Maine Revised Statutes

§3884-A. Duties of board; powers of board

1. Duties.  The board shall:
A. Develop a biennial working plan for trust activities that sets overall statewide goals and objectives for child abuse prevention activities, establishes priorities for distribution of money in the fund and provides a working plan for the trust for the biennium. In developing the plan, the board may:
(1) Review and evaluate existing prevention programs, including high-quality child care options;
(2) Ensure that equal opportunity exists for the establishment of prevention programs and receipt of money from the fund among all geographic areas in the State; and
(3) Review and evaluate public and private funding sources; [2001, c. 11, §2 (NEW).]
B. Develop, initiate, propose or recommend ideas for innovations in rules, laws, policies and programs concerning child abuse and neglect to the Governor, the Legislature, state executive agencies, the business community and other entities. The board may also assist in the coordination and exchange of information and the maintenance of prevention programs; [2001, c. 11, §2 (NEW).]
C. Publicize criteria and review applications for grants and award those grants to recipients that best address the purposes of this chapter and submit to the Legislature the list of both successful and unsuccessful applicants who have allowed their names to be placed on the list along with reasons for and against the application; [2001, c. 11, §2 (NEW).]
D. Establish a process for monitoring and review of grants awarded pursuant to this chapter; [2001, c. 11, §2 (NEW).]
E. As a primary prevention activity of the trust, develop and implement a campaign to provide statewide education and public information to enhance public awareness concerning child abuse and neglect; [2001, c. 11, §2 (NEW).]
F. Enter into contracts with public or private agencies and accept gifts or grants from federal, state or private sources to carry out this chapter; [2001, c. 11, §2 (NEW).]
G. Employ staff as the board determines necessary to implement its responsibilities; [2001, c. 11, §2 (NEW).]
H. Cooperate with and avail itself of the services of governmental agencies and the University of Maine System and cooperate with, assist and otherwise encourage local or regional, private or public organizations in the various communities of the State in the prevention of abuse and neglect among children in the community and the State; and [2001, c. 11, §2 (NEW).]
I. Develop plans, with the cooperation of the child abuse and neglect prevention councils established under chapter 1057, to provide a stable base for funding the councils in amounts no lower than the amounts provided in the biennial budget of fiscal years 1999-00 and 2000-01. [2009, c. 204, §10 (AMD).]
[ 2009, c. 204, §10 (AMD) .]
2. Powers.  The board may:
A. Apply for and receive funds from any private source or governmental entity, whether by way of grant, donation, loan or other means; [2001, c. 11, §2 (NEW).]
B. Create partnerships between the public and private sectors to facilitate the purposes of this chapter and to:
(1) Bridge the gap in knowledge and communication between the public and private sectors regarding prevention programs and prevention policies;
(2) Build the leadership capacity of public and private sector individuals and institutions regarding prevention programs, prevention policies and the importance of high-quality child care in all children's early years; and
(3) Encourage active financial and in-kind participation from the public and private sectors in carrying out the purposes of this chapter; [2001, c. 11, §2 (NEW).]
C. Adopt bylaws, have the general powers accorded corporations under Title 13, chapter 81 and perform other acts necessary or convenient to carry out the lawful purposes of the trust; [2001, c. 11, §2 (NEW).]
D. Sue or be sued in the board's own name; [2001, c. 11, §2 (NEW).]
E. Purchase, receive, hold, lease or acquire by foreclosure, operate, manage, license and sell, convey, transfer, grant or lease real and personal property, together with those rights and privileges that may be incidental and appurtenant to the property and the use of the property, including, but not limited to, real or personal property acquired by the board from time to time in the satisfaction of debts or enforcement of obligations; [2001, c. 11, §2 (NEW).]
F. Make expenditures and incur obligations reasonably required in the exercise of sound business principles to secure possession of, preserve, maintain, insure and improve real and personal property interests acquired by the board; [2001, c. 11, §2 (NEW).]
G. Acquire, subscribe for, own, hold, sell, assign, transfer, mortgage or pledge the stock, shares, bonds, debentures, notes or other securities and evidences of interest in or indebtedness of a person, firm, corporation, joint stock company, partnership, association or trust, and, while the owner or holder of stock, shares, bonds, debentures, notes or other securities, exercise the rights, powers and privileges of ownership, including the right to vote on the stock, shares, bonds, debentures, notes or other securities; [2001, c. 11, §2 (NEW).]
H. Mortgage, pledge or otherwise encumber any property right or thing of value acquired pursuant to the powers contained in paragraph E, F or G as security for the payment of any part of the purchase price of the property right or thing of value; and [2001, c. 11, §2 (NEW).]
I. Expend principal from the endowment fund established in section 3885, subsection 5 only under emergency circumstances by 2/3 vote of the board. [2001, c. 11, §2 (NEW).]
[ 2001, c. 11, §2 (NEW) .]
2001, c. 11, §2 (NEW). 2009, c. 204, §10 (AMD).