LD 1469
PUBLIC Law, Chapter 383

on - Session - 127th Maine Legislature
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An Act To Promote Private Fund-raising for the Maine Educational Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and the Governor Baxter School for the Deaf

Be it enacted by the People of the State of Maine as follows:

Sec. 1. 20-A MRSA §7413  is enacted to read:

§ 7413 Private support organization

1 Designation of private support organization.   The executive director shall designate a nonprofit organization as the private support organization for the school. The designated organization must be incorporated as a nonprofit corporation under the laws of the State, and its sole purpose, as reflected in its bylaws, must be to organize and foster support for the school and the school's programs.
2 Nonvoting member on board of directors.   The executive director, or the executive director's designee, shall serve as a nonvoting ex officio member of the private support organization's board of directors.
3 Plan of work.   The executive director shall negotiate an annual memorandum of understanding between the school and the private support organization that outlines a plan of work identifying priority projects of mutual benefit and cooperation.
4 Use of property.   The executive director may permit the appropriate use of fixed property, equipment and facilities of the school by the private support organization. Such use must be directly in keeping with the purpose of the private support organization as set out in subsection 1 and must comply with all appropriate state policies and procedures.

Effective 90 days following adjournment of the 127th Legislature, Second Regular Session, unless otherwise indicated.

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