From Millicent M. MacFarland, Clerk of the House
State House, Augusta, Maine

Volume XXXIV, No. 21

Monday, April 28, 2008




Public Laws

Signed by the Governor
Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ch. 640 - An Act To Ensure Fair Wages. (S.P. 604, L.D. 1697)

Ch. 641 - An Act To Create the Maine Council on Poverty and Economic Security. (S.P. 362, L.D. 1110)

Ch. 642 - An Act To Promote Transparency and Accountability in Campaigns and Governmental Ethics. (H.P. 1585, L.D. 2219)

Ch. 643 - An Act To Protect Children's Health and the Environment from Toxic Chemicals in Toys and Children's Products. (H.P. 1432, L.D. 2048)

Ch. 644 - An Act To Advance the Maine Economy. (S.P. 827, L.D. 2159)

Ch. 645 - An Act To Encourage Energy Conservation by the Maine State Housing Authority Pursuant to the State Government Evaluation Act Review. (H.P. 1627, L.D. 2264)

Ch. 646 - An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Working Group To Study the Effectiveness and Timeliness of Early Identification and Intervention for Children with Hearing Loss in Maine. (H.P. 1655, L.D. 2295)

Ch. 647 - An Act To Keep Bridges Safe and Roads Passable. (H.P. 1673, L.D. 2313) (Governor's Bill)

Ch. 648 - An Act To Enhance the Security of State Credentials. (H.P. 1669, L.D. 2309) (Governor's Bill)

Signed by the Governor
Friday, April 18, 2008

Ch. 649 - An Act To Create the Maine Agriculture Protection Act. (EMERGENCY) (S.P. 591, L.D. 1684)

Ch. 650 - An Act To Improve the Method of Taxing Natural Gas for Highway Use. (H.P. 409, L.D. 531)

Ch. 651 - An Act To Amend Certain Provisions of the Fish and Wildlife Laws. (EMERGENCY) (S.P. 776, L.D. 1982)

Ch. 652 - An Act Regarding Axle Weight on Tri-axle Farm Trucks. (S.P. 754, L.D. 1960)

Ch. 653 - An Act To Better Coordinate and Reduce the Cost of the Delivery of State and County Correctional Services. (EMERGENCY) (H.P. 1466, L.D. 2080)

Ch. 654 - An Act To Shield Journalists' Confidential Sources. (H.P. 1431, L.D. 2047)

Ch. 655 - An Act To Amend Certain Laws Related to Environmental Protection. (S.P. 809, L.D. 2119)

Ch. 656 - An Act To Protect Maine's Energy Sovereignty through the Designation of Energy Infrastructure Corridors and Energy Plan Development. (S.P. 885, L.D. 2255) (Governor's Bill)

Ch. 657 - An Act To Establish a Railroad Crossing Information Council. (S.P. 847, L.D. 2199)

Ch. 658 - An Act To Provide Tax Relief to Maine's Forest Products Industry. (EMERGENCY) (S.P. 857, L.D. 2225) (Governor's Bill)

Ch. 659 - An Act To Require That a Person Be a Maine Resident in Order To Be Issued a Maine Driver's License. (EMERGENCY) (H.P. 1662, L.D. 2304)

Ch. 660 - An Act To Promote the Agricultural Economy. (EMERGENCY) (H.P. 1606, L.D. 2245)

Ch. 661 - An Act To Implement Recommendations of the Governor's Task Force on Wind Power Development. (EMERGENCY) (S.P. 908, L.D. 2283) (Governor's Bill)

Ch. 662 - An Act To Improve the Administration of State-Municipal Revenue Sharing. (H.P. 1641, L.D. 2276)

Ch. 663 - An Act To Remove Impediments to Changing County Government Fiscal Years. (H.P. 1660, L.D. 2302)

Ch. 664 - An Act To Implement the Recommendations of a Task Force Convened To Evaluate and Recommend Revisions Regarding the Statutory Definition of "Service Dog". (H.P. 1648, L.D. 2285)

Ch. 665 - An Act To Facilitate the Provision of Educational Loans for Maine Students and Families. (EMERGENCY) (S.P. 918, L.D. 2300) (Governor's Bill)

Ch. 666 - An Act To Amend Teacher Confidentiality Laws. (S.P. 912, L.D. 2291) (Governor's Bill)

Ch. 667 - An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Alternative Education Programs Committee. (H.P. 1661, L.D. 2303)

Ch. 668 - An Act To Remove Barriers to the Reorganization of School Administrative Units. (S.P. 931, L.D. 2323)

Signed by the Governor
Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ch. 669 - An Act To Provide Access to Certain Medications to Certified Midwives. (H.P. 1616, L.D. 2253)

Signed by the Governor
Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ch. 670 - An Act To Bring Maine into Compliance with Federal Law Regarding Purchases of Firearms by Persons Found To Be a Danger to Themselves or Others. (H.P. 1336, L.D. 1902)

Ch. 671 - An Act To Promote Municipal Wind Generation Development. (S.P. 893, L.D. 2266)

Ch. 672 - An Act To Ensure the Freedom of Family Child Care Providers To Jointly Negotiate with the State. (H.P. 1481, L.D. 2095)

Ch. 673 - An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for Drinking Water Management and Wastewater Management. (S.P. 830, L.D. 2169)

Ch. 674 - An Act To Continue the Maine Military Family Relief Fund Voluntary Checkoff. (H.P. 1405, L.D. 2021)

Ch. 675 - An Act To Clarify the Exemption of Retail Sales of Kerosene from the Sales Tax. (H.P. 1483, L.D. 2097)

Ch. 676 - An Act Regarding the Maine Regulatory Fairness Board. (EMERGENCY) (H.P. 1371, L.D. 1937)

Ch. 677 - An Act To Make Capital Rail Improvements for Economic Development Purposes. (H.P. 1403, L.D. 2019)

Ch. 678 - An Act To Meet the Emergency Needs of Maine Veterans. (EMERGENCY) (S.P. 779, L.D. 1985)

Ch. 679 - An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Legislative Youth Advisory Council with Respect to Educational and Organizational Matters. (H.P. 1510, L.D. 2131)

Ch. 680 - An Act Establishing an Outdoor Wood Boiler Fund. (S.P. 891, L.D. 2263)

Ch. 681 - An Act To Amend the Maine Certificate of Need Act of 2002. (EMERGENCY) (H.P. 1659, L.D. 2301)

Ch. 682 - An Act To Expedite the Maintenance and Repair of Maine's Transportation Network. (S.P. 932, L.D. 2324)

Ch. 683 - An Act To Invest in Maine's Young Children. (H.P. 1671, L.D. 2311)

Private and Special Laws

Signed by the Governor
Friday, April 18, 2008

Ch. 44 - An Act To Validate Certain Proceedings Authorizing the Issuance of Bonds and Notes by Maine School Administrative District No. 29. (EMERGENCY) (H.P. 1683, L.D. 2321)

Ch. 45 - An Act To Amend the Charter of Northern Maine General. (S.P. 930, L.D. 2322)


Signed by the Governor
Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ch. 209 - Resolve, To Create the Blue Ribbon Commission To Study the Future of Home-based and Community-based Care. (EMERGENCY) (H.P. 1436, L.D. 2052)

Signed by the Governor
Friday, April 18, 2008

Ch. 210 - Resolve, To Support the Inclusion of Labor Education at Maine Public Institutions of Higher Education. (H.P. 115, L.D. 123)

Ch. 211 - Resolve, To Study Ways To Increase Access to After-school Programs. (H.P. 61, L.D. 63)

Ch. 212 - Resolve, To Investigate the Possibility of Expanding Cellular Telephone Service in Certain Rural Areas. (H.P. 249, L.D. 305)

Ch. 213 - Resolve, To Study the Feasibility of Locating a Border Crossing in the St. David Area. (H.P. 394, L.D. 511)

Ch. 214 - Resolve, Authorizing the State Tax Assessor To Sell 2 Certain Parcels of Land in the Unorganized Territory. (H.P. 1583, L.D. 2217)

Ch. 215 - Resolve, To Improve the Absentee Voting System on November 3, 2008. (S.P. 914, L.D. 2293)

Signed by the Governor
Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ch. 216 - Resolve, To Conduct an Updated Study of the Feasibility of Establishing a Single-payor Health Care System in the State. (H.P. 790, L.D. 1072)

Ch. 217 - Resolve, To Reimburse School Administrative District No. 11 for the State Share of Retirement Contributions Paid in Error. (H.P. 1410, L.D. 2026)

Ch. 218 - Resolve, To Assist Maine's Forest Products Industry. (EMERGENCY) (H.P. 1588, L.D. 2222) (Governor's Bill)

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