From Millicent M. MacFarland, Clerk of the House
State House, Augusta, Maine

Volume XXXI, No. 24

Monday, June 20, 2005




Public Laws

Signed by the Governor
Thursday, June 9, 2005

Ch. 351 - An Act To Make Changes to the Pine Tree Development Zones. (EMERGENCY) (S.P. 147, L.D. 449)

Ch. 352 - An Act To Improve Child Support Services. (H.P. 1125, L.D. 1589)

Ch. 353 - An Act To Provide Greater Civil Relief Protection for Members of the Military. (H.P. 610, L.D. 859)

Ch. 354 - An Act To Address the Constitutionality of Maine's Resident-only Lobster License. (H.P. 985, L.D. 1421)

Ch. 355 - An Act To Promote the Commonsense Consumption of Food. (S.P. 200, L.D. 645)

Ch. 356 - An Act To Create Freedom of Citizen Information Regarding Ballot Questions. (H.P. 648, L.D. 929)

Ch. 357 - An Act Concerning Gift Obligations, Stored-value Cards and Prefunded Bank Cards. (H.P. 737, L.D. 1084)

Ch. 358 - An Act To Protect Small Forest Landowners. (H.P. 954, L.D. 1368)

Ch. 359 - An Act To Allow Nurse Practitioners To Sign Death Certificates. (EMERGENCY) (H.P. 1106, L.D. 1568)

Ch. 360 - An Act To Improve the Guardian ad Litem System. (S.P. 380, L.D. 1063)

Ch. 361 - An Act To Provide Support for Legal Services for Low-income Mainers. (H.P. 510, L.D. 715)

Ch. 362 - An Act To Clarify the Smoking Ban for Off-track Betting Facilities. (H.P. 815, L.D. 1186)

Ch. 363 - An Act To Allow Physicians Licensed in Other States but Trained outside the United States To Practice Medicine in Maine. (S.P. 441, L.D. 1261)

Ch. 364 - An Act To Facilitate Voting by Participants in the Address Confidentiality Program. (H.P. 768, L.D. 1115)

Signed by the Governor
Friday, June 10, 2005

Ch. 365 - An Act To Provide Relief to Retailers Who Have Been Issued Bad Checks. (H.P. 1083, L.D. 1542)

Ch. 366 - An Act To Protect Children from Individuals Who Have Engaged in Sexual Abuse of Children in the Past. (H.P. 850, L.D. 1232)

Ch. 367 - An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Powers and Duties of the Washington County Development Authority. (S.P. 466, L.D. 1339)

Ch. 368 - An Act To Require Coordination of Early Childhood Programs for Children 4 Years of Age in Maine. (H.P. 1058, L.D. 1513)

Ch. 369 - An Act To Further Coordinate the Laws Regarding Certificate of Need, the State Health Plan and the Capital Investment Fund. (S.P. 490, L.D. 1401)

Ch. 370 - An Act To Adopt the Uniform Environmental Covenants Act. (S.P. 543, L.D. 1559)

Ch. 371 - An Act To Provide Guidelines, Standards and Rights for Children and the Guardians Who Care for Them. (S.P. 491, L.D. 1402)

Ch. 372 - An Act To Establish Permanent Subsidized Guardianship. (S.P. 481, L.D. 1382)

Ch. 373 - An Act To Ensure Adequate Health Care for Children. (H.P. 357, L.D. 482)

Ch. 374 - An Act To Amend the Child and Family Services and Protection Act. (H.P. 918, L.D. 1320)

Ch. 375 - An Act To Clarify That Certain Maine Landowner Liability Protection Laws Apply to Certain Railroad Properties, Railroad Rights-of-way and Utility Corridors. (S.P. 593, L.D. 1611)

Ch. 376 - An Act To Amend the Medical Liability Laws Concerning Communications of Sympathy or Benevolence. (S.P. 476, L.D. 1378)

Ch. 377 - An Act To Create a Small Brewer Distiller License. (S.P. 607, L.D. 1641)

Ch. 378 - An Act To Amend the Real Estate Brokerage Laws. (H.P. 1072, L.D. 1525) (Governor's Bill)

Ch. 379 - An Act To Protect Maine Citizens from Identity Theft. (H.P. 1180, L.D. 1671)

Ch. 380 - An Act To Replace the Interagency Task Force on Homelessness and Housing Opportunities with the Statewide Homeless Council. (S.P. 624, L.D. 1678) (Governor's Bill)

Signed by the Governor
Monday, June 13, 2005

Ch. 381 - An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Committee To Study Compliance with Maine's Freedom of Access Laws Concerning Personal Contact Information. (H.P. 342, L.D. 467)

Ch. 382 - An Act To Make Revisions to the Laws Governing Agriculture. (H.P. 167, L.D. 216)

Ch. 383 - An Act To Prepare Maine for Public Health Emergencies. (S.P. 494, L.D. 1405)

Ch. 384 - An Act To Make Certain Changes in the Laws Concerning the Family Division of District Court. (H.P. 683, L.D. 973)

Ch. 385 - An Act To Allow Case Management Officers To Conduct Hearings in Divorce Court. (H.P. 425, L.D. 592)

Ch. 386 - An Act To Make Supplemental Appropriations and Allocations for the Expenditures of State Government and To Change Provisions of the Law Necessary to the Proper Operations of State Government for the Fiscal Years Ending June 30, 2005, June 30, 2006 and June 30, 2007. (EMERGENCY) (H.P. 1186, L.D. 1677) (Governor's Bill)

Ch. 387 - An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Political Caucuses, Conventions and Committees. (H.P. 1192, L.D. 1686)

Signed by the Governor
Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Ch. 388 - An Act To Ensure the Safety of Victims of Domestic Violence. (EMERGENCY) (H.P. 712, L.D. 1027)

Ch. 389 - An Act To Improve the Collection of Restitution and Supervision Fees. (H.P. 613, L.D. 862)

Ch. 390 - An Act To Create a Small Distillery Off-premises License. (EMERGENCY) (S.P. 462, L.D. 1335)

Ch. 391 - An Act Regarding the Reporting of Hospital and Ambulatory Surgical Center Prices. (H.P. 975, L.D. 1411)

Signed by the Governor
Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Ch. 392 - An Act Regarding Advertising by Drug Manufacturers and Disclosure of Clinical Trials. (H.P. 1141, L.D. 1618)

Ch. 393 - An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Crimes against People Who Are Homeless. (H.P. 1170, L.D. 1659)

Ch. 394 - An Act To Implement Certain Recommendations of the Commission To Study Maine's Community Hospitals. (S.P. 620, L.D. 1673) (Governor's Bill)

Private and Special Laws

Signed by the Governor
Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Ch. 22 - An Act To Amend the Charter of the York Sewer District. (S.P. 137, L.D. 413)

Ch. 23 - An Act Regarding Transition Provisions for the Sharing of Costs in Certain School Districts. (EMERGENCY) (H.P. 1189, L.D. 1684)

Signed by the Governor
Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Ch. 24 - An Act To Expand the Powers of the Stonington Sanitary District. (H.P. 1169, L.D. 1658)

Signed by the Governor
Friday, June 10, 2005

Ch. 25 - An Act To Ensure Sufficient Staffing To Properly Enforce the Laws and Rules of the Manufactured Housing Board. (S.P. 87, L.D. 267)


Signed by the Governor
Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Ch. 90 - Resolve, To Encourage Parents To Choose To Dedicate a Portion of Child Support Payments to College Investment Accounts. (H.P. 47, L.D. 51)

Ch. 91 - Resolve, Concerning Temporary Guardianship Laws. (H.P. 81, L.D. 105)

Ch. 92 - Resolve, To Direct the Department of Conservation To Seek Public Access to Certain Prominent Water Bodies. (S.P. 482, L.D. 1393)

Ch. 93 - Resolve, Directing the Department of Education and the Department of Environmental Protection To Implement Procedures To Remove Hazardous Materials from Maine Schools. (H.P. 800, L.D. 1157)

Ch. 94 - Resolve, Encouraging the Continuing Education of Physicians Regarding Disclosure of Confidential Medical Information. (H.P. 1105, L.D. 1567)

Ch. 95 - Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Chapter 120: Release of Data to the Public, a Major Substantive Rule of the Maine Health Data Organization. (EMERGENCY) (H.P. 967, L.D. 1390)

Ch. 96 - Resolve, To Retain Maine's Theater Arts and Dance Teachers. (EMERGENCY) (H.P. 1167, L.D. 1656)

Ch. 97 - Resolve, Authorizing Certain Land Transactions by the Department of Conservation, Bureau of Parks and Lands. (H.P. 1182, L.D. 1674) (Governor's Bill)

Ch. 98 - Resolve, Extending the Authority of the Commissioner of Administrative and Financial Services To Convey the Former Maine State Prison Property in Thomaston and the Kennebec Arsenal Property in Augusta for an Additional Five Years. (EMERGENCY) (H.P. 1188, L.D. 1681)

Signed by the Governor
Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Ch. 99 - Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Services, Bureau of Health To Review Youth Camp Counselor Hiring Practices. (H.P. 452, L.D. 619)

Ch. 100 - Resolve, Regarding Uninsured Motorist Coverage in Automobile Insurance Policies. (H.P. 98, L.D. 122)

Ch. 101 - Resolve, Directing the Department of Corrections To Establish a Pilot Project at the Department's Juvenile Correctional Facilities. (S.P. 474, L.D. 1376)

Ch. 102 - Resolve, To Study the Establishment of a Controlled Substances Act for the State of Maine. (H.P. 819, L.D. 1190)

Ch. 103 - Resolve, Directing the Secretary of State To Develop a Titling System for Mobile Homes. (H.P. 882, L.D. 1285)

Ch. 104 - Resolve, Regarding Increased Reimbursement for Physicians Caring for MaineCare Members. (H.P. 881, L.D. 1284)

Ch. 105 - Resolve, Directing the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation and the Maine Community College System To Develop a Proposal To Certify Home Repair Tradespersons To Perform Limited Plumbing and Electrical Work. (H.P. 987, L.D. 1423)

Ch. 106 - Resolve, To Direct the State Board of Funeral Service To Consider the Need To Amend Its Rules with Regard to Licensed Funeral Establishments. (H.P. 736, L.D. 1083)

Signed by the Governor
Thursday, June 9, 2005

Ch. 107 - Resolve, To Study the Accessibility of Birth Certificates and Other Vital Records. (S.P. 416, L.D. 1202)

Ch. 108 - Resolve, To Develop a Comprehensive Plan for Service Reforms and System Improvements Regarding Children's Services Provided by the Department of Health and Human Services. (H.P. 614, L.D. 863)

Ch. 109 - Resolve, To Establish Energy Standards for Residential Rental Properties. (H.P. 751, L.D. 1098)

Signed by the Governor
Friday, June 10, 2005

Ch. 110 - Resolve, To Study Adoption of the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement. (H.P. 747, L.D. 1094)

Ch. 111 - Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 1: Procedures; Portions of Chapter 3: Maine Clean Election Act and Related Practices; and Campaign Reporting Forms for Candidates, Major Substantive Rules of the Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices. (EMERGENCY) (H.P. 1181, L.D. 1672)

Signed by the Governor
Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Ch. 112 - Resolve, Regarding Discharges from Hospitals. (H.P. 1002, L.D. 1438)

Ch. 113 - Resolve, To Increase the Quality of Care and Reduce Administrative Burdens in the Pharmacy Prior Approval Process. (S.P. 493, L.D. 1404)

Signed by the Governor
Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Ch. 114 - Resolve, Directing the Bureau of Health To Study Additional Information about Abortions. (H.P. 1057, L.D. 1512)

Chaptered copies of the above measures may be obtained from the Engrossing Department, Room 106, State House, 7 State House Station, Augusta, Maine 04333-0007, Ph. 207-287-1649.


L.D. 1690, H.P. 1197
An Act To Authorize, Subject to State Referendum, a Tribal Commercial Track and Slot Machines in Washington County. (Presented by Representative MOORE of the Passamaquoddy Tribe)

L.D. 1691, H.P. 1199
An Act To Eliminate Pension Cost Reduction Bonding and Provide Replacement Budgeting Measures. (Submitted by the Joint Standing Committee on Appropriations and Financial Affairs pursuant to Joint Order 2005, H.P. 1194.)

L.D. 1692, H.P. 1200
An Act To Transfer Funds to the Maine Milk Pool from the General Fund To Fund Dairy Stabilization Programs. (Presented by Representative PIOTTI of Unity)

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