Candidates who Withdrew before the Primary and
Authorized Replacements

From Robert B. Hunt, Clerk of the House

Last Updated 6/13/16

Code: D - Democrat, G - Green Independent, R - Republican

Democratic, Republican and Green Independent Party candidates who withdrew before 5 pm on Friday, April 15, 2016,
would have been eligible for replacement if they were the only candidate from their party on the ballot in that district.

District 1 - Lisa S. Vespa (R-Kittery) 14 Tilton Avenue, Kittery 03904
(Withdrew; replaced by Ronald S. Pulchlopek (R-Kittery) 9 Main Street, Kittery 03904)

District 3 - Thomas A. Carnicelli (R-York) 545 York Street, York 03909
(Withdrew; replaced by Peter G. Mantell (R-York) 9 Scott Avenue, York 03909)

District 12 - Donna H. Flanagan (R-Biddeford) 169 Hill Street, Unit 301, Biddeford 04005
(Withdrew; can not be replaced)

District 36 - Dwight E. Glidden (R-Portland) 99 Euclid Avenue, Portland 04103
(Withdrew; no replacement named by 4/19/2016 deadline)

District 129 - Stephen A. Wong (D-Clifton) 3 Rebel Hill Road, Clifton 04428
(Withdrew; can not be replaced)

District 137 - Duane F. Lugdon (D-Bradley) P. O. Box 562, Bradley 04411
(Withdrew; can not be replaced)