Maine Revised Statutes

§6052. Specific department activities

The department, under the direction of the commissioner, may also: [1977, c. 661, §5 (NEW).]

1. Extension.  Serve as the primary state agency to assist members of the fishing industries by providing technical and managerial assistance, including development of gear and techniques of fishing, within departmental capability;
[ 1977, c. 661, §5 (NEW) .]
2. Education.  Conduct educational programs on all educational levels, including the training of teachers, conducting workshops and instructional programs, and developing curriculum, courses and texts for elementary and secondary students; provide access to and information on department facilities for any student; and develop and distribute information concerning marine resources and departmental programs and facilities;
[ 1977, c. 661, §5 (NEW) .]
3. Marketing.  Serve as the primary state agency providing promotional and marketing assistance to the commercial fishing industries, including assisting in marketing seafood, stimulating of consumer interest in and consumption of seafood, increasing the sales of seafood domestically and abroad, supporting and expanding existing markets and developing new markets for traditional and underutilized species;
[ 2017, c. 159, §1 (AMD) .]
4. Research.  Serve as the primary state agency engaging in research for the conservation of marine resources; and engage in all aspects of marine research, including:
A. Providing information on stock levels and environments of commercially and recreationally valuable marine and anadromous fish organisms; [1987, c. 599, §2 (AMD).]
B. Solving particular problems that relate to the State's commercial, marine recreational and anadromous fishing industry; [1991, c. 285, §1 (AMD).]
C. Providing technical and scientific information and support for all department activities; and [1991, c. 285, §2 (AMD).]
D. Establishing a marine research revolving fund for soliciting and receiving funds for conducting marine research. A marine research fund established under this paragraph may be used only for research purposes set forth under paragraphs A and B and may not be used for research specific to any one company; [2017, c. 284, Pt. QQ, §3 (AMD).]
[ 2017, c. 284, Pt. QQ, §3 (AMD) .]
5. Safety and security services.  Provide safety and security services in the coastal waters of the State. The department shall coordinate with other local, state and federal agencies when the department provides such safety and security services; and
[ 2017, c. 284, Pt. QQ, §4 (AMD) .]
6. Implement and manage coastal zone management program.   Manage and coordinate implementation and ongoing development and improvement of a state coastal zone management program in accordance with and in furtherance of the requirements of the federal Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972, 16 United States Code, Sections 1451 to 1466 (2012) and the State's coastal management policies established in Title 38, section 1801. The commissioner may:
A. Implement aspects of the state coastal zone management program and be the lead state agency for purposes of federal consistency review under the federal Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972, 16 United States Code, Section 1456 (2012); [2017, c. 284, Pt. QQ, §5 (NEW).]
B. Receive and administer funds from public or private sources for implementation of the state coastal zone management program; and [2017, c. 284, Pt. QQ, §5 (NEW).]
C. Act as the coordinating agency among the several officers, authorities, boards, commissions, departments and political subdivisions of the State on matters relative to management of coastal resources and related human uses in the coastal area. [2017, c. 284, Pt. QQ, §5 (NEW).]
[ 2017, c. 284, Pt. QQ, §5 (NEW) .]
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