LD 1091 LR 1199(02)
An Act To Improve the Long-term Outcomes for Youth Transitioning from State Care by Raising the Upper Age Limit for Voluntary Support Eligibility
Fiscal Note for Bill as Amended by Committee Amendment " "
Committee: Health and Human Services
Fiscal Note Required: Yes
Fiscal Note
FY 2021-22 FY 2022-23 Projections  FY 2023-24 Projections  FY 2024-25
Net Cost (Savings)
General Fund $351,284 $468,379 $468,379 $468,379
General Fund $351,284 $468,379 $468,379 $468,379
Federal Expenditures Fund $308,405 $191,310 $191,310 $191,310
Fiscal Detail and Notes
The bill includes General Fund appropriations to the Department of Health and Human Services of $351,284 in fiscal year 2021-22 and $468,379 in fiscal year 2022-23 to raise the upper age limit from 20 years of age to 22 years of age for voluntary participation in extended care for persons who attained 18 years of age while in the care and custody of the State.