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123rd Maine Legislature, First Regular Session

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HP 1338
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An Act To Correct Errors and Inconsistencies in the Laws of Maine

Documents and DispositionLD 1904, HP 1338Text
LD 1904
HP 1338
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Fiscal Status
No Fiscal Impact
Fiscal Note

Adopted Amendments C-A (H-630)
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Fiscal Status
Not Available
Fiscal Note

Sponsored By: Representative Simpson of Auburn H-A to C-A (H-631)
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Fiscal Status
Not Available
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Final DispositionEmergency Enacted, Jun 29, 2007
Governor's Action: Emergency Signed, Jun 29, 2007

Chaptered LawACTPUB
, Chapter 466
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These are unofficial documents that may contain errors. See the Session Laws Of Maine (when available) for a final version. 

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Amendments to LD 1904Adopted by House & SenateC-A (H-630)
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Fiscal Status
Not Available
Fiscal Note
Sponsored By Representative Simpson of Auburn, Adopted by House & SenateH-A to C-A (H-631)
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Fiscal Status
Not Available
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Status In Committee

Referred to Committee on Judiciary on May 10, 2007.
Latest Committee Action: Reported Out, Jun 20, 2007, OTP-AM
Latest Committee Report: Jun 20, 2007


Committee Docket
May 15, 2007Extension Requested 
May 18, 2007Extension ApprovedWS 5/30, 5/31 Tabled
May 22, 2007Extension Requested 
May 30, 2007Work Session Held 
May 31, 2007Work Session Held 
Jun 15, 2007Work Session Held 
Jun 18, 2007Work Session Reconsidered 
Jun 18, 2007VotedOTP-AM
Jun 20, 2007Reported OutOTP-AM

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Divided Reports

No Divided Reports.

Affected Statute Titles and Sections
TitleSectionSubsectionParagraphEffectLaw TypeChapter
26-B  RPPublic Law466
441  RPPublic Law466
41834 AMDPublic Law466
41614  AMDPublic Law466
52071 AMDPublic Law466
52824 AMDPublic Law466
5307  AMDPublic Law466
5471  AMDPublic Law466
5474 1 RPRPublic Law466
59311L RPPublic Law466
515416 AMDPublic Law466
51742-C 1 AMDPublic Law466
517432 AMDPublic Law466
51825-C  AMDPublic Law466
570362B AMDPublic Law466
570367 AMDPublic Law466
570367 AMDPublic Law466
570516 AMDPublic Law466
57063 2 AMDPublic Law466
57064 1 AMDPublic Law466
570641 AMDPublic Law466
57065 1 AMDPublic Law466
570654 AMDPublic Law466
57070 2 AMDPublic Law466
512004-I24-A RPPublic Law466
513069  RPPublic Law466
513075  RPPublic Law466
513090-H1A AMDPublic Law466
5153023 AMDPublic Law466
76076 AMDPublic Law466
76076 RPRPublic Law466
82712A AMDPublic Law466
8275-I  RPPublic Law466
83722G AMDPublic Law466
810362D RPRPublic Law466
9-A3-315  AFFPublic Law466
9-A3-315  RPRPublic Law466
9-A3-316  AFFPublic Law466
9-A3-316  NEWPublic Law466
9-A8-1031-AQ AFFPublic Law466
9-A8-1031-AQ AMDPublic Law466
9-A9-311  AFFPublic Law466
9-A9-311  RPRPublic Law466
9-A9-311-A  AFFPublic Law466
9-A9-311-A  NEWPublic Law466
9-A10-307  AFFPublic Law466
9-A10-307  AMDPublic Law466
1080029 AMDPublic Law466
10800210 AMDPublic Law466
10800211 NEWPublic Law466
12602  RPPublic Law466
129081 AMDPublic Law466
129082 AMDPublic Law466
124818  RPPublic Law466
1266015 RPRPublic Law466
1266015-A AMDPublic Law466
128861  RPPublic Law466
144751  AFFPublic Law466
148116 4 AMDPublic Law466
17-A162 AFFPublic Law466
17-A162 RPRPublic Law466
17-A10582 AMDPublic Law466
19-A3521B-1 AMDPublic Law466
20-A4011 AFFPublic Law466
20-A4011 RPRPublic Law466
20-A72016 AMDPublic Law466
20-A135062 AMDPublic Law466
20-A13507-A2 AMDPublic Law466
20-A156892A AMDPublic Law466
221471-B1 AMDPublic Law466
221471-B7 RPRPublic Law466
221713  RPPublic Law466
221714-A1B AMDPublic Law466
227904-A  RPPublic Law466
2287024 AMDPublic Law466
2287074 AMDPublic Law466
24-A2226 AMDPublic Law466
24-A2227D AMDPublic Law466
24-A22214A AMDPublic Law466
24-A7071C-1 AMDPublic Law466
24-A1531  RPPublic Law466
24-A20085 AMDPublic Law466
24-A23022A AMDPublic Law466
24-A42042-AD AMDPublic Law466
28-A61  RPPublic Law466
29-A6516 AFFPublic Law466
29-A6516 AMDPublic Law466
29-A6529A AFFPublic Law466
29-A6529A AMDPublic Law466
30-A43603B AFFPublic Law466
30-A47221AA AMDPublic Law466
30-A4952 1 AMDPublic Law466
30-A5250-I7-A AMDPublic Law466
30-A5250-J1D RPRPublic Law466
3260-N  RPPublic Law466
321866-A  RPPublic Law466
335951B AMDPublic Law466
34-B12071B-2 RPPublic Law466
362712A AMDPublic Law466
361131  NEWPublic Law466
361132  NEWPublic Law466
361133  NEWPublic Law466
361134  NEWPublic Law466
361135  NEWPublic Law466
361136  NEWPublic Law466
361137  NEWPublic Law466
361138  NEWPublic Law466
361139  NEWPublic Law466
361140  NEWPublic Law466
361140-A  NEWPublic Law466
361140-B  NEWPublic Law466
361141  RPPublic Law466
361142  RPPublic Law466
361143  RPPublic Law466
361144  RPPublic Law466
361145  RPPublic Law466
361146  RPPublic Law466
361147  RPPublic Law466
361148  RPPublic Law466
361149  RPPublic Law466
361150  RPPublic Law466
361151  RPPublic Law466
361152  RPPublic Law466
3620131A RPRPublic Law466
362018  RALPublic Law466
364064 1 AFFPublic Law466
364064 1 RPRPublic Law466
364404-A2 AMDPublic Law466
3651222V AFFPublic Law466
3651222V RPRPublic Law466
3651222W AFFPublic Law466
3651222W RPRPublic Law466
3651222X AFFPublic Law466
3651222X AMDPublic Law466
3651222Y AFFPublic Law466
3651222Y NEWPublic Law466
3651222Z NEWPublic Law466
381277 1 AMDPublic Law466
381310-B2 RPRPublic Law466
382401  RPPublic Law466
382402  RPPublic Law466