Minutes of the Advisory Committee on Tax Reform Meeting
Held on July 22, 2002

Gov. Kenneth M. Curtis highlighted some issues of concern:

Mr. Anthony Neves added some key figures to the discussion:

The audience then introduced themselves to the panel. After the introductions, the guidelines for the advisory committee on tax reform handout was discussed, namely the sections labeled “duties” and “questions and issues to be addressed by the Advisory Committee”. Suggestions for changes or additions were discussed (numbers in parentheses refer to the corresponding number in “Questions and Issues”):

The Honorable Daniel Wathen:

Ms. Eleanor Baker:

Mr. George Campbell:

Justice Wathen:

Speaker Michael Saxl voiced his opinion:

Mr. George Campbell:

Justice Wathen:

Governor Curtis:

George Campbell:

The floor was then opened up to any discussions, thoughts, or questions.

Justice Wathen suggested that they be able to listen to any proposal presented by any person or organization.

Anthony Neves suggested a Convergence Day, gathering all the interested groups.

Governor Curtis said that one goal of tax reform is legislation to be either approved by the legislature or the public.

Michael Saxl, George Campbell, and Ted Potter will draft an agenda by this Friday, July 26, and it will be sent out to all members and participants.

The meeting schedule was determined and will be sent out in full, accompanying the agenda. The proposed meeting time will be Friday mornings from 9:00 to 12:00 starting August 9, 2002, and will be held twice a month.