)

Ch. 39 - Resolve, Directing the Bureau of Insurance To Amend Its Rules Pertaining to 3rd-party Notice of Cancellation. (H.P. 599, L.D. 848)

Ch. 40 - Resolve, Directing the Workers' Compensation Board To Study Improving Protections for Injured Workers Whose Employers Have Wrongfully Not Secured Workers' Compensation Payments. (S.P. 176, L.D. 444)

Ch. 41 - Resolve, To Repeal the Requirement That the Department of Transportation Facilitate a Feasibility Study of an East-west Highway and Provide for Public Access to Certain Documents. (S.P. 330, L.D. 985)

Ch. 42 - Resolve, To Increase Awareness of Food Allergies in Public Schools. (H.P. 465, L.D. 673)

Ch. 43 - Resolve, Directing the Department of Environmental Protection To Develop Quantitative Odor Management Standards. (H.P. 116, L.D. 141)

Received in the Office of the Secretary of State
Monday, June 4, 2013
Became law without the Governor's Signature

Ch. 44 - Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 882: Designation of Bisphenol A as a Priority Chemical and Regulation of Bisphenol A in Children's Products, a Major Substantive Rule of the Department of Environmental Protection. (EMERGENCY) (H.P. 625, L.D. 902)

Chaptered copies of the above measures may be obtained from the Engrossing Department, Room 106, State House, 7 State House Station, Augusta, Maine 04333-0007, Ph. 207-287-1649.


L.D. 1557, H.P. 1126
An Act To Reapportion the Districts of the State Senate, State House of Representatives and County Commissioners. (Submitted by the apportionment commission pursuant to the Constitution of Maine Article IV, Part First, Section 3; Article IV, Part Second, Section 2; and the Maine Revised Statutes, Title 30-A, section 65.)

L.D. 1558, H.P. 1127
An Act To Provide Property Tax Relief by Expanding Gaming Opportunities. (EMERGENCY) (Presented by Representative McCABE of Skowhegan)

L.D. 1559, H.P. 1128
An Act To Reduce Energy Costs, Increase Energy Efficiency, Promote Electric System Reliability and Protect the Environment. (EMERGENCY) (Under suspension of the rules Submitted by Representative FREDETTE of Newport and Senator CLEVELAND of Androscoggin for the Joint Standing Committee on Energy, Utilities and Technology pursuant to Joint Order H.P. 1125.)

L.D. 1560, S.P. 597
An Act To Allow Further Review of the Report Defining Cost Responsibility for Deaf and Hard-of-hearing Students Receiving Services from the Maine Educational Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and the Governor Baxter School for the Deaf. (Submitted by the Joint Standing Committee on Education and Cultural Affairs pursuant to Public Law 2011, chapter 683, section 11.)

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