Directory of Papers
LD 1400 - 1599

LD 1400, SP0478
An Act To Create the Bar Harbor Port Authority
LD 1401, SP0479
An Act To Allow Nonviolent Felons To Own Firearms at the Court's Discretion
LD 1402, SP0480
An Act Regarding Payroll Deductions
LD 1403, SP0481
An Act Regarding Drug Testing in the Transportation Sector
LD 1404, SP0482
An Act To Ensure the Integrity of For-profit Colleges
LD 1405, SP0483
An Act To Require Remote Sellers To Collect and Remit Sales and Use Tax on Sales into Maine and To Provide Retailers a Collection Allowance
LD 1406, SP0484
An Act To Promote Prescription Drug Price Transparency
LD 1407, SP0485
An Act Regarding Prescription Drug Step Therapy
LD 1408, SP0486
An Act To Establish an Independent Citizens Oversight Committee on Maine's Welfare Programs
LD 1409, SP0487
An Act To Reduce Regulations for Small Nonalcoholic Beverage Producers
LD 1410, SP0488
An Act To Adopt the Nurse Licensure Compact
LD 1411, SP0489
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Limit Petitions for Direct Initiatives That Would Violate the Constitution of Maine
LD 1412, SP0490
An Act To Increase Access to Workforce Development Programs for New Maine Residents
LD 1413, SP0491
Resolve, Regarding Sober Living Transitional Assistance
LD 1414, HP0972
An Act To Ensure the Availability of In-person Visitation in County Jails
LD 1415, HP0973
An Act To Provide Additional Deductions from a Sentence of Imprisonment for Completion of Education, Mental Health Treatment and Substance Abuse Treatment Programs
LD 1416, HP0974
An Act To Amend High School Diploma Standards
LD 1417, HP0975
An Act To Require Insurance Coverage for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Lyme Disease
LD 1418, HP0976
An Act To Ban the Purchase of Retail Marijuana and Retail Marijuana Products with Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program Benefits
LD 1419, HP0977
Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 101: MaineCare Benefits Manual, Chapter III, Section 29, Allowances for Support Services for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities or Autism Spectrum Disorder, a Late-filed Major Substantive Rule of the Department of Health and Human Services
LD 1420, HP0978
An Act Regarding Work Permits for Minors under 16 Years of Age
LD 1421, HP0979
Resolve, Authorizing the State Tax Assessor To Convey the Interest of the State in Certain Real Estate in the Unorganized Territory
LD 1422, HP0980
An Act To Require Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates To Disclose Their Federal Income Tax Returns
LD 1423, SP0493
An Act To Amend Certain Laws Governing Child Care Providers
LD 1424, SP0494
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing MaineCare Eligibility Determination For Applicants To Nursing Homes
LD 1425, SP0495
An Act To Repeal the Laws Governing the Mental Health Homicide, Suicide and Aggravated Assault Review Board
LD 1426, SP0496
An Act To Allow the Use of Bioptic or Telescopic Corrective Lenses To Meet the Vision Examination Requirements for a Class C Driver's License
LD 1427, HP0981
An Act To Make Community Paramedicine Projects Permanent
LD 1428, HP0982
An Act To Relieve Overcrowding in County Jails
LD 1429, HP0983
An Act Regarding the Epidemic of Opiate Abuse
LD 1430, HP0984
An Act To Develop a Statewide Resource and Referral Center and Develop Hub-and-spoke Models To Improve Access, Treatment and Recovery for Those with Substance Use Disorder
LD 1431, HP0985
An Act To Dedicate a Portion of the Tax on the Sale of Marijuana to Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment, Law Enforcement Costs and Regulatory Oversight
LD 1432, HP0986
An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Right To Know Advisory Committee Concerning Advance Payment of Costs for Public Records Requests
LD 1433, HP0988
An Act To Protect Maine Children from Lung Cancer by Requiring Radon Testing in Schools
LD 1434, HP0989
An Act To Clarify the Laws Regarding Education in the Unorganized Territories
LD 1435, HP0990
An Act To Ensure Transparency in the Distribution of Federal Block Grant Funds
LD 1436, HP0991
Resolve, To Reduce MaineCare Spending through Targeted Nutrition Interventions
LD 1437, HP0992
An Act To Establish a Youth-in-care Court
LD 1438, HP0993
An Act To Improve the Aquaculture Leasing and Licensing Laws
LD 1439, HP0994
Resolve, To Study the Placement of Vehicle Charging Stations on Maine's Highways
LD 1440, HP0995
An Act Making Unified Appropriations and Allocations for the Expenditures of State Government, Highway Fund and Other Funds, and Changing Certain Provisions of the Law Necessary to the Proper Operations of State Government for the Fiscal Years Ending June 30, 2018 and June 30, 2019
LD 1441, HP0996
An Act To Create Veteran-friendly Workplaces
LD 1442, SP0497
An Act To Raise the Debtor's Exemption on Vehicles and To Exempt Amounts Rolled Over from 401(k) or 403(b) Accounts to Individual Retirement Accounts
LD 1443, SP0498
An Act To Update Professional and Occupational Licensing Laws
LD 1444, SP0499
An Act Regarding Large-scale Community Solar Procurement
LD 1445, HP0997
An Act To Designate the Maine Farms Agricultural Resource Management and Sustainability Recognition Program
LD 1446, HP0998
An Act Regarding the Confidentiality of Information in the Animal Welfare Laws
LD 1447, HP0999
An Act To Recognize and Provide for the Right of the Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians To Operate a Casino on Houlton Band Trust Land Exempt from Certain Gaming Laws
LD 1448, HP1000
An Act To Clarify Certain Provisions of the Marijuana Legalization Act and To Deter the Use of Marijuana by Minors
LD 1449, HP1001
An Act To Support Maine Military Charities
LD 1450, SP0501
An Act To Promote Workforce Development and Provide an Economic Stimulus for Maine-based Filmmakers and Supporting Businesses
LD 1451, SP0502
An Act To Promote Biosecurity and Better Regulate the Importation, Possession and Use of Aquatic Species
LD 1452, HP1002
An Act To Ensure Student Privacy in the Digital Age
LD 1453, HP1003
An Act To Regulate Hydraulic Fracturing To Prevent Threats to Maine's Drinking Water
LD 1454, HP1004
An Act To Extend the Time for an Appeal of Limited Entry Fishing License Denial for Members of the Military
LD 1455, HP1005
An Act To Fund Research on and Management and Enforcement of the Eel and Elver Fisheries
LD 1456, HP1006
An Act To Return the Duties of the State Compensation Commission To Make Recommendations for the Salaries of the Governor and Judges
LD 1457, SP0503
An Act To Rename and Repurpose the Mountain View Youth Development Center as the Mountain View Correctional Facility and To Eliminate the Charleston Correctional Facility as a Facility Separate from Mountain View
LD 1458, SP0504
An Act To Amend the Law Relating to the Crime of Hindering Apprehension or Prosecution
LD 1459, SP0505
An Act To Protect the Public from Dangerous Buildings
LD 1460, SP0506
An Act To Remove the Secretary of State's Authority To Authorize Agents To Issue Noncommercial Driver's License Renewals and Nondriver Identification Card Renewals
LD 1461, SP0507
An Act To Encourage the Construction of Affordable Housing
LD 1462, SP0508
Resolve, To Establish a Pilot Project To Facilitate the Acquisition of Basic Emergency Medical Training in Rural Communities in the State
LD 1463, SP0509
An Act To Amend the Laws Relating to Motor Vehicle Dealers
LD 1464, SP0510
An Act Regarding Unemployment Compensation for Full-time Seasonal Workers
LD 1465, SP0511
An Act To Protect Elders from Financial Exploitation and Ensure the Efficient Use of Litigation Resources for the State
LD 1466, SP0512
An Act To Address Severe and Ongoing Shortfalls in the Funding of Direct Care Workers in Long-term Care Settings and To Establish the Commission To Study Long-term Care Workforce Issues
LD 1467, SP0513
An Act To Expand Competitive Skills Scholarships and Strengthen Maine's Workforce Development Programs
LD 1468, SP0514
An Act To Expand Application of the Maine State Housing Authority's Arsenic Abatement Program
LD 1469, HP1008
An Act Relating to Firearms Exclusions in Certain Locations
LD 1470, HP1009
An Act To Facilitate Voluntary Cooperation among School Systems
LD 1471, HP1010
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Deduction for MaineCare Payments from a School Administrative Unit's State Subsidy
LD 1472, HP1011
An Act To Lower the Costs of Broadband Service by Coordinating the Installation of Broadband Infrastructure
LD 1473, HP1012
An Act To Make Minor Changes and Corrections to Statutes Administered by the Department of Environmental Protection
LD 1474, HP1013
An Act To Reduce the Regulation of Child Care Facilities
LD 1475, HP1014
An Act To Reduce Child Poverty by Leveraging Investments in Families Today
LD 1476, HP1015
An Act To Ensure Continued Coverage for Essential Health Care
LD 1477, HP1016
An Act To Coordinate and Enforce Existing Workplace Training Requirements
LD 1478, HP1017
An Act To Provide Support for Sustainable Economic Development in Rural Maine
LD 1479, HP1018
An Act To Modernize and Improve Maine's Property Tax System
LD 1480, HP1019
An Act To Improve the Disclosure of Major Contributors Influencing Maine Elections
LD 1481, HP1020
Resolve, To Establish a Pilot Project To Provide Travel Vouchers to Persons with Disabilities in Rural Communities
LD 1482, HP1021
An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Right To Know Advisory Committee Concerning Existing Public Records Exceptions
LD 1483, HP1022
An Act To Safeguard Student Contact Information Provided to Schools
LD 1484, HP1023
An Act Authorizing the Deorganization of the Town of Atkinson
LD 1485, SP0515
An Act Regarding MaineCare Coverage for Telehealth Services
LD 1486, HP1025
An Act To Clarify the Status of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and the National Association of Registered Agents and Brokers under the Maine Insurance Code
LD 1487, SP0516
An Act To Control Electricity Transmission Costs through the Development of Nontransmission Alternatives
LD 1488, SP0517
An Act To Require That Landowners with Property Enrolled in the Tree Growth Tax Program Receive Timely Notice of Changes in Valuation of That Property
LD 1489, SP0518
An Act To Authorize the Revocation, Suspension or Denial of a Guide License under Specified Circumstances
LD 1490, SP0519
An Act To Stabilize Funding for the County Jails
LD 1491, SP0520
An Act To Provide for Safety, Quality and Transparency in the Retail Marijuana Industry
LD 1492, SP0521
An Act To Attract, Educate and Retain New Mainers To Strengthen the Workforce
LD 1493, HP1026
An Act To Strengthen Enforcement of Support Orders
LD 1494, HP1027
An Act To Increase the Availability of Foster Homes
LD 1495, HP1028
An Act To Break the Generational Cycle of Domestic Violence
LD 1496, HP1029
An Act To Clarify the Scope of the Maternal and Infant Death Review Panel
LD 1497, HP1030
An Act To Correct and Clarify Maine's Fish and Wildlife Laws
LD 1498, HP1031
An Act To Clarify the Applicability of the Records Preservation Surcharge within County Registries of Deeds
LD 1499, SP0524
An Act To Better Regulate Marijuana
LD 1500, SP0525
An Act To Modernize Data Collection and Reporting and Information Access for the Department of Labor
LD 1501, SP0526
An Act To Increase Success and Promote Growth among Maine Small Businesses
LD 1502, SP0527
An Act To Transfer Responsibility for Licensing of Land-based Aquaculture from the Department of Marine Resources to the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry
LD 1503, SP0528
An Act To Amend Criteria for Issuing a Certificate of Approval for Certain Projects under the Finance Authority of Maine Act
LD 1504, SP0529
An Act Regarding Solar Power for Farms and Businesses
LD 1505, SP0530
An Act To Create Consistency in the Regulation of Pesticides
LD 1506, SP0531
An Act To Amend the Usage and Consumer Protections of Guaranteed Asset Protection Waivers
LD 1507, SP0532
An Act To Establish a Student Loan Bill of Rights To License and Regulate Student Loan Servicers
LD 1508, SP0533
An Act To Improve Animal Control in Maine
LD 1509, HP1033
An Act To Prohibit Retired State Employees and Teachers from Returning to Work While Collecting Retirement Benefits
LD 1510, HP1034
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Fund Wastewater Infrastructure Projects for Ratification by Voters in the June 2017 Election
LD 1511, HP1035
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for the Protection of Public Health and Marine Resources and To Achieve Cost Savings in State Facilities Owned by the Department of Marine Resources
LD 1512, HP1036
An Act To Protect the Health and Safety of First Responders
LD 1513, HP1037
An Act To Provide for Affordable Long-term Energy Prices in Maine
LD 1514, HP1038
An Act To Provide Maine Landlords Advance Notice of Water Disconnection Postings
LD 1515, HP1039
An Act To Reduce Electric Rates for Maine Businesses by Amending the Laws Governing Spending from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Trust Fund
LD 1516, HP1040
An Act To Encourage Broadband Development through Private Investment
LD 1517, HP1041
An Act To Ensure Access to Behavioral Health Services
LD 1518, HP1042
An Act To Formalize the Governance of the Maine Educational and Attainment Research Navigation System, a Longitudinal Data Series for Workforce Information
LD 1519, HP1043
An Act To Define the Intertidal Zone for the Management and Enforcement of Shellfish Conservation Ordinances
LD 1520, HP1044
An Act To Create an Aquaculture License
LD 1521, HP1045
An Act To Amend the Property Tax Laws
LD 1522, HP1046
An Act To Authorize a Local Option Sales Tax
LD 1523, HP1047
An Act To Exempt Motor Vehicles Less than 12 Years Old from Inspection
LD 1524, HP1048
An Act To Amend Maine Motor Vehicle Laws
LD 1525, HP1049
An Act To Clarify the Laws Governing Alcohol Manufacturer Licenses
LD 1526, HP1050
An Act To Provide Funds for Access to Federal Training Facilities for First Responders
LD 1527, HP1051
An Act To Ensure Safety, Quality and Transparency in the Medical Marijuana Market and To Ensure Sufficient Funding for Regulation and Enforcement with Respect to the Retail Marijuana Industry
LD 1528, SP0534
An Act To Validate Certain Proceedings Authorizing the Issuance of Bonds and Notes of Regional School Unit No. 5
LD 1529, SP0535
An Act To Protect Consumers during Residential Construction
LD 1530, SP0536
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Unemployment Compensation
LD 1531, SP0537
An Act To Amend Education Statutes
LD 1532, HP1052
An Act To Modernize the Laws Governing Maine Harness Racing
LD 1533, HP1053
An Act To Update the Laws Relating to Liquor Licensing and Enforcement
LD 1534, HP1054
An Act To Address Hunger, Support Maine Farms and Reduce Waste
LD 1535, HP1055
An Act To Modernize the State's Procurement Laws
LD 1536, HP1056
An Act To Allow Maine Manufacturers To Sell Products for Off-premises Consumption at Taste-testing Events and Farmers' Markets and To Allow Taste Testings at Farmers' Markets
LD 1537, HP1057
An Act To Replace the Educational Opportunity Tax Credit with the Student Loan Repayment Credit for Maine Residents
LD 1538, HP1059
An Act To Provide Supplemental Nutrition Assistance to Veterans and Rental Assistance to Long-term Homeless Persons
LD 1539, HP1060
An Act To Amend Maine's Medical Marijuana Law
LD 1540, HP1061
An Act To Protect Consumers' Freedom of Choice in Auto Collision Repairs
LD 1541, HP1062
An Act To Protect Certain Administrative Licensing Files
LD 1542, HP1063
An Act To Support Lead Abatement in Older Residential Properties
LD 1543, SP0538
An Act To Simplify the Licensing Process for Off-site Catering
LD 1544, SP0539
An Act To Update the Maine Insurance Code To Maintain Conformance with Uniform National Standards
LD 1545, SP0540
An Act Regarding Disclosure of Health Care Information of a Deceased Person
LD 1546, SP0541
An Act To Clarify the Language Defining Schedule W Drugs and To Add Drugs to the List of Schedule W Drugs
LD 1547, HP1065
An Act To Establish Primary Energy Goals for the State
LD 1548, HP1066
An Act To Establish the Let's Grow Maine Program
LD 1549, HP1067
An Act To Create a Tax on the Production of Electricity from Wind Resources
LD 1550, HP1068
An Act To Tax Sugar-sweetened Beverages To Fund Programs To Provide Resources for Veterans and Others
LD 1551, HP1069
An Act To Amend the Maine Tax Laws
LD 1552, SP0543
An Act To Authorize Multiple General Fund Bond Issues To Improve Highways, Bridges and Multimodal Facilities
LD 1553, SP0544
An Act To Protect the Rights of Public Employees To Determine Their Collective Bargaining Agent
LD 1554, HP1070
Resolve, Authorizing Claire Dean Perry and the Estate of William Dean To Bring Suit against the Surety Obtained by the Department of Health and Human Services in Its Capacity as Public Conservator
LD 1555, HP1071
An Act To Facilitate a Statewide Teacher Contract
LD 1556, HP1072
An Act To Protect Children from Prenatal Drug and Alcohol Exposure
LD 1557, HP1073
An Act To Protect Maine Consumers from Unexpected Medical Bills
LD 1558, HP1074
An Act To Require That Municipalities and Counties Recover the Cost of Opioid Antagonist Treatment from Repeat Recipients
LD 1559, HP1075
An Act To Remove the Law Mandating a Front License Plate
LD 1560, HP1076
An Act Regarding Veteran Homelessness
LD 1561, HP1077
An Act To Enact the Maine Citizens' Initiatives Clean Election Act
LD 1562, SP0546
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Capitalize a Career and Technical Revolving Equipment and Renovation Fund
LD 1563, SP0547
Resolve, To Establish the Maine Health Advisory Committee
LD 1564, SP0548
An Act To Conform State Law to Federal Law While Promoting Safe Working Environments for Minors
LD 1565, HP1078
An Act To Ensure the Effectiveness of Tax Increment Financing
LD 1566, HP1079
An Act To Enact the Maine Fair Chance Employment Act
LD 1567, SP0549
An Act To Amend the Archives and Records Management Law
LD 1568, SP0550
An Act To Require That Principals of Corporations Remain the Same for a Specified Number of Years for the Corporation To Be Eligible for a Casino License
LD 1569, HP1080
An Act To Revise Certification Statutes for Educational Personnel
LD 1570, HP1081
An Act To Make Technical Changes to Maine's Tax Laws
LD 1571, HP1082
An Act To Amend the Election Laws Relating to Party Qualification
LD 1572, HP1083
An Act To Implement Recommendations of the Government Oversight Committee To Improve the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Legislative Reviews of Tax Expenditures
LD 1573, SP0551
An Act To Encourage Development in the Logging Industry by Requiring State and Local Government Agencies To Give Preference to Timber Harvested in the State
LD 1574, SP0552
Resolve, To Require Greater Clearing of Vegetation along Portions of Route 161 in the Town of Allagash
LD 1575, SP0553
An Act To Update the Statutes Governing the Bureau of Labor Standards To Promote Clarity for Workers and Employers
LD 1576, SP0554
An Act To Enable Earlier Introduction of Career and Technical Education in Maine Schools
LD 1577, HP1084
An Act To Amend the Motor Vehicle Laws
LD 1578, HP1085
An Act Regarding Educational Standards for Maine Students
LD 1579, HP1086
An Act To Amend and Add Consistency to the Maine Weights and Measures Law
LD 1580, HP1087
An Act To Clarify and Enhance Maine's Wildlife Laws
LD 1581, HP1088
An Act To Simplify Maine Income Tax by Repealing or Terminating Certain Tax Credits and the Charitable Contribution Checkoff
LD 1582, SP0555
An Act To Clarify and Enhance Maine's Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Laws
LD 1583, SP0556
An Act To Amend the Electricians' Examining Board Licensing Laws
LD 1584, SP0557
An Act To Expand the Local Foods Economy by Promoting Local Foods Procurement
LD 1585, SP0559
An Act To Transfer the Authority To Issue Nonconcealed Firearm Permits in Certain Cases from the Department of Public Safety to the Office of the Governor
LD 1586, HP1090
An Act To Appropriate Funds To Provide Sea Protection and Public Access to the Historic Whaleback Lighthouse in Kittery
LD 1587, HP1091
An Act To Provide Economic Security to Maine Families through the Creation of a Paid Family Medical Leave System
LD 1588, HP1092
An Act To Maintain Mail Routes and Access to Residential Structures
LD 1589, HP1093
An Act To Simplify the Taxation of Leasing Tangible Personal Property and To Clarify the Incidence of Use Tax
LD 1590, SP0560
An Act Authorizing the Aroostook Band of Micmacs and the Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians To Benefit from the Operation of an Existing Casino
LD 1591, HP1095
An Act To Strengthen the Restrictions Governing Lobbying by Former Legislators and Former Executive Branch Officials
LD 1592, HP1096
An Act To Remove Barriers to Professional Licensing for Veterans
LD 1593, HP1097
An Act To Amend the Animal Welfare Laws To Add Provisions Relating to the Surrender of Animals
LD 1594, HP1098
An Act Regarding the Dispensing of Naloxone Hydrochloride by Pharmacists
LD 1595, HP1099
An Act Regarding Inspection Requirements for Public Safety and Municipal Vehicles Owned by Island Communities
LD 1596, HP1100
An Act To Establish the Cannabis Advisory Commission
LD 1597, SP0561
An Act To Exempt from Sales Tax the Fee Associated with the Paint Stewardship Program
LD 1598, HP1101
An Act To Allow the Commercial Growth and Sale of Water Spinach in the State
LD 1599, HP1102
An Act To Improve the Maine Tree Growth Tax Law

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