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123rd Maine Legislature, First Regular Session

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HP 1292
LD #

An Act To Enact the Model Registered Agents Act and Amend Entity Acts To Rationalize Annual Filings

Documents and DispositionLD 1853, HP 1292Text
LD 1853
HP 1292
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Fiscal Status
No Fiscal Impact

Adopted Amendments C-A (H-397)
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Fiscal Status
Not Available
Fiscal Note

Final DispositionEnacted, Jun 19, 2007
Governor's Action: Signed, Jun 19, 2007

Chaptered LawACTPUB
, Chapter 323
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These are unofficial documents that may contain errors. See the Session Laws Of Maine (when available) for a final version. 

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Amendments to LD 1853Adopted by House & SenateC-A (H-397)
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Fiscal Status
Not Available
Fiscal Note

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Status In Committee

Referred to Committee on Judiciary on Apr 11, 2007.
Latest Committee Action: Reported Out, May 31, 2007, OTP-AM
Latest Committee Report: May 31, 2007


Committee Docket
May 10, 2007Work Session Held 
May 10, 2007VotedOTP-AM
May 31, 2007Reported OutOTP-AM

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Divided Reports

No Divided Reports.

Affected Statute Titles and Sections
TitleSectionSubsectionParagraphEffectLaw TypeChapter
5101  AFFPublic Law323
5101  NEWPublic Law323
5102  AFFPublic Law323
5102  NEWPublic Law323
5103  AFFPublic Law323
5103  NEWPublic Law323
5104  AFFPublic Law323
5104  NEWPublic Law323
5105  AFFPublic Law323
5105  NEWPublic Law323
5106  AFFPublic Law323
5106  NEWPublic Law323
5107  AFFPublic Law323
5107  NEWPublic Law323
5108  AFFPublic Law323
5108  NEWPublic Law323
5109  AFFPublic Law323
5109  NEWPublic Law323
5110  AFFPublic Law323
5110  NEWPublic Law323
5111  AFFPublic Law323
5111  NEWPublic Law323
5112  AFFPublic Law323
5112  NEWPublic Law323
5113  AFFPublic Law323
5113  NEWPublic Law323
5114  AFFPublic Law323
5114  NEWPublic Law323
5115  AFFPublic Law323
5115  NEWPublic Law323
5116  AFFPublic Law323
5116  NEWPublic Law323
5117  AFFPublic Law323
5117  NEWPublic Law323
5118  AFFPublic Law323
5118  NEWPublic Law323
5119  AFFPublic Law323
5119  NEWPublic Law323
5120  AFFPublic Law323
5120  NEWPublic Law323
5120-A  AFFPublic Law323
5120-A  NEWPublic Law323
5120-B  AFFPublic Law323
5120-B  NEWPublic Law323
5120-C  AFFPublic Law323
5120-C  NEWPublic Law323
5120-D  AFFPublic Law323
5120-D  NEWPublic Law323
137631 AFFPublic Law323
137631 AMDPublic Law323
137632 AFFPublic Law323
137632 AMDPublic Law323
13-B1041A AFFPublic Law323
13-B1041A AMDPublic Law323
13-B1041D AFFPublic Law323
13-B1041D AMDPublic Law323
13-B304  AFFPublic Law323
13-B304  RPPublic Law323
13-B305  AFFPublic Law323
13-B305  RPPublic Law323
13-B306  AFFPublic Law323
13-B306  RPPublic Law323
13-B306-A  AFFPublic Law323
13-B306-A  NEWPublic Law323
13-B4031D AFFPublic Law323
13-B4031D AMDPublic Law323
13-B11124 AFFPublic Law323
13-B11124 AMDPublic Law323
13-B11125 AFFPublic Law323
13-B11125 AMDPublic Law323
13-B11131 AFFPublic Law323
13-B11131 AMDPublic Law323
13-B11132 AFFPublic Law323
13-B11132 AMDPublic Law323
13-B11132 AMDPublic Law323
13-B11137 AFFPublic Law323
13-B11137 NEWPublic Law323
13-B11142 AFFPublic Law323
13-B11142 AMDPublic Law323
13-B11151 AFFPublic Law323
13-B11151 AMDPublic Law323
13-B12021F AFFPublic Law323
13-B12021F AMDPublic Law323
13-B12071C AFFPublic Law323
13-B12071C AMDPublic Law323
13-B12093 AFFPublic Law323
13-B12093 AMDPublic Law323
13-B1210-A4 AFFPublic Law323
13-B1210-A4 AMDPublic Law323
13-B1210-A5 AFFPublic Law323
13-B1210-A5 AMDPublic Law323
13-B1210-B1 AFFPublic Law323
13-B1210-B1 AMDPublic Law323
13-B1210-B2 AFFPublic Law323
13-B1210-B2 AMDPublic Law323
13-B1210-B7 AFFPublic Law323
13-B1210-B7 NEWPublic Law323
13-B1212  AFFPublic Law323
13-B1212  RPPublic Law323
13-B1212-A  AFFPublic Law323
13-B1212-A  NEWPublic Law323
13-B12132 AFFPublic Law323
13-B12132 AMDPublic Law323
13-B1217  AFFPublic Law323
13-B1217  RPPublic Law323
13-B13011 AFFPublic Law323
13-B13011 AMDPublic Law323
13-B14016 AFFPublic Law323
13-B14016 RPPublic Law323
13-B14017 AFFPublic Law323
13-B14017 RPPublic Law323
13-B14018 AFFPublic Law323
13-B14018 RPPublic Law323
13-B14019 AFFPublic Law323
13-B14019 AMDPublic Law323
13-B140127 AFFPublic Law323
13-B140127 RPPublic Law323
13-B140129 AFFPublic Law323
13-B140129 RPPublic Law323
13-B140135 AFFPublic Law323
13-B140135 AMDPublic Law323
13-C1034 AFFPublic Law323
13-C1034 RPPublic Law323
13-C1034-A AFFPublic Law323
13-C1034-A NEWPublic Law323
13-C1231G AFFPublic Law323
13-C1231G RPPublic Law323
13-C1231H AFFPublic Law323
13-C1231H RPPublic Law323
13-C1231I AFFPublic Law323
13-C1231I RPPublic Law323
13-C1231J AFFPublic Law323
13-C1231J RPPublic Law323
13-C1231W AFFPublic Law323
13-C1231W AMDPublic Law323
13-C1231X AFFPublic Law323
13-C1231X AMDPublic Law323
13-C2021C AFFPublic Law323
13-C2021C AMDPublic Law323
13-C501  AFFPublic Law323
13-C501  RPPublic Law323
13-C502  AFFPublic Law323
13-C502  RPPublic Law323
13-C511  AFFPublic Law323
13-C511  NEWPublic Law323
13-C512  AFFPublic Law323
13-C512  NEWPublic Law323
13-C7031 AFFPublic Law323
13-C7031 AMDPublic Law323
13-C7214 AFFPublic Law323
13-C7214 AMDPublic Law323
13-C8091 AFFPublic Law323
13-C8091 AMDPublic Law323
13-C10053 AFFPublic Law323
13-C10053 RPPublic Law323
13-C11074A AFFPublic Law323
13-C11074A AMDPublic Law323
13-C13312 AFFPublic Law323
13-C13312 AMDPublic Law323
13-C14082A AFFPublic Law323
13-C14082A AMDPublic Law323
13-C14091 AFFPublic Law323
13-C14091 AMDPublic Law323
13-C14204 AFFPublic Law323
13-C14204 AMDPublic Law323
13-C14205 AFFPublic Law323
13-C14205 AMDPublic Law323
13-C14211 AFFPublic Law323
13-C14211 AMDPublic Law323
13-C14212 AFFPublic Law323
13-C14212 AMDPublic Law323
13-C14218 AFFPublic Law323
13-C14218 NEWPublic Law323
13-C14222 AFFPublic Law323
13-C14222 AMDPublic Law323
13-C14231 AFFPublic Law323
13-C14231 AMDPublic Law323
13-C14311 AFFPublic Law323
13-C14311 AMDPublic Law323
13-C15031E AFFPublic Law323
13-C15031E AMDPublic Law323
13-C1507  AFFPublic Law323
13-C1507  RPPublic Law323
13-C1510  AFFPublic Law323
13-C1510  RPPublic Law323
13-C1510-A  AFFPublic Law323
13-C1510-A  NEWPublic Law323
13-C1531-A4 AFFPublic Law323
13-C1531-A4 AMDPublic Law323
13-C1531-A5 AFFPublic Law323
13-C1531-A5 AMDPublic Law323
13-C15321 AFFPublic Law323
13-C15321 AMDPublic Law323
13-C15322 AFFPublic Law323
13-C15322 AMDPublic Law323
13-C15327 AFFPublic Law323
13-C15327 NEWPublic Law323
13-C16041 AFFPublic Law323
13-C16041 AMDPublic Law323
13-C16042 AFFPublic Law323
13-C16042 AMDPublic Law323
13-C16052 AFFPublic Law323
13-C16052 AMDPublic Law323
13-C16211 AFFPublic Law323
13-C16211 AMDPublic Law323
31607  AFFPublic Law323
31607  RPPublic Law323
316071 AFFPublic Law323
316071 RPPublic Law323
316071A AFFPublic Law323
316072 AFFPublic Law323
316073 AFFPublic Law323
316074 AFFPublic Law323
316075 AFFPublic Law323
316076 AFFPublic Law323
316077 AFFPublic Law323
31608-A4 AFFPublic Law323
31608-A4 AMDPublic Law323
31608-A5 AFFPublic Law323
31608-A5 AMDPublic Law323
31608-B1 AFFPublic Law323
31608-B1 AMDPublic Law323
31608-B2 AFFPublic Law323
31608-B2 AMDPublic Law323
31608-B8 AFFPublic Law323
31608-B8 NEWPublic Law323
31608-C2 AFFPublic Law323
31608-C2 AMDPublic Law323
31608-D1 AFFPublic Law323
31608-D1 AMDPublic Law323
31609  AFFPublic Law323
31609  RPPublic Law323
31609-A  AFFPublic Law323
31609-A  NEWPublic Law323
316221B AFFPublic Law323
316221B AMDPublic Law323
316233B AFFPublic Law323
316233B RPPublic Law323
316233B-1 AFFPublic Law323
316233B-1 NEWPublic Law323
316271A AFFPublic Law323
316271A AMDPublic Law323
317072A AFFPublic Law323
317072A AMDPublic Law323
317122 AFFPublic Law323
317122 AMDPublic Law323
317123D AFFPublic Law323
317123D AMDPublic Law323
317123E AFFPublic Law323
317123E RPPublic Law323
317142 AFFPublic Law323
317142 AMDPublic Law323
317142 RPPublic Law323
317142-A AFFPublic Law323
317142-A RPPublic Law323
317143 AFFPublic Law323
317143 RPPublic Law323
317144 AFFPublic Law323
317144 RPPublic Law323
317145 AFFPublic Law323
317145 RPPublic Law323
317146 AFFPublic Law323
317146 RPPublic Law323
31719-A4 AFFPublic Law323
31719-A4 AMDPublic Law323
31719-A5 AFFPublic Law323
31719-A5 AMDPublic Law323
31719-B1 AFFPublic Law323
31719-B1 AMDPublic Law323
31719-B2 AFFPublic Law323
31719-B2 AMDPublic Law323
31719-B7 AFFPublic Law323
31719-B7 NEWPublic Law323
31722  AFFPublic Law323
31722  RPPublic Law323
31722-A  AFFPublic Law323
31722-A  NEWPublic Law323
317232 AFFPublic Law323
317232 AMDPublic Law323
31724  AFFPublic Law323
31724  RPPublic Law323
317516 AFFPublic Law323
317516 RPPublic Law323
317517-A AFFPublic Law323
317517-A AMDPublic Law323
3175114 AFFPublic Law323
3175114 RPPublic Law323
3175122 AFFPublic Law323
3175122 AMDPublic Law323
317571A AFFPublic Law323
317571A AMDPublic Law323
317571A-1 AFFPublic Law323
317571A-1 NEWPublic Law323
317571B AFFPublic Law323
317571B AMDPublic Law323
317571B-1 AFFPublic Law323
317571B-1 NEWPublic Law323
31807  AFFPublic Law323
31807  RPPublic Law323
31808-A4 AFFPublic Law323
31808-A4 AMDPublic Law323
31808-A5 AFFPublic Law323
31808-A5 AMDPublic Law323
31808-B1 AFFPublic Law323
31808-B1 AMDPublic Law323
31808-B2 AFFPublic Law323
31808-B2 AMDPublic Law323
31808-B8 AFFPublic Law323
31808-B8 NEWPublic Law323
31808-C2 AFFPublic Law323
31808-C2 AMDPublic Law323
31808-D1 AFFPublic Law323
31808-D1 AMDPublic Law323
31809  AFFPublic Law323
31809  RPPublic Law323
31809-A  AFFPublic Law323
31809-A  NEWPublic Law323
318221B AFFPublic Law323
318221B AMDPublic Law323
318233B AFFPublic Law323
318233B RPPublic Law323
318233B-1 AFFPublic Law323
318233B-1 NEWPublic Law323
318261A AFFPublic Law323
318261A AMDPublic Law323
318522 AFFPublic Law323
318522 AMDPublic Law323
318523D AFFPublic Law323
318523D AMDPublic Law323
318523E AFFPublic Law323
318523E RPPublic Law323
318542 AFFPublic Law323
318542 RPPublic Law323
318542-A AFFPublic Law323
318542-A RPPublic Law323
318543 AFFPublic Law323
318543 RPPublic Law323
318544 AFFPublic Law323
318544 RPPublic Law323
318545 AFFPublic Law323
318545 RPPublic Law323
318546 AFFPublic Law323
318546 RPPublic Law323
31859-A4 AFFPublic Law323
31859-A4 AMDPublic Law323
31859-A5 AFFPublic Law323
31859-A5 AMDPublic Law323
31859-B1 AFFPublic Law323
31859-B1 AMDPublic Law323
31859-B2 AFFPublic Law323
31859-B2 AMDPublic Law323
31859-B7 AFFPublic Law323
31859-B7 NEWPublic Law323
31861  AFFPublic Law323
31861  RPPublic Law323
31861-A  AFFPublic Law323
31861-A  NEWPublic Law323
318622 AFFPublic Law323
318622 AMDPublic Law323
31863  AFFPublic Law323
31863  RPPublic Law323
31864  AFFPublic Law323
31864  RPPublic Law323
318716 AFFPublic Law323
318716 RPPublic Law323
318717-A AFFPublic Law323
318717-A AMDPublic Law323
3187112 AFFPublic Law323
3187112 RPPublic Law323
3187120 AFFPublic Law323
3187120 AMDPublic Law323
318731A AFFPublic Law323
318731A AMDPublic Law323
318731A-1 AFFPublic Law323
318731A-1 NEWPublic Law323
318731B AFFPublic Law323
318731B AMDPublic Law323
3113024 AFFPublic Law323
3113024 RPPublic Law323
311311 1 AFFPublic Law323
311311 1 AMDPublic Law323
311314  AFFPublic Law323
311314  RPPublic Law323
311315  AFFPublic Law323
311315  RPPublic Law323
311316  AFFPublic Law323
311316  RPPublic Law323
311317  AFFPublic Law323
311317  RPPublic Law323
311317-A  AFFPublic Law323
311317-A  NEWPublic Law323
3113211B AFFPublic Law323
3113211B AMDPublic Law323
3113222C AFFPublic Law323
3113222C AMDPublic Law323
3113222D AFFPublic Law323
3113222D AMDPublic Law323
3113222E AFFPublic Law323
3113222E NEWPublic Law323
3113223B AFFPublic Law323
3113223B AMDPublic Law323
3113263 AFFPublic Law323
3113263 AMDPublic Law323
3113281B AFFPublic Law323
3113281B AMDPublic Law323
3113301A AFFPublic Law323
3113301A AMDPublic Law323
3113441 AFFPublic Law323
3113441 AMDPublic Law323
3113444 AFFPublic Law323
3113444 AMDPublic Law323
3113571A AFFPublic Law323
3113571A AMDPublic Law323
3113972A AFFPublic Law323
3113972A AMDPublic Law323
3113991D AFFPublic Law323
3113991D AMDPublic Law323
3113991E AFFPublic Law323
3113991E AMDPublic Law323
3113992 AFFPublic Law323
3113992 AMDPublic Law323
3113993 AFFPublic Law323
3113993 AMDPublic Law323
31139910 AFFPublic Law323
31139910 NEWPublic Law323
3114001B AFFPublic Law323
3114001B AMDPublic Law323
3114011 AFFPublic Law323
3114011 AMDPublic Law323
3114121D AFFPublic Law323
3114121D AMDPublic Law323
3114161D AFFPublic Law323
3114161D AMDPublic Law323
3114161E AFFPublic Law323
3114161E AMDPublic Law323
3114162 AFFPublic Law323
3114162 AMDPublic Law323
3114163 AFFPublic Law323
3114163 AMDPublic Law323
3114167 AFFPublic Law323
3114167 NEWPublic Law323
3114341A AFFPublic Law323
3114341A AMDPublic Law323
3114353 AFFPublic Law323
3114353 AMDPublic Law323
3114382G AFFPublic Law323
3114382G AMDPublic Law323
3114392 AFFPublic Law323
3114392 AMDPublic Law323
3114605 AFFPublic Law323
3114605 RPPublic Law323
3114606 AFFPublic Law323
3114606 AMDPublic Law323
35-A31403 AFFPublic Law323
35-A31403 AMDPublic Law323