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124th Maine Legislature, Second Regular Session

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SP 521
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An Act To Permit Video Gaming for Money Conducted by Nonprofit Organizations

Documents and DispositionLD 1437, SP 521Text
LD 1437
SP 521
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Fiscal Status
No Fiscal Impact

Final DispositionOught Not to Pass Pursuant To Joint Rule 310, Feb 11, 2010

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Amendments to LD 1437

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Status In Committee

Referred to Committee on Legal and Veterans Affairs on Apr 7, 2009.
Latest Committee Action: Reported Out, Feb 4, 2010, ONTP
Latest Committee Report: Feb 4, 2010


Committee Docket
May 8, 2009Carry Over Requested 
May 18, 2009Carry Over Approved 
Jan 13, 2010Work Session HeldTABLED
Jan 21, 2010Extension Requested 
Jan 22, 2010Extension ApprovedTo 2/4
Feb 1, 2010Work Session HeldTabled
Feb 3, 2010Work Session Held 
Feb 3, 2010VotedONTP
Feb 4, 2010Reported OutONTP

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Divided Reports

No Divided Reports.

Affected Statute Titles and Sections
TitleSectionSubsectionParagraphEffectLaw TypeChapter
83722I AMDPublic Law0
83722J AMDPublic Law0
83722K NEWPublic Law0
83741L AMDPublic Law0
83741M AMDPublic Law0
83741N NEWPublic Law0
17348  NEWPublic Law0
17361  NEWPublic Law0
17362  NEWPublic Law0
17363  NEWPublic Law0
17364  NEWPublic Law0
17365  NEWPublic Law0
17366  NEWPublic Law0
17371  NEWPublic Law0
17372  NEWPublic Law0
17373  NEWPublic Law0
17374  NEWPublic Law0
17375  NEWPublic Law0
17376  NEWPublic Law0
17377  NEWPublic Law0
17381  NEWPublic Law0
17382  NEWPublic Law0
17383  NEWPublic Law0
17384  NEWPublic Law0
17391  NEWPublic Law0
17392  NEWPublic Law0
17393  NEWPublic Law0
17394  NEWPublic Law0
17395  NEWPublic Law0
17396  NEWPublic Law0
17397  NEWPublic Law0
17398  NEWPublic Law0
17399  NEWPublic Law0
221700-B  NEWPublic Law0
28-A807  NEWPublic Law0
28-A105411C NEWPublic Law0
30-A5686  NEWPublic Law0