Maine Revised Statutes

§2660-U. Fees

The Health and Environmental Testing Laboratory established in section 565 shall collect a fee not to exceed $10 from a person or entity ordering a water test for a water sample from a residential private drinking water well. The fees collected must be credited to the Private Well Safe Drinking Water Fund established in section 2660-W and used for the purpose of increasing testing of residential private drinking water wells. The department shall establish by rule a percentage of the fee to be directed toward administrative costs for collecting data from private laboratories. If more than one test of a water sample from the same residential private drinking water well is conducted, the department may waive payment of a fee established under this section for a one-year period. A fee collected under this section is in addition to any fee charged by the department pursuant to section 2602-A, subsection 2. [2017, c. 230, §3 (NEW).]

2017, c. 230, §3 (NEW).