Maine Revised Statutes

§685. Commission budget, financing and personnel

The Commissioner of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry shall prepare a biennial budget and shall submit to the Legislature requests for appropriations sufficient to carry out its assigned tasks. The commission may accept contributions of any type from any source to assist it in carrying out its assigned tasks, and make such requirements in respect to the administration of such funds, not inconsistent with this subchapter, as are required as conditions precedent to receiving such funds, federal or otherwise. The commission shall give public notice of all contributions, in the state paper, stating the source, the amount and the purpose of such contributions. The commission may contract with municipal, county, state and federal governments or their agencies to assist in the carrying out of any of its assigned tasks. The Commissioner of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, with the consent of a majority of the commission, shall appoint a director who is the principal administrative, operational and executive employee of the commission. The director shall attend all meetings of the commission and is permitted to participate fully but is not a voting member of the commission. [2011, c. 657, Pt. W, §6 (REV); 2011, c. 682, §9 (AMD).]

The commission shall establish and maintain at least 2 field offices, one in Greenville and one in Ashland, designed principally to provide assistance to the public on permit applications and to carry out such other functions of the commission as appropriate. These field offices must be established at locations in or close to the commission's jurisdiction and chosen to provide the maximum benefit to the public while minimizing costs. Historic levels of permitting activity, the convenience of access and the availability and cost of office facilities must be considered in choosing the field office locations. Each office must be open on a part-time basis at least 2 days a month or as public demand for the services of such field offices warrants and as resources allow. Whenever practicable, the commission shall make use of existing personnel to staff these field offices. Personnel must receive regular training to address customer service and other needs. [2011, c. 682, §9 (AMD).]

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