LD 490
Session - 129th Maine Legislature
LR 861
Item 1
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An Act To Give the Commissioner of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife the Authority To Change the Opening Dates of Trapping Seasons Based on Weather Conditions

Be it enacted by the People of the State of Maine as follows:

Sec. 1. 12 MRSA §12251, sub-§1,  as enacted by PL 2003, c. 414, Pt. A, §2 and affected by c. 614, §9, is amended to read:

1. General.   Except as otherwise provided in this Part and except as the commissioner may establish by rule that is not inconsistent with this chapter, there is a perpetual closed season on trapping any wild animal or wild bird. The commissioner may change the established opening date of an open season if, in the commissioner's opinion, the change is necessary due to earlier-than-normal seasonal temperature changes or weather conditions.


This bill authorizes the Commissioner of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to change a trapping season opening date if weather conditions make that change necessary.

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