Maine Revised Statutes

§3174-S. Access to dental services for children under Medicaid


The department shall increase access to comprehensive dental care for children under the Medicaid program so that services are received on a timely basis in the regions of the State in which they live, in accordance with this section. [RR 1997, c. 2, §45 (RAL).]

1. Telephone referral service.  By April 1, 1998, the department shall establish a toll-free telephone referral service to provide individuals with information on dental services and assistance in accessing dental services. The telephone service must provide persons calling about dental services with oral notice of the availability of assistance in arranging for appointments for dental screening and necessary corrective treatment, transportation to dental appointments and other services necessary to ensure access.
[ RR 1997, c. 2, §45 (RAL) .]
2. Increasing providers.  The department shall work with a statewide dental association and dentists in the State to increase the number of providers of dental care and the number participating in the Medicaid program.
[ RR 1997, c. 2, §45 (RAL) .]
3. Goal.  It is the goal of the Legislature that children enrolled in the Medicaid program in all regions of the State have the same access to dental care as children enrolled in private dental insurance programs.
[ RR 1997, c. 2, §45 (RAL) .]
4. Annual report.  By February 15, 1999 and annually thereafter, the department shall submit to the joint standing committee of the Legislature having jurisdiction over health and human services matters an annual report containing information related to the progress of the department in meeting the goal stated in subsection 3 and an action plan to increase access to dental care. The report must include an analysis of the progress being made in increasing access, the problems incurred within the prior year and corrective action to be taken. The action plan must consider the following strategies to increase access: nonprofit clinics; purchase of practice clinics; enhanced reimbursement for dentists serving a large number of children under the Medicaid program; and contracts with dental clinics and health centers to provide dental care.
[ RR 1997, c. 2, §45 (RAL) .]
RR 1997, c. 2, §45 (RAL).