LD 1526 LR 2417(02)
An Act To Increase the Availability of Foster Homes
Fiscal Note for Bill as Amended by Committee Amendment " "
Committee: Health and Human Services
Fiscal Note Required: Yes
Fiscal Note
FY 2019-20 FY 2020-21 Projections  FY 2021-22 Projections  FY 2022-23
Net Cost (Savings)
General Fund ($123,169) ($129,034) ($129,034) ($129,034)
General Fund ($123,169) ($129,034) ($129,034) ($129,034)
Federal Expenditures Fund ($122,432) ($122,432) ($122,432) ($122,432)
Other Special Revenue Funds ($50,309) ($52,704) ($52,704) ($52,704)
Federal Expenditures Fund ($122,432) ($122,432) ($122,432) ($122,432)
Other Special Revenue Funds ($181,738) ($181,738) ($181,738) ($181,738)
Fiscal Detail and Notes
The bill includes General Fund deappropriations to the Department of Health and Human Services of $123,169 in fiscal year 2019-20 and $129,034 in fiscal year 2020-21 due to the elimination of the costs paid for the fire marshal inspections, which will also reduce Other Special Revenue Funds allocations and one-time appropriations and allocations for technology upgrades. The bill also includes a reduction to the Federal Expenditures Fund allocation due to a reduction of physical plant updates to meet current compliance.
Other Special Revenue Funds revenue to the Department of Public Safety will be reduced by $181,7387 beginning in fiscal year 2019-20 from no longer inspecting family foster homes.