LD 756 LR 1886(05)
An Act Regarding Criminal Services for Juveniles
Fiscal Note for Bill as Engrossed with:
C "A" (H-940)
S "A" (S-605) to C "A" (H-940)
Committee: Criminal Justice and Public Safety
Fiscal Note
FY 2021-22 FY 2022-23 Projections  FY 2023-24 Projections  FY 2024-25
Net Cost (Savings)
General Fund $0 $0 $1,000,000 $1,000,000
General Fund $0 $700,000 $1,000,000 $1,000,000
Other Special Revenue Funds $0 $300,000 $0 $0
General Fund $0 $700,000 $0 $0
Other Special Revenue Funds $0 $300,000 $0 $0
Private Trust Funds $0 ($300,000) $0 $0
Fiscal Detail and Notes
The bill includes a one-time General Fund appropriation of $700,000 and a one-time Other Special Revenue Funds allocation of $300,000 in fiscal year 2022-23 to the School and Student Supports program within the Department of Education to establish or expand school-based restorative justice programs, mentoring services, workforce development and educational and vocational programs for juveniles involved in the juvenile legal system. The bill includes a $700,000 transfer from the Liquor Operation Revenue Fund and a $300,000 transfer from Office of the Attorney General settlement funds to offset the fiscal year 2022-23 costs of the bill.   
The School and Student Supports program will require ongoing General Fund appropriations of $1,000,000 per year beginning in fiscal year 2023-24 for the continued support of school-based restorative justice programs and other programs and services for certain juveniles included in the bill.