LD 1022
Session - 127th Maine Legislature
C "A", Filing Number H-377, Sponsored by
LR 1321
Item 2
Bill Tracking, Additional Documents Chamber Status

Amend the bill by striking out all of section 3 and inserting the following:

Sec. 3. 8 MRSA §299, sub-§§3 and 4  are enacted to read:

3 Track closure distribution.   Notwithstanding subsection 2, if a commercial track ceases operation and is not immediately replaced by a commercial track in the same region that is owned by the same owner as the commercial track that ceased operation, all amounts credited to the fund established by this section must be disbursed to the remaining commercial tracks and to agricultural fair licensees that conduct live racing based on days raced during extended meets up to a maximum of 100 days raced during extended meets per year and until such time as a new commercial track begins operation. The payment to a commercial track or agricultural fair is determined by dividing the amount in the fund by 150 and multiplying the result by the number of days raced by that commercial track or agricultural fair. An agricultural fair must receive its payment on May 30th before extended meets are held based on assigned dates for extended meets for that agricultural fair. An adjustment must be made no later than the January 30th following the extended meets that results in payment to an agricultural fair based on days actually raced during extended meets by that agricultural fair. Any amount remaining in the fund on January 30th after payments are made to commercial tracks and agricultural fairs must be transferred to the operating account of the commission under section 267-A.

For the purposes of this subsection, "region" is determined by measuring a distance of 50 miles from the center of the racing track along the most commonly used roadway, as determined by the Department of Transportation, drawing a circle around the center of the racing track using that 50-mile measurement and excluding those municipalities or unorganized territories that do not have boundaries contained entirely by that circle.

4 Natural disaster exception.   If the commission determines that a commercial track is unable to conduct harness racing due to a natural disaster and that the commercial track licensee cannot immediately relocate to another venue, the commercial track licensee may be allowed up to 6 months to repair, rebuild or relocate at the discretion of the commission and, if the commercial track licensee repairs, rebuilds or relocates within the time frame allowed, the commission may authorize the commercial track licensee to again receive distributions in accordance with subsection 2. If the commercial track licensee is unable to repair, rebuild or relocate during this 6-month time frame due to circumstances that are determined by the commission to be outside of the control of the commercial track licensee, the commission may grant a reasonable extension beyond 6 months. During any time that is granted by the commission under this subsection to the commercial track licensee in order to repair, rebuild or relocate, the distribution formula established under subsection 3 must be in effect.


This amendment adds a process whereby, in the event of a natural disaster, a commercial track may repair, rebuild or relocate at the discretion of the State Harness Racing Commission. During any time that is granted by the commission to a commercial track to repair, rebuild or relocate, the distribution formula provided in the bill for the distribution of funds from the Fund to Encourage Racing at Maine's Commercial Tracks in the event of a track closure applies.

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