Maine Revised Statutes

§654. Miscellaneous records

Registers shall receive and record all certificates in equitable proceedings, copies of judgments and decrees certified by the clerk of courts in the county where the complaint is pending or the judgment or decree is rendered, certified copies of the proceedings of any court, corporation, municipal body or other tribunal through or by which the right of eminent domain has been or may be exercised to affect the title to real estate, copies of portions of wills devising real estate situated in their respective counties or districts and all other instruments that they are by law required to record. They shall receive all copies of seizures on execution and special attachments made and attested by any officer of real property situate in their respective counties or districts and certify on them the time when they are received, and certificates of advertised stallions and copies of processes against domestic corporations filed for service by officers in the registry, keep them on file for the inspection of parties interested and enter them in suitable records properly indexed. [2003, c. 55, §4 (AMD).]

2003, c. 55, §4 (AMD).