Maine Revised Statutes

§2660-T. Uniform testing recommendation; specified contaminants and properties

The department shall develop a uniform recommendation for the testing for specific contaminants or properties for which residential private drinking water wells should periodically be tested. The uniform recommendation must specify contaminants or properties that should be included in the periodic testing, including but not limited to arsenic, bacteria, nitrates, nitrites, chloride, hardness, copper, iron, pH, sodium, lead, uranium, manganese, fluoride and radon, unless the department determines that testing for a contaminant or property listed in this section is not necessary based on previous test results or credible scientific evidence. The department or an entity that provides testing of or provides education or advertisements related to testing of a residential private drinking water well shall include the uniform recommendation developed by the department pursuant to this section in its written materials related to testing of a residential private drinking water well. [2017, c. 230, §3 (NEW).]

2017, c. 230, §3 (NEW).