Maine Revised Statutes

§6140. Atlantic salmon license

1. License required.  Except as otherwise provided in this section, a person may not fish for Atlantic salmon from any state waters without a current Atlantic salmon license.
[ 2007, c. 240, Pt. QQ, §7 (NEW) .]
2. Licensed activity.  The holder of an Atlantic salmon license may fish for Atlantic salmon in inland and coastal waters of the State.
[ 2007, c. 240, Pt. QQ, §7 (NEW) .]
3. License fees.  The following provisions govern license fees.
A. The fee for an Atlantic salmon license is $15 for a resident. [2007, c. 240, Pt. QQ, §7 (NEW).]
B. The fee for an Atlantic salmon license for any nonresident is as follows:
(1) For a season license for a nonresident 16 years of age or older, $30;
(2) For a 3-day license for a nonresident 16 years of age or older, $15. This license may not be exchanged for a season license; and
(3) For a license for a nonresident under 16 years of age, $5. [2007, c. 240, Pt. QQ, §7 (NEW).]
C. Members of Indian tribes in this State and residents of this State under 16 years of age are exempt from any fee. [2007, c. 240, Pt. QQ, §7 (NEW).]
[ 2007, c. 240, Pt. QQ, §7 (NEW) .]
4. Atlantic salmon; possession, buying or selling.  A person may not possess, buy or sell Atlantic salmon unless each fish is clearly identified by one of the following methods:
A. Tagged with a New Brunswick, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island or Newfoundland-Labrador Atlantic salmon tag if imported from those Canadian provinces; [2007, c. 240, Pt. QQ, §7 (NEW).]
B. Identified by a sales receipt less than 24 hours old; [2007, c. 615, §7 (AMD).]
C. For wholesale and retail seafood dealers, identified by a bill of sale indicating numbers of fish purchased, dates of purchase and point of origin of all fish purchased ; or [2007, c. 615, §7 (AMD).]
D. Tagged with a tag that conforms to rules adopted by the commissioner and identifies the fish as having been legally obtained from a private fee pond licensed pursuant to section 12508. Fish obtained in this manner may not be resold. [2007, c. 615, §7 (NEW).]
[ 2007, c. 615, §7 (AMD) .]
5. Exceptions.  This section does not apply to a person holding a lease that allows that person to engage in the aquaculture of Atlantic salmon in this State while conducting authorized activities on that person's lease site.
[ 2007, c. 240, Pt. QQ, §7 (NEW) .]
6. Agent's fee.  Any clerk or agent appointed by the department to issue an Atlantic salmon license shall retain $2 for each license issued.
[ 2007, c. 240, Pt. QQ, §7 (NEW) .]
7. Use of license fees.  All license fees must be used by the commissioner for purposes of conservation and management of the Atlantic salmon in this State.
[ 2007, c. 240, Pt. QQ, §7 (NEW) .]
8. Duplicates.  The department or its agents shall issue a duplicate license to any person whose license was accidentally lost or destroyed. The fee for a replacement license is $1.
[ 2007, c. 240, Pt. QQ, §7 (NEW) .]
9. Fishing in inland waters.  When fishing in inland waters, the holder of a license authorized under this section is subject to all the provisions of Part 13.
[ 2007, c. 240, Pt. QQ, §7 (NEW) .]
2007, c. 240, Pt. QQ, §7 (NEW). 2007, c. 615, §7 (AMD).