Maine Revised Statutes

§602. Examination of lists by Governor; certificates; tenure

The meetings for such election shall be notified, held and regulated and the votes received, sorted, counted, declared and recorded in the same manner as votes for Representatives, and fair copies of the lists of votes shall be attested by the municipal officers and clerks of towns and sealed up in open town meeting, and town clerks shall cause them to be delivered into the office of the Secretary of State. The Governor shall open and examine the same and the list of votes of citizens in the military service returned to said office. He has the same power to correct errors as is conferred by Title 21-A. He shall forthwith issue certificates of election to such persons as have a plurality of all the votes for each county or registry district. The person thus elected and giving the bond required in section 603 approved by the county commissioners shall hold his office for 4 years from the first day of the next January and until another is chosen and qualified. [1985, c. 614, §28 (AMD).]

1975, c. 771, §375 (AMD). 1985, c. 614, §28 (AMD).