LD 1929 LR 2316(08)
An Act To Provide Assistance to Areas Severely Infested with Browntail Moths
Fiscal Note for Senate Amendment " " to Committee Amendment "A"
Sponsor: Sen. Breen of Cumberland
Fiscal Note Required: Yes
Fiscal Note
FY 2021-22 FY 2022-23 Projections  FY 2023-24 Projections  FY 2024-25
Net Cost (Savings)
General Fund $0 $0 ($150,000) ($353,982)
General Fund $0 $0 ($150,000) ($353,982)
Fiscal Detail and Notes
This amendment changes the ongoing positions created in the committee amendment to limited period positions ending June 8, 2024. It changes ongoing funding for controlling browntail moths of $150,000 beginning in fiscal year 2022-23 to a one-time appropriation of the same amount.
As amended, the bill includes appropriations of $192,908 in fiscal year 2022-23 for one limited-period  Entomologist I position and one limited-period Senior Entomology Technician position and associated All Other costs. These positions end June 8, 2024. The bill also includes a one-time appropriation of $150,000 in fiscal year 2022-23 for the administration of the program to assist a government entity or nonprofit organization with controlling browntail moths.