Directory of Papers
LD 600 - 799

LD 600, HP0416
Resolve, To Provide Grants to Law Enforcement Agencies To Acquire and Train Drug-detecting Dogs
LD 601, HP0417
An Act To Return the Normal Cost of Teacher Retirement to the State
LD 602, HP0418
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Membership of the Advisory Committee on College Savings
LD 603, HP0419
An Act To Provide Funding for Preschool Programs
LD 604, HP0420
An Act To Protect Maine's Lakes by Prohibiting the Discharge of Waste from Watercraft
LD 605, HP0421
An Act To Support Evidence-based Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder
LD 606, HP0422
An Act To Ensure Access to All Prescription Drugs Containing Cannabidiol Approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration
LD 607, HP0423
An Act To Enhance Maine's Coordinated Response to Mental Health Crises
LD 608, HP0424
An Act Regulating Employee Benefit Excess Insurance
LD 609, HP0425
An Act To Prohibit Insurance Carriers That Are Not Health Insurance Carriers from Operating as Managed Care Organizations
LD 610, HP0426
An Act To Prohibit Prescriptive Property Rights Claims of Property Owned by Nonprofit Organizations
LD 611, HP0427
An Act To Amend Certain Laws Affecting the Judicial Branch
LD 612, HP0428
An Act To Improve Vocational Rehabilitation under the Maine Workers' Compensation Act of 1992
LD 613, HP0429
An Act To Protect Job Applicants from Identity Theft
LD 614, HP0430
An Act To Establish a Presumption of Heart Disease or Hypertension in the Line of Duty for Corrections Officers under the Workers' Compensation Laws
LD 615, HP0431
Resolve, To Establish a Work Group To Update the Maine Pharmacy Act
LD 616, HP0432
An Act To Ensure Consistent Access to Limited-entry Lobster Zones
LD 617, HP0433
An Act To Allow the Sale of Saltwater Smelt for Bait
LD 618, HP0434
Resolve, Authorizing the Mount Hunger Area of the Town of Gray To Proceed with the Secession Process
LD 619, HP0435
Resolve, Authorizing the Area of the West Side of Little Sebago Lake of the Town of Gray To Proceed with the Secession Process
LD 620, HP0436
An Act To Restore the Tax Deduction for Contributions to College Savings Accounts
LD 621, HP0437
An Act To Retain Professionals and Attract Professionals to Maine by Amending Maine's Income Tax Code
LD 622, HP0438
An Act To Ensure Appropriate Training for Harbor Masters
LD 623, HP0439
An Act To Require Biennial State Motor Vehicle Inspections
LD 624, HP0440
An Act Concerning the Transporting of Dogs in Passenger Vehicles
LD 625, HP0441
An Act To Prohibit the Location of a Marijuana Facility within 2,000 Feet of a House of Public Worship or Property Associated with a House of Public Worship
LD 626, HP0442
An Act To Provide Funding for County Jails from Sales Tax Collected on Retail Sales of Marijuana and Marijuana Products
LD 627, HP0443
An Act To Establish a Data Collection Program To Monitor Effects of Marijuana Regulation
LD 628, HP0444
An Act To Amend the Municipal Subdivision Laws
LD 629, HP0445
An Act To Improve Rehabilitation Services for Persons with Mental Illness in Maine
LD 630, HP0446
An Act To Expand Opportunities for Moose Permit Winners To Swap Their Permits
LD 631, HP0447
An Act To Require an Operator of an All-terrain Vehicle Driven on Certain Roads To Have a Driver's License and Liability Insurance
LD 632, HP0448
Resolve, To Recognize and Provide for the Right of Members of the Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians To Hunt Moose throughout Aroostook County
LD 633, HP0449
An Act To Amend Teacher Evaluation Requirements
LD 634, HP0450
An Act Regarding the Drug Epidemic in Maine
LD 635, HP0451
An Act To Incentivize Legislative Carpooling
LD 636, SP0211
An Act To Require the Department of Transportation To Use 3rd-party Certified Examiners for Lead Inspections
LD 637, HP0465
An Act To Protect Maine's Lands
LD 638, HP0452
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for Transportation Projects
LD 639, HP0453
An Act To Require an Interstate Identification Index System Background Check for Certain Crimes
LD 640, HP0454
An Act To Require an Ontario Domestic Assault Risk Assessment prior to Setting Bail in Domestic Violence Arrests in Which the Alleged Abuser Has Been Taken into Custody
LD 641, HP0455
Resolve, To Establish the Commission To Study the Availability of Information Regarding Related Incidents in Domestic Violence Cases
LD 642, HP0456
Resolve, To Establish the Task Force To Identify Special Education Cost Drivers and Innovative Approaches to Services
LD 643, HP0457
Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Services To Increase Reimbursement Rates for Home-based and Community-based Services
LD 644, HP0458
An Act To Improve Citizen Access to Legal Representation
LD 645, HP0459
An Act To Amend the Penalties for Failure To Pay Child Support
LD 646, HP0460
An Act Regarding Municipal and Regional Shellfish Management Programs
LD 647, HP0461
An Act Regarding Certain Shellfish Certificates and Permits Issued by the Department of Marine Resources
LD 648, HP0462
An Act To Expand the Types of Nonprofit Organizations to Which Surplus Property May Be Sold by the State
LD 649, HP0463
An Act To Allow for Charitable Donation Stops on Local Roads Only
LD 650, SP0212
An Act To Clarify and Protect Certain Public Service Retirement Benefits
LD 651, SP0213
An Act To Expand Substance Abuse Prevention Projects
LD 652, SP0214
An Act To Provide Drug Price Relief
LD 653, SP0215
Resolve, To Establish a Working Group To Propose Changes to the Animal Welfare Laws
LD 654, SP0216
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Certain Sexual Offenses
LD 655, SP0217
An Act To Lower the Price MaineCare Pays for Prescription Drugs
LD 656, SP0218
An Act To Improve the Ability of Maine Companies To Manufacture and Market Bioplastics
LD 657, SP0219
An Act To Reduce the In-stock Spirits Requirements for Liquor Agents in Towns with Certain Populations
LD 658, SP0220
An Act To Conform Maine Law Regarding Insurer Privacy Notices to Federal Law
LD 659, SP0221
An Act To Amend the Maine Guaranteed Access Reinsurance Association Act
LD 660, SP0222
An Act To Allow Credit and Debit Card Surcharges
LD 661, SP0223
An Act Regarding the Chain of Custody in Crematories
LD 662, SP0224
Resolve, Directing the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry To Work with All-terrain Vehicle Clubs To Develop All-terrain Vehicle Trails in Northern Maine
LD 663, SP0225
An Act To Allow Attorneys Employed by the State To Perform Volunteer Legal Services
LD 664, SP0226
An Act To Exempt Gold and Silver Coins and Bullion from Sales Tax
LD 665, SP0227
An Act To Give the Courts Sentencing Discretion When a Person with a Developmental Disability Has Been Convicted of a Crime
LD 666, SP0228
An Act To Improve Access to Cost-effective Health Care Services
LD 667, SP0229
An Act To Repeal the Legalization of Recreational Marijuana
LD 668, SP0230
An Act To Facilitate the Return of Unclaimed Property
LD 669, SP0231
An Act To Address the Unmet Workforce Needs of Employers and To Improve the Economic Future of Workers
LD 670, SP0232
An Act To Allow for Consistent Application of Credit for Driver's License Suspensions Imposed by the Court
LD 671, SP0233
An Act To Allow for Accurate Credit for a License Suspension for Operating under the Influence
LD 672, SP0234
An Act To Clarify a Municipality's Authority To Adopt and Enforce Land Use Regulations for Marijuana Facilities
LD 673, SP0235
An Act To Restore the Tip Credit to Maine's Minimum Wage Law
LD 674, SP0236
An Act To Provide Public Charter Schools with Access to State Funds for Capital Expenses
LD 675, HP0466
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for Food Processing Infrastructure in Targeted Areas of the State
LD 676, HP0467
Resolve, To Study the Development of a Behavioral Health Unit at the Cumberland County Jail
LD 677, HP0468
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Post-conviction Review in Order To Facilitate the Fair Hearing of All Evidence in Each Case Involving a Claim of Innocence
LD 678, HP0469
An Act To Protect Students from Identity Theft
LD 679, HP0470
An Act To Reform School Testing Procedures
LD 680, HP0471
An Act To Allow the Employment or Service in a School of a Spouse of a School Board or Committee Member
LD 681, HP0472
An Act Regarding Sexual Activity and Sexual Assault at Secondary and Postsecondary Educational Institutions
LD 682, HP0473
An Act To Eliminate the Regional Adjustment for Public School Systems
LD 683, HP0474
An Act To Fund the Maine Solid Waste Diversion Grant Program and To Phase Out Certain Containers from the Bottle Redemption Laws
LD 684, HP0475
An Act To Increase Vegetative Buffers in the Shoreland Zone
LD 685, HP0476
An Act To Establish the Mining Advisory Panel
LD 686, HP0477
An Act To Remove Restrictions on the Membership of Regional Water Councils
LD 687, HP0478
Resolve, Regarding Reimbursement for Speech and Language Pathology Services
LD 688, HP0479
An Act To Provide MaineCare Coverage for Music Therapy
LD 689, HP0480
An Act To Confer Categorical Eligibility for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Benefit Applications
LD 690, HP0481
An Act To Provide Additional Funding for Persons with Disabilities
LD 691, HP0482
An Act To Prevent Lead Poisoning in Children
LD 692, HP0483
Resolve, To Provide Meals to Homebound Individuals
LD 693, HP0484
An Act To Clarify the Laws Governing Hunting from a Vehicle
LD 694, HP0485
An Act To Create a Local Option for a Sunday Exception Allowing Deer Hunting with Rifles
LD 695, HP0486
An Act To Double the Number of Moose Permits Available for Auction by Conservation Organizations
LD 696, HP0487
An Act Regarding Insurance and Financial Services
LD 697, HP0488
Resolve, To Establish a Commission To Study the Roles and Rights of Grandparents in Raising Their Grandchildren
LD 698, HP0489
An Act To Allow Persons 70 Years of Age and Older To Opt Out of Jury Duty
LD 699, HP0490
An Act To Enact the Toxic Chemicals in the Workplace Act
LD 700, HP0491
An Act To Give Flexibility to Employees and Employers for Temporary Layoffs
LD 701, HP0492
An Act To Establish the Maine Paid Family Leave Insurance Program
LD 702, HP0493
An Act To Restore the Tip Credit to Maine Employees
LD 703, HP0494
An Act To Address Marine Debris Resulting from Commercial Activities
LD 704, HP0495
An Act To Give the Department of Marine Resources Flexibility with Licensing in the Atlantic Herring Fishery
LD 705, HP0496
An Act To Prevent Marine Debris
LD 706, HP0497
An Act To Increase the Quota for Smelts for Commercial Pelagic and Anadromous Fishing License Holders
LD 707, HP0498
An Act To Base the Motor Vehicle Excise Tax on the Purchase Price of the Motor Vehicle
LD 708, HP0499
An Act To Use Taxes on Nonmedical Marijuana and Increase the Tax on Cigarettes To Partially Offset the 3% Income Tax Surcharge
LD 709, HP0500
An Act Regarding the License Restrictions for New Drivers
LD 710, HP0501
An Act Regarding Emergency Lights on Firefighters' Personal Vehicles Used When Responding to Emergency Calls
LD 711, HP0502
An Act To Revise the Laws Governing Learner's Permits and Intermediate Driver's Licenses and Driver Education Textbook Requirements
LD 712, HP0503
Resolve, To Designate a Portion of Route 43 in Corinth, Exeter and Corinna the Donald Strout, Sr., Memorial Highway
LD 713, HP0504
Resolve, Authorizing Legislation To Streamline the Laws Governing the Licensing and Conduct of Beano and Games of Chance
LD 714, HP0505
An Act To Create an Award Program for Maine's Veteran-friendly Workplaces
LD 715, HP0506
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Amend the Citizen Initiative Process
LD 716, HP0507
An Act To Improve Requirements for Reporting to the Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices
LD 717, HP0508
An Act To Protect Maine School Children from Lead and Arsenic Exposure
LD 718, HP0509
An Act To Reinstitute the Maine Health Exchange Advisory Committee
LD 719, IB0001
An Act To Allow Slot Machines or a Casino in York County
LD 720, SP0237
An Act To Provide Lung Cancer Screening for MaineCare Recipients
LD 721, SP0238
An Act To Mandate the Reporting of a Planned Act of Terrorism by a Person with Knowledge of That Plan
LD 722, SP0239
An Act Regarding Uninsured Vehicle Coverage
LD 723, SP0240
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Reduce Volatility in State Pension Funding Requirements Caused by the Financial Markets
LD 724, SP0241
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the State's Rail Authority
LD 725, SP0242
An Act To Recognize Local Control Regarding Food and Water Systems
LD 726, HP0510
An Act To Restore Full Cost-of-living Increases for All Maine State Retirees
LD 727, HP0511
An Act To Protect the Tax Base of Municipalities by Removing the Property Tax Exemption for Land Held for Conservation or Public Access Purposes
LD 728, HP0512
An Act Regarding Management and Stocking of Inland Fisheries
LD 729, HP0513
An Act To Make Maine's Public Boat Launching Ramps Accessible by Persons with Physical Disabilities
LD 730, HP0514
An Act To Establish Minimum and Maximum Size Limits for Possession of Soft-shelled Clams
LD 731, SP0243
An Act To Require Mortgage Servicers To Act in Good Faith in Dealings with Homeowners
LD 732, SP0244
An Act To Protect Young Bucks in Northern, Eastern and Western Maine
LD 733, HP0515
An Act Regarding Maine's Tax Code
LD 734, HP0516
An Act Extending the Time Period for Municipalities To Approve Marijuana Businesses
LD 735, SP0245
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Support the Independence of Maine's Seniors
LD 736, SP0246
An Act To Create Equity in Funding of Rural Schools
LD 737, HP0517
An Act To Allow Public Schools To Reserve Funds Designated for Operating Costs
LD 738, HP0518
An Act To Make the School Budgeting Process a Biennial Process
LD 739, HP0519
An Act To Improve Beach-cast Seaweed Management for Health, Ecology and Tourism
LD 740, HP0520
An Act To Promote Efficiency and Accountability to Taxpayers in Personal Services Contracting
LD 741, HP0521
An Act To Provide Equity in Education Funding
LD 742, HP0522
An Act To Allow Hemp Growers To Grow Hemp from Clones and To Grow Hemp Indoors
LD 743, HP0523
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Promote and Improve the Intermodal Transportation System in Maine
LD 744, HP0524
An Act To Create a Permanent Wabanaki Law Enforcement Seat on the Maine Criminal Justice Academy Board of Trustees
LD 745, HP0525
An Act To Prohibit Female Genital Mutilation
LD 746, HP0526
Resolve, To Increase the Permissible Size of Bed and Breakfasts
LD 747, HP0527
An Act To Amend Minimum Age Eligibility for School Enrollment
LD 748, HP0528
An Act To Require at Least a 30-minute Lunch Period for Students
LD 749, HP0529
An Act To Ensure Municipal Equity for the Town of Frye Island
LD 750, HP0530
An Act To Provide $500,000 of Matching Funds over 4 Years through Appropriations and Allocations To Preserve Rural Heritage and Living History Pertaining to Science and Technology in Penobscot and York Counties
LD 751, HP0531
An Act To Establish Districtwide Standardized Assessment Policies
LD 752, HP0532
An Act To Enhance the Safety of Schoolchildren by Requiring the Posting of the School Zone Speed Limit
LD 753, HP0533
Resolve, To Promote Internet Safety in Schools
LD 754, HP0534
An Act To Repeal or Clean Up Outdated Telecommunications Statutes
LD 755, HP0535
An Act To Amend the Law Regarding Nontransmission Alternatives Investigations Required for Proposed Transmission Line Projects
LD 756, HP0536
An Act To Clarify the Authority of an Affiliate of a Utility To Own Power Generation outside of the Utility's Territory
LD 757, HP0537
An Act To Amend the Charter of the Richmond Utilities District
LD 758, HP0538
An Act To Provide Free Admission for Permanently Disabled Persons at Maine State Parks
LD 759, HP0539
An Act To Clarify the Financial Authority of Sewer and Sanitary Districts
LD 760, HP0540
An Act To Promote Safety with Respect to Touching Livestock or Other Animals
LD 761, HP0541
An Act To Increase Access to Hearing Aids
LD 762, HP0542
An Act To Allow a Percentage of Funds from the Medical Use of Marijuana Fund To Fund Health Care Research
LD 763, HP0543
An Act To Support Individuals with Disabilities by Exempting Certain Wages from Consideration for MaineCare
LD 764, HP0544
An Act To Prohibit the Exclusion of a Patient from Eligibility for an Organ Transplant Based on Medical Marijuana Use
LD 765, HP0545
An Act To Allow In-home Child Care Providers To Care for up to 5 Children without State Certification
LD 766, HP0546
Resolve, To Require the Department of Health and Human Services To Recalculate the MaineCare Reimbursement Rates for Services for Persons with Disabilities
LD 767, HP0547
An Act To Prohibit the Feeding of Deer from August 15th to December 15th
LD 768, HP0548
An Act To Simplify Nonresident Hunting and Fishing Licenses
LD 769, HP0549
An Act To Eliminate Insurance Rating Based on Age, Geographic Location or Smoking History and To Reduce Rate Variability Due to Group Size
LD 770, HP0550
An Act To Clarify Insurance Coverage in School-based Health Centers
LD 771, HP0551
An Act To Protect Political Speech and Prevent Climate Change Policy Profiling
LD 772, HP0552
An Act To Ensure Transparency in Public Union Negotiations
LD 773, HP0553
An Act To Enact the Uniform Real Property Transfer on Death Act
LD 774, HP0554
An Act To Create a Training Wage
LD 775, HP0555
An Act To Prohibit the Minimum Wage from Exceeding the New England Average
LD 776, HP0556
An Act To Promote Fairness for Rural Maine Residents by Regulating Fuel Prices
LD 777, HP0557
An Act To Establish a Conditional Presumption of Compensability for Corrections Employees in Cases of Impairment from Hypertension or Heart Disease
LD 778, HP0558
An Act To Eliminate the Indexing of the Minimum Wage to Inflation
LD 779, HP0559
An Act To Allow Aroostook County To Create Tax Increment Financing Districts
LD 780, HP0560
An Act Authorizing the Deorganization of Cary Plantation
LD 781, HP0561
An Act To Support the Trades through a Tax Credit for Apprenticeship Programs
LD 782, HP0562
An Act To Provide a Sales Tax Exemption for Certain Veterans' Facilities
LD 783, HP0563
An Act Regarding Business Income Tax
LD 784, HP0564
An Act To Prevent Tax Haven Abuse
LD 785, HP0565
An Act To Improve Safety and Traffic Efficiency near School Grounds
LD 786, HP0566
An Act To Require Center Line Markings on All State and State Aid Highways
LD 787, HP0567
An Act To Ease the Financial Burden on Maine Motorists by Repealing the Requirement That Certain Motor Vehicles Be Inspected
LD 788, HP0568
An Act To Require Motor Vehicles To Be Registered on a Biennial Basis
LD 789, HP0569
Resolve, To Require Infrastructure Projects Affecting Interstate 295 To Be Expedited
LD 790, HP0570
Resolve, To Name the Bridge between Indian Township and the Town of Princeton the Sakom John Stevens Bridge
LD 791, HP0571
An Act Regarding Advertisements by Maine Clean Election Act Candidates
LD 792, HP0572
An Act To Authorize Funding for Transitional Housing for Women Veterans and Their Families
LD 793, HP0573
An Act To Limit Campaign Independent Expenditures
LD 794, HP0574
An Act Regarding the Taxation of Flavored Malt Beverages
LD 795, HP0575
An Act To Require the Text of a Direct Initiative To Be Printed on the Ballot
LD 796, HP0576
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine Regarding Referendum Questions for Statewide Ballots
LD 797, HP0577
An Act To Fund Railroad Infrastructure and Operations
LD 798, HP0578
An Act To Clarify the Intent of the Licensing Provisions in the Marijuana Legalization Act
LD 799, HP0579
An Act To Protect Landlords and Tenants from the Deleterious Effects of Marijuana Use

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