Information on this page is for historical purposes only.
It was correct as of 12/2/98.
Information from the 119th Legislature (1999-2000) on Representative Wheeler

Edgar Wheeler

Address: West Road, P. O. Box 207, Bridgewater, ME 04735

Home Telephone: (207) 429-9108

Business Telephone: (207) 425-4802

State House Message Phone: (800) 423-2900

State House TTD Line: (207) 287-4469

Party Affiliation: Republican

Legal Residence: Bridgewater

Representing: House District 143 - Bridgewater, Chapman, Hammond, Littleton, Ludlow, Masardis, Merrill, Monticello, New Limerick, Part of Presque Isle, Smyrna, Westfield and Moro Plantation, plus unorganized territories including E Township

Committee: Criminal Justice

Seat in House Chamber: 135

Occupation: Pro Shop Manager

Family: Dottie (Wife), 5 Children

Legislative Service: 117th, 118th