LD 1263
Session - 128th Maine Legislature
C "A", Filing Number S-109, Sponsored by
LR 1448
Item 2
Bill Tracking, Additional Documents Chamber Status

Amend the resolve in section 1 in the first paragraph in the last line (page 1, line 4 in L.D.) by inserting after the following: "wells" the following: 'and household incomes no greater than 120% of the area median income, as determined by the authority'

Amend the resolve by striking out all of section 3 and inserting the following:

Sec. 3. Appropriations and allocations. Resolved: That the following appropriations and allocations are made.


Housing Authority - State 0442

Initiative: Provides one-time funds for grants or loans to assist households with the purchase and associated costs of well water treatment systems. Up to $50,000 of the funds may be used for targeted outreach and marketing to connect households with contaminated well water with appropriate professional services for assessing and installing well water treatment systems. Up to 15% of the funds may be used for program administration. Funds may be used to assist individuals who demonstrate need but do not meet the eligibility criteria within the Maine State Housing Authority's home repair program in testing their private well water or in purchasing well water treatment systems.

GENERAL FUND 2017-18 2018-19
All Other
$500,000 $0
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This amendment, which is the majority report of the committee, provides for a one-time appropriation of $500,000 from the General Fund to the Maine State Housing Authority for treatment of contaminated private drinking water wells for families with household incomes no greater than 120% of the area median income. The amendment limits the portion of the funds that can be used for marketing and outreach to $50,000. The amendment authorizes the authority to use up to 15% of the total funds for program administration. The amendment strikes from the bill a separate appropriation of funds to the Maine Home Repair Program.

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