LD 6 LR 323(05)
Resolve, To Implement Recommendations of the Government Oversight Committee To Strengthen the Ethics Practices and Procedures for Executive Branch Employees
Fiscal Note for House Amendment " " to Committee Amendment "A"
Sponsor: Rep. Kruger of Thomaston
Fiscal Note Required: Yes
Fiscal Note
FY 2015-16 FY 2016-17 Projections  FY 2017-18 Projections  FY 2018-19
Net Cost (Savings)
General Fund ($436,816) ($582,704) ($333,302) ($342,703)
General Fund ($436,816) ($582,704) ($333,302) ($342,703)
Fiscal Detail and Notes
This fiscal note reflects the incremental impact of removing the positions and appropriations that were added to the committee amendment and replacing them with an appropriation section that provides one position and a General Fund appropriation of $58,491 in fiscal year 2015-16 and $77,993 in fiscal year 2016-17.