From Millicent M. MacFarland, Clerk of the House
State House, Augusta, Maine

Volume XXXII, No. 22

Monday, June 5, 2006




Public Laws

Signed by the Governor
Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ch. 638 - An Act To Clarify the Laws Governing Agricultural Composting Operations. (S.P. 381, L.D. 1064)

Ch. 639 - An Act To Fund Youth Mentoring Programs. (H.P. 689, L.D. 979)

Ch. 640 - An Act To Change the Child Care Facility Licensing Laws. (H.P. 272, L.D. 359)

Ch. 641 - An Act To Reestablish the Maine Coast Environmental Trust Fund within the Department of Marine Resources. (H.P. 852, L.D. 1234)

Ch. 642 - An Act To Amend the Laws Concerning Eminent Domain. (S.P. 417, L.D. 1203)

Ch. 643 - An Act To Promote Municipal-State Transportation Investment Partnerships. (H.P. 802, L.D. 1159)

Ch. 644 - An Act To Encourage the Preservation of Affordable Housing. (H.P. 808, L.D. 1165)

Ch. 645 - An Act Concerning the Taxation of Property Owned by Certain Veterans' Organizations. (S.P. 258, L.D. 791)

Ch. 646 - An Act To Amend the Maine Wind Energy Act. (S.P. 477, L.D. 1379)

Ch. 647 - An Act To Make Owners of Cooperative Housing Eligible for the Homestead Exemption. (H.P. 1093, L.D. 1552)

Ch. 648 - An Act Regarding Continuing Improvements in the MaineCare Program. (EMERGENCY) (S.P. 674, L.D. 1757)

Ch. 649 - An Act To Authorize State Participation in the Unified Carrier Registration System. (H.P. 1367, L.D. 1950)

Ch. 650 - An Act To Provide Emergency Regional Economic Development Assistance for Brunswick Naval Air Station. (H.P. 1369, L.D. 1955)

Ch. 651 - An Act To Assist Visually Impaired Persons and Persons with Disabilities in Obtaining Information Regarding Current Events. (H.P. 1376, L.D. 1964)

Ch. 652 - An Act To Exempt Trail-grooming Equipment from the Personal Property Tax. (EMERGENCY) (S.P. 716, L.D. 1799)

Ch. 653 - An Act To Improve the Oral Health of Maine's Children. (S.P. 737, L.D. 1936)

Ch. 654 - An Act To Amend the Fees for Probate Filings. (S.P. 717, L.D. 1800)

Ch. 655 - An Act To Amend the Law Relating to the Crime of Visual Sexual Aggression against a Child. (H.P. 1225, L.D. 1718)

Ch. 656 - An Act To Promote Youth Involvement in County and Local Government. (H.P. 1320, L.D. 1880)

Ch. 657 - An Act To Invest in the Future of Maine Citizens. (S.P. 751, L.D. 1954)

Ch. 658 - An Act To Require the Display of POW-MIA Flags at Courthouses. (H.P. 1340, L.D. 1899)

Ch. 659 - An Act To Amend the Law Governing DNA Testing. (H.P. 1348, L.D. 1907)

Ch. 660 - An Act To Amend the Crime of Aggravated Criminal Mischief. (S.P. 706, L.D. 1789)

Ch. 661 - An Act To Eliminate Administrative Preliminary Hearings for Probationers. (H.P. 1308, L.D. 1868)

Ch. 662 - An Act To Improve Early Childhood Special Education. (EMERGENCY) (S.P. 689, L.D. 1772)

Ch. 663 - An Act To Make Technical Changes to the Gambling Laws. (S.P. 665, L.D. 1748)

Ch. 664 - An Act To Make Additional Allocations from the Highway Fund and Other Funds for the Expenditures of State Government and To Change Certain Provisions of State Law Necessary to the Proper Operations of State Government for the Fiscal Years Ending June 30, 2006 and June 30, 2007. (EMERGENCY) (H.P. 1382, L.D. 1974) (Governor's Bill)

Ch. 665 - An Act To Accelerate Private Investment in Maine's Wireless and Broadband Infrastructure. (H.P. 1471, L.D. 2080) (Governor's Bill)

Ch. 666 - An Act To Allow a Second Opportunity for Retired Teachers To Elect To Rejoin the Teacher Group Accident and Sickness and Health Insurance Plan. (H.P. 1484, L.D. 2092)

Ch. 667 - An Act To Extend the Corrections Alternatives Advisory Committee. (EMERGENCY) (H.P. 1416, L.D. 2016) (Governor's Bill)

Ch. 668 - An Act To Facilitate the Regionalization of Emergency Communications Dispatching Services. (S.P. 818, L.D. 2086) (Governor's Bill)

Ch. 669 - An Act To Make Changes to the Laws Regarding Pine Tree Development Zones. (H.P. 1483, L.D. 2091) (Governor's Bill)

Ch. 670 - An Act To Establish the Hospital and Health Care Provider Cooperation Act. (S.P. 852, L.D. 2110)

Ch. 671 - An Act To Provide Protection for Victims of Domestic Violence. (S.P. 860, L.D. 2116)

Private and Special Laws

Signed by the Governor
Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ch. 55 - An Act To Provide Funding for Dues for the International Northeast Biotechnology Corridor. (H.P. 187, L.D. 248)

Ch. 56 - An Act To Appropriate Funds for the School Breakfast Program. (S.P. 535, L.D. 1540)

Ch. 57 - An Act To Provide Funds for Online Reference Materials. (S.P. 360, L.D. 1043)

Ch. 58 - An Act To Appropriate Matching Funds for the Construction of a Community Center in Oxford Hills. (H.P. 405, L.D. 550)

Ch. 59 - An Act To Appropriate State Funds To Protect Potato Farmland in Aroostook County from Blight and Other Diseases That Could Occur with the 2004 Crop Unless Cull Potatoes Are Dumped Properly. (H.P. 131, L.D. 180)

Ch. 60 - An Act Authorizing the Deorganization of Drew Plantation. (S.P. 679, L.D. 1762)

Ch. 61 - An Act To Recapitalize the Maine Downtown Center. (H.P. 1370, L.D. 1956)

Ch. 62 - An Act To Increase Funding for the Intergovernmental Advisory Commission. (H.P. 1221, L.D. 1714)

Ch. 63 - An Act To Amend the Charter of the Starboard Water District. (EMERGENCY) (S.P. 862, L.D. 2117)


Signed by the Governor
Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ch. 210 - Resolve, To Promote Training Centers for Entrepreneurship. (H.P. 964, L.D. 1387)

Ch. 211 - Resolve, To Facilitate Implementation of the Sports Done Right Program. (S.P. 26, L.D. 84)

Ch. 212 - Resolve, Establishing an Apportionment Commission To Develop New Cumberland County Commissioner Districts. (H.P. 1236, L.D. 1728)

Ch. 213 - Resolve, To Collect Information about Employer-based Health Coverage. (S.P. 727, L.D. 1927)

Ch. 214 - Resolve, Authorizing the Commissioner of Administrative and Financial Services To Purchase the Department of Labor Building at 19 Union Street in Augusta and To Determine the Feasibility of Acquiring a Parcel of Land for Use as a Parking Lot by the Maine Criminal Justice Academy. (H.P. 1311, L.D. 1871) (Governor's Bill)

Ch. 215 - Resolve, Regarding a Monument for Women Veterans of Maine. (EMERGENCY) (S.P. 776, L.D. 2013)

Ch. 216 - Resolve, Directing the Department of Transportation To Review Its Highway Traffic Noise Policy. (H.P. 1438, L.D. 2040)

Chaptered copies of the above measures may be obtained from the Engrossing Department, Room 106, State House, 7 State House Station, Augusta, Maine 04333-0007, Ph. 207-287-1649.


Regular Bills and Resolves passed during the Second Regular Session of the 122nd Legislature become effective August 23, 2006. Emergency measures are effective when signed by the Governor.

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