From Millicent M. MacFarland, Clerk of the House
State House, Augusta, Maine

Volume XXXIII, No. 16

Monday, April 16, 2007




Public Laws

Signed by the Governor
Thursday, April 5, 2007

Ch. 32 - An Act To Enhance Consumer Awareness of Insurance Sales Activity. (H.P. 331, L.D. 415)

Ch. 33 - An Act To Provide Safe All-terrain Vehicle Access on Public Ways. (H.P. 142, L.D. 160)

Signed by the Governor
Friday, April 6, 2007

Ch. 34 - An Act To Allow Expense Reimbursement for the Commercial Fishing Safety Council. (H.P. 213, L.D. 257)

Ch. 35 - An Act To Allow Plantations To Enact an Animal Control Ordinance. (H.P. 256, L.D. 312)

Signed by the Governor
Monday, April 9, 2007

Ch. 36 - An Act To Amend the Debt Management Services Laws. (S.P. 43, L.D. 135)

Ch. 37 - An Act To Clarify Portions of the Laws Governing InforME. (S.P. 216, L.D. 679)

Ch. 38 - An Act To Allow a Truck Driver To Haul a Trailer on a Highway If That Driver Has a Point-to-point Permit. (H.P. 182, L.D. 211)

Signed by the Governor
Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ch. 39 - An Act To Authorize Bond Issues for Ratification by the Voters for the June and November 2007 Elections and the June 2008 Election and To Transfer Certain Funds. (EMERGENCY) (S.P. 640, L.D. 1796) (Governor's Bill)

Ch. 40 - An Act To Require Prior Notice before Cancellation of a Life Insurance Policy for Nonpayment of Premiums. (S.P. 46, L.D. 138)

Ch. 41 - An Act To Provide County Commissioners with an Enforcement Mechanism with Regard to Parking Ordinances. (S.P. 153, L.D. 466)

Ch. 42 - An Act To Ensure Uniform Emergency Medical Dispatch Services in Maine. (EMERGENCY) (H.P. 476, L.D. 627)

Signed by the Governor
Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ch. 43 - An Act To Encourage Greater Public Input into the State Environmental Licensing Process. (H.P. 647, L.D. 848)

Ch. 44 - An Act To Improve the Control and Prevention of Invasive Plant Infestations. (H.P. 135, L.D. 153)

Private and Special Laws

Signed by the Governor
Monday, April 9, 2007

Ch. 4 - An Act To Amend the Charter of the Harrison Water District. (EMERGENCY) (H.P. 668, L.D. 878)

Ch. 5 - An Act To Amend the Charter of the Long Pond Water District. (EMERGENCY) (H.P. 716, L.D. 941)

Chaptered copies of the above measures may be obtained from the Engrossing Department, Room 106, State House, 7 State House Station, Augusta, Maine 04333-0007, Ph. 207-287-1649.


L.D. 1844, H.P. 1284
An Act Concerning Maine's Highway Safety Laws. (Presented by Representative MARLEY of Portland)

L.D. 1845, H.P. 1285
An Act To Strengthen the Laws Concerning Surface Water Ambient Toxic Monitoring. (Presented by Representative PERCY of Phippsburg)

L.D. 1846, H.P. 1286
An Act To Clarify the Intergovernmental Relationship between the Town of Boothbay Harbor and Bayville Village Corporation. (Presented by Representative MacDONALD of Boothbay)

L.D. 1847, H.P. 1287
Resolve, Directing the Department of Transportation To Conclude Its Study of the Alternative Routes for the Wiscasset Bypass, Choose a Route and Establish a Timetable. (EMERGENCY) (Presented by Representative MacDONALD of Boothbay)

L.D. 1848, S.P. 662
An Act To Promote Sustainable Prosperity. (Presented by President EDMONDS of Cumberland)

L.D. 1849, S.P. 664
An Act To Protect Consumers from Rising Health Care Costs. (Presented by Senator BARTLETT of Cumberland)

L.D. 1850, S.P. 666
An Act To Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness of Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education for Children from Birth to Eight Years of Age through Improved Oversight, Accountability and Interagency Coordination. (Submitted by the Subcommittee To Study Early Childhood Special Education pursuant to Public Law 2005, chapter 662, Part C, section 8.)

L.D. 1851, H.P. 1290
An Act To Establish the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Act of 2007. (Governor's Bill) (Presented by Representative KOFFMAN of Bar Harbor)

L.D. 1852, H.P. 1291
An Act To Provide Taxpayer Relief. (Presented by Representative LANSLEY of Sabattus)

L.D. 1853, H.P. 1292
An Act To Enact the Model Registered Agents Act and Amend Entity Acts To Rationalize Annual Filings. (Presented by Representative DILL of Cape Elizabeth)

L.D. 1854, S.P. 668
An Act Regarding Campaign Finance Reporting and the Maine Clean Election Act. (Submitted by the Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices pursuant to the Maine Revised Statutes, Title 1, section 1009.)

L.D. 1855, S.P. 669
An Act To Clarify Involuntary Admissions for Psychiatric Hospitalizations. (Presented by Senator NUTTING of Androscoggin)

L.D. 1856, I.B. 2
An Act To Allow a Tax Credit for College Loan Repayments. (Transmitted to the Clerk of the 123rd Maine Legislature by the Secretary of State on April 11, 2007 and ordered printed.)

L.D. 1857, H.P. 1293
An Act To Allow Members of the Maine National Guard To Run for Office in a Partisan Public Election. (Presented by Representative TUTTLE of Sanford)

L.D. 1858, H.P. 1294
An Act To Protect Inland Water Access. (Presented by Representative JACKSON of Allagash)

L.D. 1859, H.P. 1295
An Act To Prepare All Maine Students for College, Career and Citizenship. (Presented by Representative NORTON of Bangor)

L.D. 1860, H.P. 1296
An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Task Force To Engage Maine's Youth Regarding Successful School Completion. (Governor's Bill) (Presented by Representative MARLEY of Portland)

L.D. 1861, H.P. 1297
An Act Regarding Payment of Penalties for Nonpayment of Bills for Medical or Health Care Services under the Maine Workers' Compensation Act of 1992. (Submitted by the Workers' Compensation Board pursuant to the Maine Revised Statutes, Title 39-A, section 152, subsection 11.)

L.D. 1862, H.P. 1298
An Act Regarding Fairness for Families Regarding Workers' Compensation Coverage. (Submitted by the Workers' Compensation Board pursuant to the Maine Revised Statutes, Title 39-A, section 152, subsection 11.)

Copies of the Bills may be obtained from the Document Room, First Floor, State House, Augusta, Maine 04333-0002 - Ph: 207-287-1408 or by e-mailing a request to webmaster_house@legislature.maine.gov . Please include your mailing address as we can not mail bill text electronically.

Bill text is also available at the Maine Legislature Web Site http://www.mainelegislature.org/legis/bills/billtexts.

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