From Joseph W. Mayo, Clerk of the House
State House, Augusta, Maine

Volume XXVI, No. 4

Monday, January 10, 2000




L.D. 2340, H.P. 1674
An Act to Specify Eligibility for Land Purchases Under the Agricultural Marketing Loan Fund. (Presented by Representative CROSS of Dover-Foxcroft)

L.D. 2341, H.P. 1675
An Act to Limit Lobster Management Zones to State Coastal Waters. (Presented by Representative ETNIER of Harpswell)

L.D. 2342, H.P. 1676
An Act to Add Emergency Medical Services to the Municipal Fire Department Authority. (Presented by Representative DUPLESSIE of Westbrook)

L.D. 2343, H.P. 1677
An Act to Make a One-time Energy Appropriation to Support Shortfalls in the Low-income Home Energy Assistance Program. (EMERGENCY) (Presented by Representative BERRY of Livermore)

L.D. 2344, H.P. 1678
An Act to Repeal the Nondiscrimination in Pharmaceuticals Pricing Law. (Presented by Representative BRUNO of Raymond)

L.D. 2345, H.P. 1679
Resolve, to Enhance the Availability of Neuropsychological Assessment to Maine's Children. (Presented by Representative KANE of Saco)

L.D. 2346, H.P. 1680
An Act to Extend the Time Period for Municipalities to Make Recommendations Concerning Great Pond Surface Use Restrictions. (EMERGENCY) (Presented by Representative THOMPSON of Naples)

L.D. 2347, H.P. 1681
An Act to Require Oversight of Strategic Planning Conducted by the Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Services, Including Long-term Care Needs of the Chronically Mentally Ill. (EMERGENCY) (Presented by Representative BROOKS of Winterport)

L.D. 2348, I.B. 3
An Act to Enact the Maine Death with Dignity Act. (Transmitted to the Clerk of the 119th Legislature by the Secretary of State on November 23, 1999)

L.D. 2349, I.B. 4
An Act to Allow Video Lottery Terminals. (Transmitted to the Clerk of the 119th Legislature by the Secretary of State on November 16, 1999)

L.D. 2350, S.P. 900
An Act to Clarify the Laws Governing Solid Waste Disposal Districts. (Presented by Senator MICHAUD of Penobscot)

L.D. 2351, H.P. 1684
An Act Concerning the Possession of Marine Organisms by Aquaculturists Outside of the Harvest Season. (Presented by Representative ETNIER of Harpswell)

L.D. 2352, H.P. 1685
An Act to Establish the Administrative Operating Budget for the Maine State Retirement System for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2001. (EMERGENCY) (Reported by Representative Hatch for the Maine State Retirement System pursuant to Maine Revised Statutes, Title 5, section 17103, subsection 13.)

L.D. 2353, S.P. 901
Resolve, Relating to the State Valuation for the Town of Milo. (EMERGENCY) (Presented by Senator DAVIS of Piscataquis)

L.D. 2354, S.P. 902
An Act to Increase the Pay for Jury Duty. (Presented by Senator DAVIS of Piscataquis)

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