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Maine Law Background Information


Maine Constitution

The Constitution of Maine is updated as necessary by the Revisor of Statutes upon ratification of amendments to the constitution by the voters of the State. The Constitution of Maine is subject to recodification every 10 years by its own terms (see Article X, Section 6). The last recodification was in 1993.


Maine Revised Statutes

The Maine Revised Statutes are maintained and updated each fall by the Revisor of Statutes to incorporate changes made by the immediately preceding legislative session. Please be sure to check which version of the statutes you are viewing by looking at the text at the top of the Maine Statutes page. The on-line version of the statutes contains historical references to changes made to the statutes since the last general revision of the statutes in 1964. A section history follows a complete section and a last-action history follows a subunit of a section. Unless otherwise indicated all chapter references are to the public laws. Abbreviations used in the historical data include:


Laws of Maine

The Laws of Maine, also known as the session laws, are published annually within 90 days of the end of each session by the Revisor of Statutes to include those public laws, private and special laws, resolves, constitutional resolutions, joint study orders, Revisor's Report and initiated bills, if any, that became law or that received passage during the immediately preceding legislative session.


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