Maine Revised Statutes

§684. Commission officers, meetings and rules; hearings

The commission shall elect annually, from its own membership, a chair and such other officers it considers necessary. Meetings are held at the call of the chair or at the call of more than 1/2 of the membership. Meetings must be held at a location within the jurisdiction of the commission or another convenient location approved by the chair. The commission, acting in accordance with the procedures set forth in Title 5, chapter 375, subchapter 2, may adopt whatever rules it considers necessary for the conduct of its business. The commission shall keep minutes of all proceedings, which are a public record available and on file in the office of the commission. Members of the commission are compensated as provided in Title 5, chapter 379. Commission members must receive an orientation and annual continuing education on this chapter, commission rules and planning and regulatory processes. A quorum of the commission for the transaction of business is 5 members. No action may be taken by the commission unless upon approval by a vote of 5 members. [2011, c. 682, §8 (AMD).]

Whenever the commission is required or empowered to conduct a hearing pursuant to any provision of law, the hearing may be held and conducted by the commission or by any member of the commission or by any qualified employee or representative of the commission as the commission chair may determine. If the hearing is conducted by a single commissioner or qualified employee or representative, the commissioner, employee or representative shall report the findings of fact and conclusions to the commission together with a transcript of the hearing and all exhibits. The findings of fact and conclusions become a part of the record. The commission is not bound by the findings or conclusions when acting upon the record, but shall take action, issue orders and make decisions as if it had held and conducted the hearing itself. [1999, c. 333, §4 (AMD).]

When the commission elects to hold multiple public hearings on any matter under this chapter, all hearings held within a 45-day period are considered one hearing for administrative purposes. [1999, c. 333, §4 (NEW).]

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