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123rd Maine Legislature, First Regular Session

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HP 1301
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An Act To Protect Maine Homeowners from Predatory Lending

Documents and DispositionLD 1869, HP 1301Text
LD 1869
HP 1301
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Adopted Amendments C-A (H-354)
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Final DispositionEnacted, Jun 11, 2007
Governor's Action: Signed, Jun 11, 2007

Chaptered LawACTPUB
, Chapter 273
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These are unofficial documents that may contain errors. See the Session Laws Of Maine (when available) for a final version. 

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Amendments to LD 1869Adopted by House & SenateC-A (H-354)
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Sponsored By Senator Strimling of CumberlandS-A (S-188)
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Sponsored By Senator Courtney of YorkS-A to C-A (S-201)
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Status In Committee

Referred to Committee on Insurance and Financial Services on Apr 24, 2007.
Latest Committee Action: Reported Out, May 29, 2007, OTP-AM
Latest Committee Report: May 29, 2007


Committee Docket
May 15, 2007Work Session Held 
May 16, 2007Work Session Held 
May 17, 2007Work Session Held 
May 17, 2007VotedOTP-AM
May 29, 2007Reported OutOTP-AM

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Divided Reports

No Divided Reports.

Affected Statute Titles and Sections
TitleSectionSubsectionParagraphEffectLaw TypeChapter
262 AFFPublic Law273
262 AMDPublic Law273
264 AFFPublic Law273
264 AMDPublic Law273
59341BAFFPublic Law273
59341BREVPublic Law273
9-A1-2028A AMDPublic Law273
9-A2-509  AMDPublic Law273
9-A4-4039BAFFPublic Law273
9-A4-4039BREVPublic Law273
9-A4-407 1STAFFPublic Law273
9-A4-407 1STREVPublic Law273
9-A6-103  AFFPublic Law273
9-A6-103  RPRPublic Law273
9-A6-105-A  AFFPublic Law273
9-A6-105-A  NEWPublic Law273
9-A6-116 1STAFFPublic Law273
9-A6-116 1STREVPublic Law273
9-A6-2033-B AFFPublic Law273
9-A6-2033-B REVPublic Law273
9-A6-2033-BAAFFPublic Law273
9-A6-2033-BAREVPublic Law273
9-A6-2033-BBAFFPublic Law273
9-A6-2033-BBREVPublic Law273
9-A6-2033-C AFFPublic Law273
9-A6-2033-C REVPublic Law273
9-A6-2036 AFFPublic Law273
9-A6-2036 REVPublic Law273
9-A8-1031 AFFPublic Law273
9-A8-1031 RPPublic Law273
9-A8-1044 AMDPublic Law273
9-A8-1056B AMDPublic Law273
9-A8-106-A  AMDPublic Law273
9-A8-2045A AMDPublic Law273
9-A8-2063 AFFPublic Law273
9-A8-2063 AMDPublic Law273
9-A8-206-A6 AFFPublic Law273
9-A8-206-A6 RPPublic Law273
9-A8-206-A7 AFFPublic Law273
9-A8-206-A7 RPPublic Law273
9-A8-206-A8 AFFPublic Law273
9-A8-206-A8 RPPublic Law273
9-A8-206-A9 AFFPublic Law273
9-A8-206-A9 RPPublic Law273
9-A8-206-A11 AFFPublic Law273
9-A8-206-A11 RPPublic Law273
9-A8-206-A12 AFFPublic Law273
9-A8-206-A12 RPPublic Law273
9-A8-206-A12-A AFFPublic Law273
9-A8-206-A12-A RPPublic Law273
9-A8-206-A13 AFFPublic Law273
9-A8-206-A13 RPPublic Law273
9-A8-206-A13-B AFFPublic Law273
9-A8-206-A13-B RPPublic Law273
9-A8-206-A13-C AFFPublic Law273
9-A8-206-A13-C RPPublic Law273
9-A8-206-A15 AMDPublic Law273
9-A8-206-A16-A AFFPublic Law273
9-A8-206-A16-A RPPublic Law273
9-A8-206-A16-B AFFPublic Law273
9-A8-206-A16-B RPPublic Law273
9-A8-206-A17 AFFPublic Law273
9-A8-206-A17 RPPublic Law273
9-A8-206-A18AAFFPublic Law273
9-A8-206-A18AREVPublic Law273
9-A8-206-C  AFFPublic Law273
9-A8-206-C  NEWPublic Law273
9-A8-206-C1A AFFPublic Law273
9-A8-206-C1B AFFPublic Law273
9-A8-206-C1C AFFPublic Law273
9-A8-206-C1D AFFPublic Law273
9-A8-206-C1E AFFPublic Law273
9-A8-206-C1F AFFPublic Law273
9-A8-206-C1G AFFPublic Law273
9-A8-206-C1H AFFPublic Law273
9-A8-206-C1I AFFPublic Law273
9-A8-206-D  AFFPublic Law273
9-A8-206-D  NEWPublic Law273
9-A8-206-E  AFFPublic Law273
9-A8-206-E  NEWPublic Law273
9-A8-206-E7 AFFPublic Law273
9-A8-206-E7 NEWPublic Law273
9-A8-206-E7A AFFPublic Law273
9-A8-206-E7A NEWPublic Law273
9-A8-206-F  AFFPublic Law273
9-A8-206-F  NEWPublic Law273
9-A8-206-G  AFFPublic Law273
9-A8-206-G  NEWPublic Law273
9-A8-2094A AMDPublic Law273
9-A8-2094D AMDPublic Law273
9-A9-101  AFFPublic Law273
9-A9-101  AMDPublic Law273
9-A9-312  AFFPublic Law273
9-A9-312  NEWPublic Law273
9-A9-313  AFFPublic Law273
9-A9-313  NEWPublic Law273
9-A9-314  AFFPublic Law273
9-A9-314  NEWPublic Law273
9-A10-3022 AFFPublic Law273
9-A10-3022 AMDPublic Law273
9-A10-303-A  AFFPublic Law273
9-A10-303-A  NEWPublic Law273
9-A10-308  AFFPublic Law273
9-A10-308  NEWPublic Law273
9-A10-309  AFFPublic Law273
9-A10-309  NEWPublic Law273
9-B1611-AFAFFPublic Law273
9-B1611-AFREVPublic Law273
9-B4485 AFFPublic Law273
9-B4485 REVPublic Law273
103638AAFFPublic Law273
103638AREVPublic Law273
103638-AAAFFPublic Law273
103638-AAREVPublic Law273
10980-D  AFFPublic Law273
10980-D  REVPublic Law273
1011412 AMDPublic Law273
1013121-A AFFPublic Law273
1013121-A REVPublic Law273
101330  AFFPublic Law273
1013301 AFFPublic Law273
1013302 AFFPublic Law273
1013302A AFFPublic Law273
1013302B AFFPublic Law273
1013302C AFFPublic Law273
1013302D AFFPublic Law273
1014951-A AFFPublic Law273
1014951-A REVPublic Law273
101495-E2-A AFFPublic Law273
101495-E2-A REVPublic Law273
1080012 AFFPublic Law273
1080012 REVPublic Law273
24-A1443-A3 AFFPublic Law273
24-A1443-A3 REVPublic Law273
29-A9545 AFFPublic Law273
29-A9545 REVPublic Law273
3261021 AFFPublic Law273
3261021 REVPublic Law273
3261321 AFFPublic Law273
3261321 REVPublic Law273
3261511 AFFPublic Law273
3261511 REVPublic Law273
3261541DAFFPublic Law273
3261541DREVPublic Law273
3261762CAFFPublic Law273
3261762CREVPublic Law273
32110029 AFFPublic Law273
32110029 REVPublic Law273
3211039 1STAFFPublic Law273
3211039 1STREVPublic Law273
3211051 1STAFFPublic Law273
3211051 1STREVPublic Law273