Maine Revised Statutes

§601. Election of register; vacancies

A register of deeds shall be elected for each county and in each registry district by the legally qualified voters thereof, who shall serve for a term of 4 years. [1975, c. 445, §1 (RPR).]

Vacancies caused by death, resignation, removal from the county, permanent incapacity as defined in Title 30-A, section 1, subsection 2-A or any other reason must be filled for the unexpired term by election as provided for in section 602 at the next general election, as defined in Title 21-A, section 1, subsection 19, after their occurrence. In the meantime, the Governor may fill vacancies by appointment, and the person so appointed shall hold office until the first day of January next after the election. Until a vacancy is filled by appointment by the Governor, the deputy register serves as acting register as provided in section 605. [1995, c. 683, §8 (AMD).]

In the case of a vacancy in the term of a register of deeds who was nominated by primary election before the general election, the register of deeds appointed by the Governor must be enrolled in the same political party as the register of deeds whose term is vacant. In making the appointment, the Governor shall choose from any recommendations submitted by the county committee of the political party from which the appointment is to be made. [1995, c. 245, §7 (NEW).]

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