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It was correct as of 12/6/00.

Representative Gillis was not reelected to the 120th Legislature.

photo of Representative Gillis

Barry G. Gillis


Address: Depot Street, Danforth, ME 04424

Home Telephone: (207) 448-2680

Business Telephone: (207) 448-2680

Fax: (207) 448-2380


State House Message Phone: (800) 423-2900

State House TTY Line: (207) 287-4469

Party Affiliation: Republican

Legal Residence: Danforth

Representing: District 136 - Amherst, Aurora, Beddington, Burlington, Centerville, Columbia Falls, Danforth, Deblois, East Machias, Great Pond, Lakeville, Lee, Lowell, Marshfield, Northfield, Springfield, Talmadge, Topsfield, Vanceboro, Waite, Wesley, Whitneyville, Winn and Plantations of Carroll, Codyville, Drew, Grand Lake Stream and Webster, plus unorganized territories including Brookton, part of Edmunds, Forest City, Grand Falls, Kossuth, Lambert Lake, Marion, Prentiss and Summit Townships

Committee: Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry

Seat in House Chamber: 59

Family: Donna R. Gillis (Wife), 3 Children

Legislative Service: 119th