Maine Revised Statutes

§5825. Records

1. Records of forfeited property.   Any officer, department or agency having custody of property subject to forfeiture under section 5821 or having disposed of the property shall maintain complete records showing:
A. From whom it received the property; [1987, c. 420, §2 (NEW).]
B. Under what authority it held, received or disposed of the property; [1987, c. 420, §2 (NEW).]
C. To whom it delivered the property; [1987, c. 420, §2 (NEW).]
D. The date and manner of destruction or disposition of the property; and [1987, c. 420, §2 (NEW).]
E. The exact kinds, quantities and forms of the property. [1987, c. 420, §2 (NEW).]
The records must be open to inspection by all federal and state officers responsible for enforcing federal and state drug control laws. Persons making final disposition or destruction of the property under court order shall report, under oath, to the court the exact circumstances of the disposition or destruction.
[ RR 2017, c. 1, §9 (COR) .]
2. Department of Public Safety; centralized record.  The Department of Public Safety shall maintain a centralized record of property seized, held by and ordered to the department. A report of the disposition of property previously held by the department and ordered by the court to any governmental entity must be provided at least quarterly to the Commissioner of Administrative and Financial Services and the Office of Fiscal and Program Review for review. These records must include an estimate as to the fair market value of items seized.
[ 1991, c. 780, Pt. Y, §116 (AMD) .]
1987, c. 420, §2 (NEW). 1991, c. 780, §Y116 (AMD). RR 2017, c. 1, §9 (COR).