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128th Maine Legislature, Second Regular Session

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HP 1199
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An Act To Implement a Regulatory Structure for Adult Use Marijuana

Documents and DispositionLD 1719, HP 1199Text
LD 1719
HP 1199
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Fiscal Status
Not Yet Determined

Adopted Amendments C-A (H-733)
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Fiscal Status
Fiscal Impact
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Final DispositionVeto Overridden Emergency, May 2, 2018
Governor's Action: Veto, Apr 27, 2018

Chaptered LawACTPUB
, Chapter 409
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These are unofficial documents that may contain errors. See the Session Laws Of Maine (when available) for a final version.Chapter Fiscal NoteFiscal Note PDFFiscal

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Amendments to LD 1719Adopted by House & SenateC-A (H-733)
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C-B (H-734)
Change Title
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Status In Committee

Referred to Committee on Marijuana Legalization Implementation on Dec 19, 2017.
Latest Committee Action: Reported Out, Apr 9, 2018, OTP-AM/OTP-AM
Latest Committee Report: Apr 9, 2018; MLI, MAJ: Ought To Pass As Amended; MLI, MIN: Ought To Pass As Amended


Committee Docket
Jan 12, 2018Work Session HeldTABLED
Jan 16, 2018Work Session HeldTABLED
Jan 19, 2018Work Session HeldTABLED
Jan 26, 2018Work Session HeldTABLED
Feb 2, 2018Work Session HeldTABLED
Feb 6, 2018Work Session HeldTABLED
Feb 9, 2018Work Session HeldTABLED
Feb 13, 2018Work Session HeldTABLED
Feb 16, 2018Work Session HeldTABLED
Feb 21, 2018Work Session HeldTABLED
Feb 23, 2018Work Session Held 
Feb 23, 2018VotedDivided Report
Apr 3, 2018Work Session Reconsidered 
Apr 3, 2018VotedDivided Report
Apr 9, 2018Reported OutOTP-AM/OTP-AM

View upcoming public hearings and work sessions for Marijuana Legalization Implementation.

Divided Reports
ReportReport Signer
MAJ - Ought To Pass As AmendedSenator Roger Katz of Kennebec, Chair
 Representative Teresa Pierce of Falmouth, Chair
 Representative Kent Ackley of Monmouth
 Representative Bruce Bickford of Auburn
 Representative Lydia Blume of York
 Representative Patrick Corey of Windham
 Senator Susan Deschambault of York
 Senator Mark Dion of Cumberland
 Representative Aaron Frey of Bangor
 Representative Jeffery Hanley of Pittston
 Representative Lance Harvell of Farmington
 Representative Erik Jorgensen of Portland
 Senator Joyce Maker of Washington
 Representative Donald Marean of Hollis
 Representative Kimberly Monaghan of Cape Elizabeth
 Senator Kimberley Rosen of Hancock
MIN - Ought To Pass As AmendedRepresentative Craig Hickman of Winthrop
Affected Statute Titles and Sections
TitleSectionSubsectionParagraphEffectLaw TypeChapter
361817  RPPublic Law409
72443  RPPublic Law409
72455  RPPublic Law409
72451  RPPublic Law409
28-B606  NEWPublic Law409
28-B503  NEWPublic Law409
28-B905  NEWPublic Law409
28-B205  NEWPublic Law409
28-B112  NEWPublic Law409
28-B804  NEWPublic Law409
28-B602  NEWPublic Law409
28-B802  NEWPublic Law409
28-B302  NEWPublic Law409
28-B215  NEWPublic Law409
28-B301  NEWPublic Law409
72448  RPPublic Law409
3617526-F NEWPublic Law409
28-B601  NEWPublic Law409
28-B903  NEWPublic Law409
28-B202  NEWPublic Law409
28-B901  NEWPublic Law409
28-B1002  NEWPublic Law409
72453  RPPublic Law409
28-B110  NEWPublic Law409
28-B403  NEWPublic Law409
28-B304  NEWPublic Law409
28-B207  NEWPublic Law409
72442  RPPublic Law409
30-A44525V AMDPublic Law409
28-B513  NEWPublic Law409
30-A44525U AMDPublic Law409
28-B1504  NEWPublic Law409
28-B211  NEWPublic Law409
22376311J AMDPublic Law409
72454  RPPublic Law409
28-B201  NEWPublic Law409
28-B507  NEWPublic Law409
28-B106  NEWPublic Law409
17-A1111-A1 AMDPublic Law409
71-C  RPPublic Law409
28-B504  NEWPublic Law409
72449  RPPublic Law409
28-B303  NEWPublic Law409
28-B902  NEWPublic Law409
28-B505  NEWPublic Law409
28-B214  NEWPublic Law409
28-B1101  NEWPublic Law409
3617521-J NEWPublic Law409
28-B904  NEWPublic Law409
28-B103  NEWPublic Law409
28-B605  NEWPublic Law409
28-B212  NEWPublic Law409
28-B501  NEWPublic Law409
28-B107  NEWPublic Law409
28-B105  NEWPublic Law409
28-B604  NEWPublic Law409
28-B512  NEWPublic Law409
28-B803  NEWPublic Law409
72441  RPPublic Law409
28-B210  NEWPublic Law409
28-B204  NEWPublic Law409
30-A7063  NEWPublic Law409
361818  NEWPublic Law409
72445  RPPublic Law409
3617526-E NEWPublic Law409
28-B402  NEWPublic Law409
28-B102  NEWPublic Law409
267722 AMDPublic Law409
28-B104  NEWPublic Law409
28-B1501  NEWPublic Law409
251542-A1O NEWPublic Law409
72446  RPPublic Law409
3617528-E NEWPublic Law409
28-B509  NEWPublic Law409
30-A44525W NEWPublic Law409
28-B203  NEWPublic Law409
28-B209  NEWPublic Law409
28-B702  NEWPublic Law409
28-B111  NEWPublic Law409
72452  RPPublic Law409
28-B603  NEWPublic Law409
28-B510  NEWPublic Law409
3617521-I NEWPublic Law409
512004-I52-C NEWPublic Law409
28-B108  NEWPublic Law409
3617526-D NEWPublic Law409
28-B506  NEWPublic Law409
72450  RPPublic Law409
28-B511  NEWPublic Law409
28-B502  NEWPublic Law409
28-B113  NEWPublic Law409
28-B401  NEWPublic Law409
28-B801  NEWPublic Law409
251542-A3N NEWPublic Law409
72444  RPPublic Law409
28-B1102  NEWPublic Law409
28-B208  NEWPublic Law409
28-B703  NEWPublic Law409
28-B206  NEWPublic Law409
28-B508  NEWPublic Law409
28-B1001  NEWPublic Law409
28-B1503  NEWPublic Law409
28-B1502  NEWPublic Law409
28-B404  NEWPublic Law409
251542-A4 RPRPublic Law409
28-B1003  NEWPublic Law409
361811 1 AMDPublic Law409
28-B213  NEWPublic Law409
72447  RPPublic Law409
28-B109  NEWPublic Law409
28-B101  NEWPublic Law409
28-B701  NEWPublic Law409
2224301 AMDPublic Law409
17-A1111-A4-B AMDPublic Law409
39591F AMDPublic Law409
22242510 AMDPublic Law409
17-A1111-A1 AMDPublic Law409
28-B405  NEWPublic Law409
222423-B2 AMDPublic Law409
251542-A1O NEWPublic Law409
17-A1114  AMDPublic Law409
251542-A3N NEWPublic Law409
17-A1107-A2 AMDPublic Law409
39591M AMDPublic Law409
17-A11031-B AMDPublic Law409
17-A11061-B AMDPublic Law409
22242811 AMDPublic Law409
17-A1111-A4-A AMDPublic Law409
2224221-C NEWPublic Law409
17-A11174 AMDPublic Law409
2224222-A NEWPublic Law409
28-B704  NEWPublic Law409
2224242 AMDPublic Law409
28-B406  NEWPublic Law409
251542-A4 RPRPublic Law409
155821-B  NEWPublic Law409
2224258L AMDPublic Law409
2224241 RPPublic Law409
17-A1115  AMDPublic Law409
222422-A  NEWPublic Law409
155821 1 AMDPublic Law409