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PUBLIC Law, Chapter 223

on - Session - 129th Maine Legislature
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An Act To Facilitate the Deployment of Small Wireless Facilities in Maine

Be it enacted by the People of the State of Maine as follows:

Sec. 1. 30-A MRSA §4362  is enacted to read:

§ 4362 Small wireless facilities

1 Definitions.   As used in this section, unless the context otherwise indicates, the following terms have the following meanings.
A "Small wireless facility" means a wireless facility each antenna of which could fit within an enclosure of no more than 3 cubic feet and of which all associated wireless equipment other than antennas, electric meters and concealment elements has a cumulative volume of no more than 28 cubic feet.
B "Wireless facility" means equipment at a fixed location that enables wireless communications between user equipment and a communications network, including equipment associated with wireless communications; radio transceivers, antennas, coaxial or fiber-optic cable, regular and backup power supplies and rectifiers; and comparable equipment, regardless of technological configuration. "Wireless facility" includes a small wireless facility. "Wireless facility" does not include the structure or improvements on, under, within or adjacent to which the equipment is colocated or coaxial or fiber-optic cable that is between wireless support structures or poles or that is otherwise not immediately adjacent to or directly associated with a particular antenna.
2 Small wireless facilities.   Notwithstanding any zoning or land use ordinance to the contrary, a small wireless facility must be a permitted use within the public right-of-way, subject to permitting requirements and duly adopted, nondiscriminatory conditions otherwise applicable to permitted uses within the municipality and consistent with state and federal law, including, without limitation, any permitting requirements in Title 35-A, chapter 25. This section does not affect or alter the rights and responsibilities of a cable television company under the franchise agreement executed pursuant to section 3008, subsection 5.

Effective 90 days following adjournment of the 129th Legislature, First Regular Session, unless otherwise indicated.

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