Maine Revised Statutes

§653. Time of recording; verification

A register shall, at the time of receiving a deed or instrument for record, certify on the deed or instrument the day and the hour and minute when it was received and the book number and page number where the document is located. If the deed or instrument does not have sufficient room on the page or pages for the location of the recording information so that the register is required to add an additional page for the placement of the recording information, the register may charge in addition to any other fees allowed by law a fee of $2 for each page the register is required to add. An instrument is considered recorded at the time when it was received and that time must be entered on the record. The register shall enter that time, the names of the grantor and grantee and the name of the town or unincorporated place as shown by the instrument in which the property affected is located in a record kept for that purpose and open to inspection in business hours. The register may not permit a deed or instrument for the conveyance of real estate to be altered, amended or withdrawn until it is fully recorded and examined. The record must be verified as a true record of the original document by comparing the indexing record and the copy kept for public inspection, as described in section 651, to the original document before the original document is allowed to leave the registry office. [2003, c. 55, §3 (RPR).]

1983, c. 15, (RPR). 2003, c. 55, §3 (RPR).