Directory of Papers
LD 1000 - 1199

LD 1000, HP0701
Resolve, To Increase Access to Brain Injury Waiver Services
LD 1001, HP0702
An Act To Promote Testing of Drinking Water for Maine Families
LD 1002, HP0703
An Act To Add .17 Caliber Hornady Magnum Rimfire Rifle Cartridges to the Cartridges Acceptable for Deer Hunting
LD 1003, HP0704
Resolve, To Require the State's Mitigation Plan under the Volkswagen Mitigation Trust Agreement To Include the Use of Maine-generated Nonfossil Fuel Sources
LD 1004, HP0705
An Act To Increase Fines for Certain Wage and Benefits Violations
LD 1005, HP0706
An Act Regarding Minimum Wage Increases
LD 1006, HP0707
An Act Regarding Housing Insecurity of Older Citizens
LD 1007, HP0708
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Increase the Lengths of Terms and Decrease the Number of Terms of Members of the Legislature
LD 1008, HP0709
An Act To Establish the Permanent Commission on the Status of Racial and Ethnic Populations
LD 1009, HP0710
Resolve, To Require the Maine Turnpike Authority To Study the Feasibility of Constructing a Gorham Connector
LD 1010, HP0711
An Act To Allow for the Regulation of Transportation Network Companies at Airports
LD 1011, HP0712
An Act To Require Pedestrians To Wear Reflective Clothing on Public Ways after Sunset
LD 1012, HP0713
An Act To Improve the Availability of Agency Liquor Stores in Underserved Areas and To Expand the Sale of Spirits in New Channels
LD 1013, HP0714
An Act To Clarify the Law Allowing Certificate of Approval Holders and Manufacturers or Suppliers of Spirits To Offer Mail-in Rebates
LD 1014, HP0716
An Act To Require A Person To Notify Law Enforcement Officers of the Possession of a Hypodermic Needle
LD 1015, HP0717
An Act To Improve the Student Transfer Process
LD 1016, HP0718
An Act To Provide Funding for Career and Technical Education Based on Projected Enrollment
LD 1017, HP0719
An Act To Strengthen Work Participation in the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program
LD 1018, HP0720
An Act To Prohibit Stocking Fish in or Using Live Fish as Bait on Tributaries to State Heritage Fish Waters
LD 1019, HP0721
An Act To Exempt Holders of Bear Hunting Permits from Archery Hunting License Requirements
LD 1020, HP0722
An Act To Minimize Crop Damage by Deer by Amending Certain Laws Governing Hunting
LD 1021, HP0723
Resolve, To Establish the Study Committee To Develop a Disposition Plan for Future Surplus State Property in York County
LD 1022, HP0724
An Act Regarding the Contents of a Commercial Vehicle Towed without the Consent of the Vehicle's Owner
LD 1023, HP0725
An Act To Provide a Sales Tax Exemption for Baling Twine
LD 1024, HP0726
Resolve, To Direct the Secretary of State To Initiate the Process To Redesign Special Veterans Registration Plates
LD 1025, SP0332
An Act To Allow Stepparents To Sign the Application for a Driver's License for a Minor
LD 1026, SP0333
An Act To Assist Student Achievement
LD 1027, SP0334
An Act Regarding the Taxation of Certain Nonprofit Organizations
LD 1028, SP0335
An Act To Improve Soil Quality and Profits for Maine Farms
LD 1029, SP0336
An Act To Abolish the 5-year Cap for Retired State Employees Who Return to Work
LD 1030, SP0337
An Act To Require Nondiscrimination Policies in Providing Health Care Services
LD 1031, SP0338
An Act To Establish Reasonable and Clinically Appropriate Exceptions to Opioid Medication Prescribing Limits
LD 1032, SP0339
An Act To Ensure Protection and Health Insurance of Patients
LD 1033, SP0340
An Act To Eliminate the 24-hour Reporting Requirement under the Election Laws
LD 1034, SP0341
An Act Making Supplemental Allocations from the Highway Fund and Other Funds for the Expenditures of State Government and To Change Certain Provisions of the Law Necessary to the Proper Operations of State Government for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2017
LD 1035, HP0727
An Act To Require an Opinion of the Supreme Judicial Court on Direct Initiatives of Legislation
LD 1036, SP0342
Resolve, To Study Repeal of Occupational Licensing Requirements for Certain Occupations
LD 1037, SP0343
An Act To Provide for the 2017 and 2018 Allocations of the State Ceiling on Private Activity Bonds
LD 1038, SP0344
An Act To Allow Junior Hunters To Take an Antlered or Antlerless Deer in Any Wildlife Management District on Youth Deer Hunting Day
LD 1039, IB0002
An Act To Enhance Access to Affordable Health Care
LD 1040, HP0729
An Act Regarding Permitting under the Natural Resources Protection Act
LD 1041, HP0730
An Act Regarding the Safe Discharge of Firearms during Deer Hunting Season
LD 1042, HP0731
An Act To Amend the Law Regarding Road Associations
LD 1043, SP0345
An Act To Promote Impartiality in the Probate Court
LD 1044, SP0346
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Eligibility for Disability Retirement Benefits
LD 1045, SP0347
An Act To Create More Transparency in the Setting of Normal Teacher Retirement Costs
LD 1046, SP0348
An Act To Require Maine Clean Election Act Candidates To Purchase Services from Maine-based Companies
LD 1047, SP0350
An Act To Protect Homeowners from Improper Foreclosure Fees
LD 1048, SP0351
An Act To Reclassify Certain Offenses and Increase the Efficiency of the Criminal Justice System
LD 1049, HP0732
Resolve, Directing the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry To Convey Certain Lands to Roosevelt Conference Center Doing Business as Eagle Lake Sporting Camps
LD 1050, HP0733
An Act To Protect the Safety of Emergency Medical Services Personnel and Patients
LD 1051, HP0734
An Act To Prevent Sudden Cardiac Arrest
LD 1052, HP0735
An Act To Allow Drug Testing Prior to Providing Welfare Benefits
LD 1053, HP0736
Resolve, Concerning the Format of Birth Certificates of Deceased Persons
LD 1054, HP0737
Resolve, To Expand Research To Fight Lyme Disease
LD 1055, HP0738
An Act To Update the Statutes under Which Maine's Credit Unions Are Chartered
LD 1056, HP0739
An Act To Protect Homeowners from Workers' Compensation Claims
LD 1057, HP0740
An Act To Protect Condominium Owners in the Event of a Power Outage
LD 1058, HP0741
An Act To Modernize Ballot Notices for City Elections
LD 1059, HP0742
An Act Concerning Bridges on Discontinued Town Ways
LD 1060, HP0743
Resolve, Directing the Department of Administrative and Financial Services To Convene a Cybersecurity Commission
LD 1061, HP0744
An Act To Increase Investment and Regulatory Stability in the Electric Industry
LD 1062, HP0745
An Act To Expand the Availability of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Maine
LD 1063, HP0746
An Act To Protect Substance-exposed Infants
LD 1064, HP0747
An Act To Require That Health Insurance Policies Cover Medical Marijuana
LD 1065, HP0748
An Act To Dedicate All Money Raised from the Moose Lottery and Permits to Research and Management of Moose
LD 1066, HP0749
An Act To Promote Life with Dignity
LD 1067, HP0750
An Act To Limit the Size of Scallop Drags
LD 1068, HP0751
An Act To Require That State-funded Buildings Be Constructed with Wood Products
LD 1069, HP0752
Resolve, To Increase the Availability of Motorcycle Rider Education
LD 1070, SP0352
Resolve, To Alleviate Hunger in Rural Maine in Areas of High Unemployment
LD 1071, SP0353
An Act To Modify the Tax Increment Financing Laws
LD 1072, SP0354
An Act To Amend the Laws Regarding Dealers in Secondhand Precious Metals
LD 1073, SP0355
An Act To Clarify Laws Regarding Maine's Community Colleges
LD 1074, SP0356
An Act To Support Public Charter School Enrollment Options for Certain Students
LD 1075, HP0753
An Act To Eliminate Drug Use among Welfare Recipients
LD 1076, HP0754
An Act To Replace Municipal Property Tax Revenue Lost Due to Land Acquisitions under the Land for Maine's Future Fund
LD 1077, HP0755
An Act To Reduce the Annual License Fee for High-stakes Beano and To Allow the Passamaquoddy Tribe To Operate 50 Slot Machines in the Tribe's High-stakes Beano Facility
LD 1078, HP0756
An Act To Establish Municipal Cost Components for Unorganized Territory Services To Be Rendered in Fiscal Year 2017-18
LD 1079, HP0757
An Act To Exempt from Criminal Liability Persons Reporting a Drug-related Medical Emergency
LD 1080, HP0758
An Act To Prevent Economic Hardship in Maine School Administrative District 44
LD 1081, HP0759
An Act To Amend the Municipal Subdivision Laws Regarding the Exemption for Transfers to Owners of Abutting Land
LD 1082, HP0760
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Granting of a Variance from the Dimensional Standards of a Zoning Ordinance
LD 1083, HP0761
An Act To Increase the Penalties for Hunting Deer over Bait
LD 1084, HP0762
An Act To Require That Certain Applicant Information for Certain Local Government and School Administrative Positions Be Public upon Application
LD 1085, HP0763
An Act To Amend the Requirements for Licensure as an Independent Practice Dental Hygienist
LD 1086, HP0764
An Act To Amend the Laws on the Conduct of Elections and To Establish a Nonpartisan Primary Election System for State and Federal Candidates
LD 1087, SP0358
An Act To Define When a Municipal Land Use Decision Is Considered Final for Purposes of an Appeal to Superior Court
LD 1088, SP0359
An Act To Require That Employees Be Informed of Potential Eligibility for the Earned Income Tax Credit
LD 1089, SP0360
An Act To Prohibit the Use of Handheld Phones and Devices While Driving
LD 1090, SP0361
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Eluding an Officer
LD 1091, HP0765
An Act To Implement Certain Recommendations of the Criminal Law Advisory Commission Relative to the Maine Criminal Code and Related Statutes
LD 1092, HP0766
An Act To Exempt United States Military Recruiters from Paying Fees for Criminal History Record Checks
LD 1093, HP0767
An Act To Clarify That Involuntary Transfers of Teachers and Municipal Public Employees Are Subject to Collective Bargaining
LD 1094, HP0768
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Review of Subdivisions
LD 1095, HP0769
An Act To Establish the Maine Coastal Risks and Hazards Commission
LD 1096, HP0770
An Act To Improve Shoreland Zoning Rules and Enforcement To Support Municipalities
LD 1097, HP0771
An Act To Develop and Distribute Work Training Pamphlets To Educate State Agencies, Private Businesses and Other Organizations about Dementia
LD 1098, HP0772
An Act To Ensure Reasonable Accommodations for Children for Whom Medical Marijuana Has Been Recommended
LD 1099, HP0773
Resolve, To Require the State To Bring Suit against the Federal Government for Failure To Comply with the Federal Refugee Act of 1980
LD 1100, HP0774
An Act To Increase the Salaries of the Governor and Legislators
LD 1101, HP0775
Resolve, Directing the Secretary of State To Review and Recommend Updates to the Maine Motorcycle Driver Education Program
LD 1102, HP0776
An Act To Discourage Tenants from Damaging Rental Property
LD 1103, HP0777
An Act To Require Correction of False Information Distributed in a Campaign
LD 1104, HP0778
An Act To Exempt School Resource Officers from Department of Education Background Check and Fingerprinting Requirements
LD 1105, HP0779
An Act To Promote Independent Living for People with Disabilities
LD 1106, HP0780
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Dedicate All Sales Taxes from All Vehicle Sales and Any Vehicle-related Sales to the Highway Fund for Roads and Bridge Capital Improvements
LD 1107, HP0781
An Act To Allow Municipalities To Adjust Times of Operation for Establishments That Serve Alcohol
LD 1108, SP0362
An Act To Restore Public Health Nursing Services
LD 1109, SP0363
An Act To Improve General Assistance Reimbursements
LD 1110, SP0364
An Act Concerning Medicaid for Incarcerated Persons about To Be Released
LD 1111, SP0365
Resolve, To Establish a Task Force To Study the Causes of and Solutions to the Epidemic of Childhood Obesity in Maine
LD 1112, SP0366
An Act Regarding the Maternal and Infant Death Review Panel
LD 1113, SP0367
An Act To Improve Antihunger Programs in Maine Schools
LD 1114, SP0368
An Act To Amend the Rules Regulating Invasive Terrestrial Plant Species
LD 1115, SP0369
An Act To Establish a Specialty License Plate for Female Veterans
LD 1116, SP0370
An Act To Improve the Unemployment Compensation System
LD 1117, SP0371
Resolve, To Establish the Commission To Study the Phase-out of Subminimum Wage
LD 1118, HP0782
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Support Local Infrastructure
LD 1119, HP0783
An Act To Ensure Safe Drinking Water in Public Buildings
LD 1120, HP0784
Resolve, Directing the Maine Commission on Domestic and Sexual Abuse To Study Economic Abuse
LD 1121, HP0785
An Act Regarding the Exclusive Use of Tax Exempt Property
LD 1122, HP0786
An Act To Amend the Campaign Reports and Finances Law and the Maine Clean Election Act
LD 1123, SP0372
An Act To Allow an Income Tax Deduction for Interest Paid on Student Loans
LD 1124, SP0374
An Act To Promote the Development of Solar Energy in Maine
LD 1125, SP0375
An Act To Establish a Recall Procedure for Elected Officials
LD 1126, HP0789
An Act To Support Tourism on Public Reserved Lands by Leasing Sites to Commercial Sporting Camps
LD 1127, HP0790
An Act To Provide Occupants of Motor Vehicles with Gold Star Family Registration Plates Free Entry to State Parks
LD 1128, HP0791
Resolve, To Establish the Committee To Study the Processing of Evidence from Sexual Assault Test Kits
LD 1129, HP0792
An Act Regarding College Affordability
LD 1130, HP0793
An Act To Provide Traffic Safety Education in Schools
LD 1131, HP0794
An Act To Create Education Savings Accounts for Maine Students
LD 1132, HP0795
An Act To Create Education Savings Accounts for Students with Special Needs
LD 1133, HP0796
An Act Regarding Access to Appropriate Residential Services for Individuals Being Discharged from Psychiatric Hospitalization
LD 1134, HP0797
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Nursing Facilities To Permit Nurse Practitioners, Clinical Nurse Specialists and Physician Assistants To Perform Certain Physician Tasks
LD 1135, HP0798
An Act To Strengthen the Efficacy of the Medical Marijuana Laws
LD 1136, HP0799
Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Services To Amend Its Rules Regarding Services Provided to Students
LD 1137, HP0800
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Crossbow Hunting
LD 1138, HP0801
An Act To Require Notification of Long-term Care Policy Proposed Rate Increases
LD 1139, HP0802
An Act To Clarify Certain Right-of-way Limitations
LD 1140, HP0803
An Act To Preserve the Economic Viability of Maine's Historic Properties
LD 1141, HP0804
An Act To Make Election Day a State Holiday
LD 1142, HP0805
An Act To Repeal the Laws Establishing the Cumberland County Recreation Center and To Transfer Authority to Cumberland County
LD 1143, HP0806
Resolve, Providing for the Official Observance of the 200th Anniversary of the Formation of the State of Maine
LD 1144, HP0807
An Act To Support Maine Families by Increasing the Dependent Care Credit
LD 1145, HP0808
An Act To Allow the Department of Transportation To Recover Costs Incurred by the Department for Allowing Access to a Controlled Access Highway
LD 1146, HP0809
Resolve, To Provide Wage Parity for Law Enforcement Officers in the Department of Corrections with Other Law Enforcement Officers
LD 1147, HP0810
An Act To Modernize the Renewable Portfolio Standard
LD 1148, HP0811
An Act To Safeguard the Rights of Private Child Care Businesses
LD 1149, HP0812
An Act To Provide Revenue To Fix and Rebuild Maine's Infrastructure
LD 1150, HP0813
Resolve, To Establish the Road Usage Charge Task Force
LD 1151, HP0814
An Act To Allow Promotional Allowances by Public Utilities
LD 1152, HP0815
An Act To Encourage the Hiring of Skilled Immigrants through Flexible Certification
LD 1153, HP0816
An Act To Establish a Village Corporation
LD 1154, HP0817
An Act To Provide a Voluntary Method of Determining Whether a Purchaser of a Firearm Is Prohibited from Possessing a Firearm without a Background Check
LD 1155, SP0376
An Act To Improve the Lives of Working Families
LD 1156, SP0377
An Act To Address Administrative Shortages in Maine Schools by Amending the Law Regarding the Salaries of Retired Public School Administrators Who Return to Service
LD 1157, SP0378
An Act To Create a Limited Microgrid Project To Stimulate Economic Development in Northern Maine
LD 1158, SP0379
An Act To Remove the Limit on the Number of Public Charter Schools That May Be Approved
LD 1159, SP0380
An Act To Support Healthy Workplaces and Healthy Families by Providing Paid Sick Leave to Certain Employees
LD 1160, SP0381
Resolve, To Require a Study of Wages and Working Conditions for Child Development Educators and Staff
LD 1161, SP0382
An Act To Amend the Insurance Laws Governing the Provision of Rebates
LD 1162, SP0383
An Act To Reduce the Incidence of Obesity and Chronic Disease in Maine
LD 1163, SP0384
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Provide Funding for a Program of Student Debt Cancellation and Refinancing
LD 1164, SP0385
An Act To Facilitate Small Loans in Maine
LD 1165, SP0386
An Act To Amend the Laws Regarding Licensure for Professional Engineers
LD 1166, SP0387
An Act Regarding Anesthesia Care in Rural Maine
LD 1167, SP0388
An Act To Deregulate the In-state Extraction and Sale of Raw Honey
LD 1168, SP0389
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Establish a Victims' Bill of Rights
LD 1169, SP0390
An Act To Exempt Temporary Categorical Signs from the Identification Label Requirement for 6 Weeks Prior to the June and November Elections
LD 1170, SP0391
An Act To Reduce Youth Access to Tobacco Products
LD 1171, SP0392
An Act To Sustain and Attract Skilled Workers to Maine by Improving the Job Creation Through Educational Opportunity Program
LD 1172, SP0393
An Act To Repeal the Maine Personal Property Tax
LD 1173, SP0394
An Act To Require That Information on Prisoners' Furlough Be Reported to the National Crime Information Center, Department of Public Safety and State Bureau of Identification
LD 1174, SP0395
An Act To Clarify the Use of Public Money for Bulk Mailing in the Election Process
LD 1175, SP0396
An Act To Expand Options for the Prevention of Domestic Violence
LD 1176, SP0397
An Act To Ensure the Safety of Low-income Persons Who Are Deaf and Who Use Video and Captioned Phones by Providing Equitable Access to the Internet
LD 1177, SP0398
An Act To Create an Appeals Process for Child Care Providers
LD 1178, SP0399
An Act To Better Understand and Control Invasive Aquatic Plants and Nuisance Species
LD 1179, SP0400
An Act To Increase Funding for Programs That Support the Mission of the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
LD 1180, SP0401
An Act To Provide a Definition of "Primary Residence" for Purposes of Property Tax Abatements Based on Hardship or Poverty
LD 1181, HP0818
An Act To Provide Funding to Municipalities Severely Infested by Brown-tail Moth Caterpillars
LD 1182, HP0819
An Act Regarding the Disclosure of Hormone-disrupting Chemicals in Packaged Food
LD 1183, HP0820
An Act To Expand Use of Electronic Monitoring in Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking Cases
LD 1184, HP0821
An Act To Exempt Public Safety Buildings from Historic Preservation Restrictions
LD 1185, HP0822
An Act Regarding Renewable Portfolio Standards
LD 1186, HP0823
Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Services To Develop a Resource Guide for Assistance in Substance Abuse Matters
LD 1187, HP0824
An Act To Amend the Child Protective Services Statutes
LD 1188, HP0825
An Act To Facilitate MaineCare-Funded Assisted Living by Providing a Cost-of-living Adjustment to Private Nonmedical Institutions and Adult Family Care Homes
LD 1189, HP0826
An Act To Define the Age of Consent for Alcohol or Drug Treatment and Mental Health Services
LD 1190, HP0827
An Act Regarding Driver's License Suspensions for Nondriving-related Violations
LD 1191, HP0828
An Act To Extend to One Year the Probationary Period for Certain Municipal Employee Positions
LD 1192, HP0829
An Act To Require Maine Governmental Departments That Affect Citizen Health and Safety To Staff at Least 75 Percent of Available Positions
LD 1193, HP0830
An Act To Ensure the Cost-efficiency of Contracting out Services by the State
LD 1194, HP0831
Resolve, Establishing the Commission To Study and Assess Maine's Regulatory Environment
LD 1195, HP0832
An Act To Allow Municipalities To Opt Out of the Collection and Assessment of Personal Property Taxes
LD 1196, HP0833
An Act To Assist Seniors and Certain Persons with Disabilities in Paying Property Taxes
LD 1197, HP0834
An Act to Support Substance Use Disorder Prevention, Treatment and Recovery
LD 1198, HP0835
An Act To Enhance the Administration of the State's Group Health Plan
LD 1199, HP0836
An Act To Promote Fiscal Responsibility in the Purchasing of Debt

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