LD 1895 LR 741(05)
An Act Regarding the Procurement of Energy from Offshore Wind Resources
Fiscal Note for Bill as Engrossed with:
C "A" (S-420)
S "A" (S-503) to C "A" (S-420)
Committee: Energy, Utilities and Technology
Fiscal Note
FY 2023-24 FY 2024-25 Projections  FY 2025-26 Projections  FY 2026-27
Other Special Revenue Funds $500 $182,079 $190,364 $199,064
Other Special Revenue Funds $0 $181,579 $189,864 $198,564
Fiscal Detail and Notes
The bill establishes the Maine Offshore Wind Renewable Energy and Economic Development Program to further the development and use of offshore wind power projects in the Gulf of Maine. The program is to be administered by the Governor's Energy Office in collaboration with the Public Utilities Commission. The bill provides a $500 annual Other Special Revenue Funds base allocation beginning in fiscal year 2023-24 for the new program. The bill also provides an Other Special Revenue Funds allocation of $181,579 in fiscal year 2024-25 to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) for one Staff Attorney position and related All Other costs for the implemention and administration of the procurement requirements in the bill. The bill also allows the Governor's Energy Office to request funding from the PUC, which may result in additional OSR fund expenditures for the PUC. Any additional costs to other agencies affected by the provisions of the bill are assumed to be minor and can be absorbed within existing budgeted resources.