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124th Maine Legislature, First Regular Session

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HP 1038
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An Act Regarding Maine's Energy Future

Documents and DispositionLD 1485, HP 1038Text
LD 1485
HP 1038
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Adopted Amendments Sponsored By: Representative Martin of Eagle Lake H-A (H-540)
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Final DispositionEmergency Enacted, Jun 12, 2009
Governor's Action: Emergency Signed, Jun 12, 2009

Chaptered LawACTPUB
, Chapter 372
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These are unofficial documents that may contain errors. See the Session Laws Of Maine (when available) for a final version. 

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Amendments to LD 1485C-A (H-505)
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Sponsored By Representative Martin of Eagle Lake, Adopted by House & SenateH-A (H-540)
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Status In Committee

Originated from Committee on Maine's Energy Future on Jun 2, 2009.
Latest Committee Action: Reported Out, Jun 2, 2009, OTP/OTP-AM/ONTP
Latest Committee Report: Jun 2, 2009


Committee Docket
Apr 29, 2009Work Session Held 
May 13, 2009Work Session Held 
May 13, 2009VotedDivided Report
Jun 2, 2009Comes From CommitteeENF
Jun 2, 2009Reported OutOTP/OTP-AM/ONTP
Divided Reports

No Divided Reports.

Affected Statute Titles and Sections
TitleSectionSubsectionParagraphEffectLaw TypeChapter
292-A NEWPublic Law372
293 AMDPublic Law372
52827 AMDPublic Law372
52828 AMDPublic Law372
52829 NEWPublic Law372
59491D AFFPublic Law372
59491D AMDPublic Law372
59491D-1 AFFPublic Law372
59491D-1 AMDPublic Law372
59491D-1 RPPublic Law372
53327  AFFPublic Law372
53327  RPPublic Law372
512004-G10-C NEWPublic Law372
512004-G13-F AFFPublic Law372
512004-G13-F RPPublic Law372
512004-I20-B AFFPublic Law372
512004-I20-B RPPublic Law372
51700140 AMDPublic Law372
10963-A10R AMDPublic Law372
10963-A10S AMDPublic Law372
10963-A10T NEWPublic Law372
10963-A10-A NEWPublic Law372
1010432K AMDPublic Law372
1010432L AMDPublic Law372
1010432M NEWPublic Law372
30-A474115 AMDPublic Law372
30-A4861  NEWPublic Law372
30-A4862  NEWPublic Law372
30-A4863  NEWPublic Law372
30-A4864  NEWPublic Law372
35-A32105 AFFPublic Law372
35-A32105 AMDPublic Law372
35-A32105 AMDPublic Law372
35-A32105B AMDPublic Law372
35-A32105C AMDPublic Law372
35-A32105D NEWPublic Law372
35-A32106 AFFPublic Law372
35-A32106 AMDPublic Law372
35-A32106 NEWPublic Law372
35-A32106-A AFFPublic Law372
35-A32106-A AMDPublic Law372
35-A3211-A  AFFPublic Law372
35-A3211-A  RPPublic Law372
35-A3211-A2 AFFPublic Law372
35-A3211-A2 RPPublic Law372
35-A3211-C  AFFPublic Law372
35-A3211-C  RPPublic Law372
35-A4711  AFFPublic Law372
35-A4711  RPPublic Law372
35-A10001  AFFPublic Law372
35-A10001  RPPublic Law372
35-A10002  AFFPublic Law372
35-A10002  RPPublic Law372
35-A10003  AFFPublic Law372
35-A10003  RPPublic Law372
35-A10004  AFFPublic Law372
35-A10004  RPPublic Law372
35-A10005  AFFPublic Law372
35-A10005  RPPublic Law372
35-A10006  AFFPublic Law372
35-A10006  RPPublic Law372
35-A10007  AFFPublic Law372
35-A10007  RPPublic Law372
35-A10008  AFFPublic Law372
35-A10008  RPPublic Law372
35-A10101  NEWPublic Law372
35-A10102  NEWPublic Law372
35-A10103  NEWPublic Law372
35-A10104  NEWPublic Law372
35-A10105  NEWPublic Law372
35-A10106  NEWPublic Law372
35-A10107  NEWPublic Law372
35-A10108  NEWPublic Law372
35-A10109  NEWPublic Law372
35-A10110  NEWPublic Law372
35-A10111  NEWPublic Law372
35-A10112  NEWPublic Law372
35-A10113  NEWPublic Law372
35-A10114  NEWPublic Law372
35-A10115  NEWPublic Law372
35-A10116  NEWPublic Law372
35-A10117  NEWPublic Law372
35-A10118  NEWPublic Law372
35-A10119  NEWPublic Law372
35-A10120  NEWPublic Law372
364641-B4 RPPublic Law372
364641-B4-A NEWPublic Law372
38580-B7 AMDPublic Law372
38580-B7-A AMDPublic Law372
38580-B10 AMDPublic Law372