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127th Maine Legislature, First Regular Session

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SP 358
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An Act To Update Maine's Family Law

Documents and DispositionLD 1017, SP 358Text
LD 1017
SP 358
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Fiscal Status
Not Yet Determined

Adopted Amendments C-A (S-254)
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Fiscal Status
Fiscal Impact
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Final DispositionVeto Overridden, Jun 30, 2015
Governor's Action: Veto, Jun 26, 2015

Chaptered LawACTPUB
, Chapter 296
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These are unofficial documents that may contain errors. See the Session Laws Of Maine (when available) for a final version.Chapter Fiscal NoteFiscal Note PDFFiscal

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Amendments to LD 1017Adopted by House & SenateC-A (S-254)
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Status In Committee

Referred to Committee on Judiciary on Mar 19, 2015.
Latest Committee Action: Reported Out, Jun 12, 2015, OTP-AM
Latest Committee Report: Jun 12, 2015; Ought To Pass As Amended


Committee Docket
Apr 29, 2015Work Session Held 
Apr 29, 2015VotedOTP-AM
Jun 12, 2015Reported OutOTP-AM

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Divided Reports

No Divided Reports.

Affected Statute Titles and Sections
TitleSectionSubsectionParagraphEffectLaw TypeChapter
41831D AMDPublic Law296
14704-A2E AMDPublic Law296
18-A2-1092 AMDPublic Law296
18-A5-1011-D NEWPublic Law296
18-A9-1020-h AMDPublic Law296
19-A   NEWPublic Law296
19-A2512 AMDPublic Law296
19-A606 1 AMDPublic Law296
19-A1503  RPPublic Law296
19-A1551  RPPublic Law296
19-A1552  AMDPublic Law296
19-A1553 1 AMDPublic Law296
19-A1556  AMDPublic Law296
19-A1558  RPPublic Law296
19-A1559  AMDPublic Law296
19-A1560  RPPublic Law296
19-A1561  AMDPublic Law296
19-A1562  RPPublic Law296
19-A15632 RPPublic Law296
19-A1564  RPPublic Law296
19-A1565  AMDPublic Law296
19-A1568  RPPublic Law296
19-A1570  AMDPublic Law296
19-A16011B AMDPublic Law296
19-A16052G AMDPublic Law296
19-A16052J AMDPublic Law296
19-A16061 AMDPublic Law296
19-A16068 AMDPublic Law296
19-A1611  AMDPublic Law296
19-A16122 AMDPublic Law296
19-A16123 AMDPublic Law296
19-A1616  RPPublic Law296
19-A1651  AMDPublic Law296
19-A1654 1 AMDPublic Law296
19-A18021 AMDPublic Law296
19-A21013 AMDPublic Law296
19-A210112 AMDPublic Law296
19-A22021 AMDPublic Law296
19-A22532B AMDPublic Law296
19-A30512F AMDPublic Law296
19-A40024 AMDPublic Law296
2227613-A AMDPublic Law296
2240027 AMDPublic Law296
224005-F 1 AMDPublic Law296
2240313 AMDPublic Law296
2240362-A NEWPublic Law296
41831D AFFPublic Law296
14704-A2E AFFPublic Law296
18-A2-1092 AFFPublic Law296
18-A5-1011-D AFFPublic Law296
18-A9-1020-h AFFPublic Law296
19-A2512 AFFPublic Law296
19-A606 1 AFFPublic Law296
19-A1503  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1551  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1552  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1553 1 AFFPublic Law296
19-A1556  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1558  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1559  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1560  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1561  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1562  AFFPublic Law296
19-A15632 AFFPublic Law296
19-A1564  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1565  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1568  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1570  AFFPublic Law296
19-A16011B AFFPublic Law296
19-A16052G AFFPublic Law296
19-A16052J AFFPublic Law296
19-A16061 AFFPublic Law296
19-A16068 AFFPublic Law296
19-A1611  AFFPublic Law296
19-A16122 AFFPublic Law296
19-A16123 AFFPublic Law296
19-A1616  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1651  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1654 1 AFFPublic Law296
19-A18021 AFFPublic Law296
19-A1831  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1831  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1832  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1832  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1833  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1833  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1834  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1834  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1835  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1835  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1836  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1836  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1837  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1837  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1838  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1838  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1839  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1839  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1840  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1840  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1841  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1841  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1842  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1842  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1843  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1843  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1844  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1844  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1845  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1845  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1851  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1851  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1852  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1852  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1853  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1853  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1854  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1854  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1855  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1855  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1861  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1861  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1862  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1862  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1863  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1863  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1864  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1864  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1865  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1865  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1866  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1866  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1867  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1867  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1868  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1868  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1869  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1869  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1870  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1870  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1871  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1871  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1872  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1872  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1873  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1873  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1881  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1881  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1882  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1882  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1883  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1883  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1891  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1891  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1901  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1901  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1902  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1902  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1903  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1903  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1904  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1904  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1905  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1905  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1906  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1906  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1907  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1907  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1908  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1908  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1909  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1909  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1910  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1910  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1911  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1911  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1912  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1912  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1913  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1913  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1914  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1914  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1915  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1915  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1921  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1921  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1922  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1922  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1923  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1923  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1924  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1924  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1925  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1925  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1926  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1926  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1927  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1927  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1928  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1928  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1929  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1929  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1931  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1931  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1932  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1932  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1933  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1933  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1934  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1934  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1935  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1935  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1936  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1936  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1937  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1937  NEWPublic Law296
19-A1938  AFFPublic Law296
19-A1938  NEWPublic Law296
19-A21013 AFFPublic Law296
19-A210112 AFFPublic Law296
19-A22021 AFFPublic Law296
19-A22532B AFFPublic Law296
19-A30512F AFFPublic Law296
19-A40024 AFFPublic Law296
2227613-A AFFPublic Law296
2240027 AFFPublic Law296
224005-F 1 AFFPublic Law296
2240313 AFFPublic Law296
2240362-A AFFPublic Law296