Maine Revised Statutes

§4093. Hospital-based suspected child abuse and neglect committees

Each hospital may establish a suspected child abuse and neglect committee and family support team under this subchapter. The committee shall meet regularly to provide the ongoing development and monitoring of the specialized family support team and the approval of protocols. These hospitals shall serve as a resource to other institutions desiring to form such a program. [1989, c. 483, Pt. A, §34 (NEW).]

The family support team shall be coordinated by a team manager who shall be hired by the participating hospital. The team shall be available to evaluate children who are the suspected victims of abuse and neglect. The department shall contract for the services of the family support team manager. [1989, c. 483, Pt. A, §34 (NEW).]

The family support team shall provide a multidisciplinary approach for suspected child abuse cases that are initially identified in hospital emergency rooms, inpatient pediatric departments and ambulatory clinics. The child protective staff of the Office of Child and Family Services shall participate on the teams. The team shall report immediately to the department as required in section 4011-A. [2013, c. 368, Pt. CCCC, §4 (AMD).]

The team shall review the nature, extent and severity of abuse or neglect and the needs of the child and other family members. The team shall develop a case plan prescription for the treatment, management and follow-up of the child abuse victims and their families, and shall forward these recommendations to the department. [1989, c. 483, Pt. A, §34 (NEW).]

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